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My Happy List: Christmas Random

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Happy List

Good morning, My Lovelies!  The Christmas Ticker is counting down just as quickly as it was yesterday, but I'm not quite as stressed as I was.  ;P

This is a rather random Happy List, and I didn't have tons of time to take photos nor edit them, so please be forgiving of this crazy post!

My Happy List

1.   Karen is the sweetest!  She sent me a copy of Paris!  I'm McLoving this book, and I hope to use it as inspiration for my art in 2014.

2.   Not only did Andrea send me a fabulous eighties Christmas mix, but she also sent me the pièce de résistance for my holiday decor.

Do you see it?  It holds pride of place on our Welsh dresser.

Do you see it now???

Cheetalicious!  This beauty cannot get lost on a Christmas tree....that would be a travesty!

3.   Almost done with holiday decor.  Fresh greenery will be here at the end of the week.  YAY!

Pillows made by Ann @ On Sutton Place.

4.   Whoopie pies!!!!!!!!!  Whoopie pies are making us happy....this is the first time Shanley Belle and I ever baked them, and boy do we feel stupid!!! MUCH easier than cupcakes, we had them completely done start to finish in less than an hour.  This recipe is from the Southern Living Christmas 2013 book.

Just look at that espresso cream cheese filling.  YUM!

5.   Do you have a family fun jar?  We had one until our oldest became a surly teenager.  She's regressing, and at 21 asked for it to be dusted off and filled with fun holiday activities.  They include putting hot chocolate in thermoses and driving around looking at Christmas lights, baking a favorite treat, or viewing a favorite holiday movie.

The Family Fun Jar has been dusted off and recommissioned for service!  :/

5.   I rescued these poor hydrangeas from Winn Dixie before they were subjected to any further embarrassment.  Why, oh W*H*Y does one must needs add glitter and dye to the beauty of these blooms?  They begged to be taken home with me.

6.   Pam sent me prezzies, too!  Look at the little wooden Christmas tree and vintage California dishtowel.  *squee*  

Aren't these FAB!!!

7.   Mr. Art @ Home went to Atlanta recently, and he bought me these pretty plates from Neiman Marcus.  They were marked down (not that that matters)  *but*  then he dropped the bombshell that he's going skiing with his friend Ed Wednesday through Sunday.  *really*

Methinks I'll have some confessing on Friday as I treat myself too.....IDK....I'll think of *something*

Glen Park pattern

8.   I found a Christmas ornament Shanley Belle made in elementary school. Notice how she painted the hair on the back complete with a hair ribbon.  ;P

So cute!

9.   Status of the art studio:

Not half bad!  Christmas cards are still a work in progress on the left.  I need to hurry and finish them!
The white on the painting is almost dry....White takes forever!

10.  Shelley's stock market project for math class:  She put all of her money in one stock:  URBN (Urban Outfitters).  She made a 7% return on her investment from September through November.  Not bad in this craptastic economy!

I have a very right-brained child....

Shelley only has two more papers to finish (she finished one last night) a Winter Concert at her school this evening, and a Cahaba River field trip left to go in the week.  Her dismissal is Friday at 1:00. YAY!

I hope you enjoyed my random happiness this week!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I so enjoyed reading your post and finding out what's making you happy this week....lots going on at this holiday season! Love the sweet handmade ornie and fabulous school project. Both of your girls are so smart and talented! Enjoy your week!

  2. Yummy, yummy, happiness-makers.

    Well, other than being deserted by hubby, right before Christmas...


    Oh well..... Perhaps it will be good for more goodies, for you. -grin-

  3. Thanks so much for hosting...we need to get the news out about this fun party...EVERYone has reasons to be happy...:)
    Happy December...

  4. So much happiness going on here... those dishes are great! Feeling the pressure of the last week before Christmas and hoping to pull it all off in time.

    Thanks for hosting :)

  5. No time for a happy post today because we are taking care of our little one after major surgery yesterday- no puppies will be coming to our house in the future.

    I am happy that you shared those beautiful dishes.

    And, I am happy that the kids talked me into opening the Christmas Eve game early. We played Settlers of Catan last night as a family and had so much fun.

  6. Shelley's project looks great! I hope she got an A!
    I can't believe they glittered up those hydrangeas. Poor plant! Good for you for rescuing it! :)

  7. Lots going on there, Ricki Jill. I love the little ornament with the hair painted on the back. How precious is that?!!! LOVE the "guilt dishes". Tell him next time you want a diamonds. lol Hope you are having a great week. I am going to remind my daughter about the "fun jar" for her family- xo Dana

  8. Oh, I LOVE the idea of a Family Fun Jar for Christmas! I want to try this out on my family this year!!!

    So whoopee pies are easy? I keep seeing recipes for them and I keep avoiding them because I think they'd be complicated... I really should try them out! They look delish!!

  9. I'm borrowing your happy list to keep me happy this week. SO MUCH HAPPY! I love it. :D
    "Cheetalicious" had me giggling...the family fun jar sounds like a great idea! I've never heard of that concept before (wish we had one, growing up!) but it's brilliant. I love driving around, looking at Christmas lights....between you me, and the Blogverse, I wish Fedora enjoyed Christmas, so we could do that. He's a bit Scroogey, and if I drove around alone to look at the lights I'd probably crash from distraction. ;)

    I am so super impressed that they're teaching about the stock market and investing! I didn't get that in school, and wish I had. She may want to diversify her stocks, though....or invest in a more lifetime-concept. I can see the appeal in investing in a company you support and patronize, and clearly her investment choice was a good one, given the return. Hrmm...maybe she has a future career as a stock broker, as well as equestrienne?

    And also...there's a recipe for whoopie pies? And they're easy? Share, please! :D

  10. RJ, It’s a great happy list! I’m so happy I can’t wait for all the family to arrive!!!!! Your photos are fine, I enjoyed all of them. Sounds like you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas.....

  11. Cheetah ornament! Oh wow... would love half a dozen of those on a tree!

  12. Oh I LOVE the jar idea..hmmm...wonder if I could get a surly 19 year old boy interested in that? I could include snowshoeing with his mom maybe??? Oh well, I am giving it a go. Skiing, well, I am not sure where he is going but the skiing is fabulous here although the temps are hovering around -25 for the last week which makes it a bit frosty.
    Never heard of a whoopee pie.. got me intrigued on that one.
    Looks festive chez toi!!!

  13. Awesome happy list. Love all of the gifties from your friends, especially the cheetah ball! I've never made whoopie pies before or had a happy jar so I learned some new traditions from you today! The hair bow on the back of the ornament is just too sweet! Happy Holidays, my friend!!

  14. RJ,
    So happy you like the book! Hope it inspires more of your lovely paintings.

  15. You are so adorable
    I Loved all the things that make you happy
    Thanks for including me too

  16. Oh be still my animal print heart! There are so many other things I can add to your collection year after year you know? ;) xoxoxox and five cheers for whoopie pies! Love that project too!

  17. Whew! You are one busy family. Thank you so much for the pic of my pillows. They have found the perfect home!

  18. That's a lot of things to be happy about! I love how your oldest is interested in the jar again! Everything looks beautiful, even your daughter's project.

  19. Aww, it's so sweet that you rescued flowers from Winn Dixie. Love it!

  20. Your husband has very good taste--I guess that goes without saying as he did marry you! But everything is pretty and your week sounds very happy. My main cookie request year after year from the kids is a Viennese Sandwich cookie but I'm afraid it takes me 3 hours or more, maybe I'm just so slow.

    You paint the Christmas cards you send out? Oh, my. And I dread even addressing mine.


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