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Valentine's Day 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

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 photo 731b5799-5971-4640-a635-afa2db5ca633.jpg

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 photo 7db33720-5a95-4d53-bde2-4f25f60f34fa.jpg

 photo 7563088d-7c3a-45e7-b317-074c4002548b.jpg

 photo 0557497c-0e31-4dcc-8804-0a8d18d45beb.jpg

 photo 2a142011-e49f-4c53-9403-633ca1241e4f.jpg

 photo 51eb19ef-5a96-4f90-af6c-af60b22e250d.jpg

 photo 6cbf3098-3221-4f70-ad49-bc5c4026be31.jpg

 photo e1da18d1-a375-4159-9ea1-5d1425a41783.jpg
I can't believe a month has passed by without posting.  We've been very busy with school, field trips, horse show season, and church activities.  We've visited three museums in the past two weeks, and we've seen some AH-mazing art. Shelley is excelling in French, and I'm very proud of her hard work in school. Shanley Belle is hearing from graduate schools, and her first interview will be at Emerson College next weekend. Her dad will go with her while Shelley competes at the Olympic Horse Park in Conyers, Georgia at her Regional Finals. We are a bit concerned about the weather both in Boston and Alabama/Georgia this next week as both New England and the South are expecting winter storms.
Because I've been reading a lot of American history for school, I haven't had time to read much just for fun.  I will have more free time once horse show season ends (maybe after next weekend) so I'd love to know what you've been reading!

I hope all of you have had a *sweet* Valentine's Day!  YOU are the sweetest folks on the planet. Truly I love you all!!!

Until next time...

Valentine's Love,
Ricki Jill



  1. Happy Valentine's to you, Ricki Jill. Love seeing all the pretty pink and daring hearts about your abode. Miss you!

  2. I've missed you Ricki Jill! I'm glad to hear things are going well. I'm reading A Man called's GOOD! I think you would enjoy it! Happy Valentine's Day! xox Diane

  3. Hey! You look familiar! Welcome back. I am reading Big Little it so far.

  4. Happy Valentine's to you. I have missed you. I hope the weather is not as bad as they say it might be. I love your decorations.

  5. Beautiful photos! Happy Valentine's Day! My daughter is busy with piano. We have quite a few books open. Candide ( I read this in high school). We just finished 451. We have a couple of other books open. One is from an author we know: The Dresden Manuscripts. (It's a true musical mystery.)

  6. Happy Valentines. A little late. Hope everyone is well.

  7. Hey girl, nice to hear from you. I'm glad you are all busy and well. Your Valentine's Day table looks so pretty. I love the different coloured roses cut short and in different vases. I'll have to try that. You always do such pretty table settings.

    I read Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood over the Christmas holidays and really liked it. I didn't know much about Hemingway's private life and I liked how the author didn't vilify any of the wives, but gave them each their due.

  8. Hey Ricki Jill, hope your day was as lovely as your post! We miss you!
    Big hugs,

  9. Hi…I just adore the little white dishes with hearts in the center - so sweet! I've just been reading blogs, as I have also been busy lately! Wish I had time for a good book!!

  10. You are one busy woman! I so admire the investment of time and energy that you have put into raising and educating your daughters.

  11. Hi RJ, love your roses and the sweet heart plates. I know you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Hope the winter storm misses us!

  12. Oh such lovely photos, I had a good Valentine's Day spent most of it home alone

  13. Hello,
    Best wishes with everything!! So excited for you and your family.
    We are reading The Call of the Wild. We just finished a study on the Civil War. School is keeping us busy too.
    Take Care and have a blessed week.

  14. I always love seeing your decorations.


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