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My Happy List: Happy Mardi Gras!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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My Happy List is all about Mardi Gras today.  Our sweet friends in New Orleans rented an apartment on St. Charles Avenue and invited us to spend the weekend in it.  I was so touched by their kindness because this is the first time in Mr. Art @ Home's life that he hasn't had a place to go home to in New Orleans  *sadface*

We had a great time visiting with friends and seeing all the babies that are growing up so fast, from elementary-aged kids all the way up to college-aged kids.  :D

We ate in great restaurants, watched parades, went to parties, and shopped.  :D I wish I'd taken more photos, but here are a few to share with y'all:

 photo 56d0a60b-2d69-4a9c-a794-094da9fdd5c5.jpg

Mr. Art @ Home, Shelley and I on St. Charles Avenue during the Krewe of Hermes parade

We bought king cake donuts for the kids Saturday morning.
I think they're really cute!

Sunday brunch at The Camellia Grill uptown

Shelley shopped at her favorite store, LF

 photo 906ecff7-fe28-4d61-a401-c23802f8134d.jpg

Shelley's outfit she bought from LF
(Monday morning's outfit)
Sorry for the poor photo quality, but it was so dark outside!

I discovered the most delicious flavored coffee ever @ Rouses:  Louisiana Cane Sugar coffee that "tastes like a birthday cake snowball."  It's soooooo yummy!

Please post, link-up, and share your happy!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I think that if I had a bucket list I would have to add experiencing Mardi Gras to my list

  2. Thank you for sharing your Mardi Gras weekend with us. We lived in Ruston, LA for a year and got to explore that. I love king cakes and your donut is so sweet (in more ways than one). Lol. Great photo of you and Mr. AAH and Shelly is adorable. I love to see blogger photos of themselves and their families. I have been looking forward to linking up today!

  3. Love these beautiful smiles,so happy yall have had a great time,and really love the foodie photo's,foodies make me HAPPY.
    I need to get my "HAPPY LIST POST" ready,I'm running late.

  4. Cane coffee? That sounds to die for yummy. I lived in Louisiana decades ago and never did get to go to a Mardi Gras. Must put that on my bucket list !! xox

  5. HAPPY MARDI GRAS to you and yours! I can tell how much you love it!!!! Who got the baby in the Kings Cake!!! : ) sending hugs!!!

  6. Hi RJ! I love your pretty snaps and you and your hubby look so cute! Glad you had a great time in New Orleans! We love NOLA!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Great photos! Love the one of you and your husband and of course always love seeing the girls. Shelly's new clothes look adorable, she should model. I'm happy today because we have a break in our bad weather.
    I know is was hard going back to New Orleans with the home not there for you. What a nice way to do it, with friends.

    Have a great day Ricki Jill,

  8. Looks like a fantastic trip! Those king cake donuts look really yummy.

  9. That looks like so much fun! ONe day I want to have a real Mardi Gras experience.

  10. Oh wow what a fun way to spend your weekend!
    You guys look so cute!
    Love Shelleys style super cute.

  11. Hello, my friend. I have been reading your posts but not taking the time to comment! I am so glad you had a chance to visit NOLA under more pleasant circumstances. I haven't been to Mardi Gras in years! Have a great week!

  12. Wow! It looks like you had a great time. Yeah for Shelley for being able to shop at her favorite store.

  13. King cake donuts...sounds GREAT to me! Looks like you had a great time :)
    Have a great week...

  14. Oh how fun! You all look so happy, must have been fun. Shelley's so adoreable in her new outfit.

  15. I went to New Orleans years ago and never wanted to leave. One of these days I'll get back. Would be amazing to have a placed rented for Mardi Gras. Sounds like lots of fun. Those King cake donuts look amazing!

  16. Ricki Jill,
    I've never been to New Orleans, I really would love to go sometime. Looks like you all had fun.

    My DIL love LF here in Laguna Beach, I didn't realize there were more than that one store.

  17. The only Mardi Gras I know about here in Aus is the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras that is held in Sydney........ I have seen different ones on telly but have never seen one in person.

  18. Looks like a fun time! You & your hubby are a fabulous looking couple!

  19. I've never been to Nawlins (my Dad was born there, though), but have wanted to attend Mardi Gras for years. Your pics only make me want to go more (and go shopping while there). :D

  20. That looks like so much fun. I want to go to New Orleans someday!

  21. Looks like fun! I love that scarf in the last picture. :)

  22. What fun. I'd love to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras one year. I'm so glad you and your family got to experience again despite no longer having family there.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  23. A bon temp in the Crescent City for you! Love the King Cake donut! We've only visited once, would love to go back but never during Mardi Gras :)


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