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Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everyday Ruralty

I thought that it would be fun to join Patrice at Everyday Ruralty for Chats on the Farmhouse Porch.

Here are the discussion questions:

Do you eat eggs? What is your favorite way to serve them?

We love coddled eggs best!  :D  We had them this morning.

Do you have a favorite item that you really like having around? (a pillow, a chair, a sweater, a teddy bear, etc.)

I love having my MacKenzie-Childs mugs around.  I'm a habitual tea drinker!

 photo P1030371.jpg

I blog with tea close at hand @ my built-in kitchen desk.

Is most of the furniture in your home dark wood, light wood, painted, lacquered, or distressed?

LOL We have such a crazy mixture.  Take a look:

Our art studio has a painted and distressed table, dark wood antiques, and a contemporary blond wood bookcase.  White distressed dining chairs are in the dining room.

A dark wood, hand-painted table under a painted and distressed frame

A painted plate rack in our dining room

Please fill in the rest of this sentence. "I could write a book about____________."

Books and flowers.  Seriously, I read a lot, and I love to arrange flowers in our home.

If money and calendar/family obligations weren't an issue, would you prefer to spend next weekend at a Bed and Breakfast, a posh hotel, a cabin in the woods, or on a sailboat on a calm body of water? I guess the last thing, the sailboat, would have to be someplace warm. :) (It's 30+ degrees here.)

I would go to the Watercolor Inn near Seaside, Florida.

Fun Q & A!
And here's a little something for Wendell...a carrot bouquet from Healthy Gourmet Gifts.

What are you chatting about today?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I could write a book about inspiring,creative bloggers like you for instance,I enjoyed reading this,and when you get readu to take off to Florida I'll join ya.
    ~Jo @ LoblollyLane

  2. I had to look up a coddled egg. Thank you for teaching me something today! I just love your blog header. It is very pretty.

  3. Okay first, love the new header. Second I love this series. Your house is so pretty and light filled.

  4. I bet Wendell is going to love your gift. They are the most thoughtful carrots I have ever seen. I just absolutely love your tea cup. I adore tea cups and am always buying pretty ones at the thrift store.

  5. I really like your blue china shelf. Very nice!

  6. Hi RJ! Don't shoot me as I've never had a coddled egg and really don't know what it is. You've been fiddling with your blog's dress and it looks wonderful! Although I couldn't find your pretty little face! :) I'm also in love with that blue shelf!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I'd love a cabin in the woods getaway. Especially with a fireplace and a cool evening!

  8. I love eggs! Yum. A weekend in FL sounds great. It's supposed to be 14 degrees here tonight!

  9. Such a beautiful post..enchanting images..gorgeous! and lovely thoughts to ponder!
    Wishing you a beautiful day!

  10. Ricki, You have great answers. I think the egg cups are very pretty. I'm into blue and white dishes. I am also a habitual tea drinker. The beach at the Watercolor Inn looks so inviting. Now-please! Wendell is so happy with his carrot bouquet. Thanks for joining in!

  11. The idea of a cabin in the woods sounds right to me...except I'm afraid of bears! Your home is very much like mine with a mismatch of furnishings. If I like it, it stays!

    Love your new blog design!


  12. That was fun! I always enjoy learning more about you.

  13. That is a beautiful mug. I enjoy a cup of tea after supper but have yet to find the perfect mug. I love the egg cups too. My grandfather always used one. I wish I still had it.

  14. That is a beautiful mug. I enjoy a cup of tea after supper but have yet to find the perfect mug. I love the egg cups too. My grandfather always used one. I wish I still had it.

  15. Fun party! My favorite eggs are scrambled French style. My favorite photo of your house......your cart full of MacKenzie-Childs.........Sarah

  16. Hi Ricki Jill, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    I've heard of coddled eggs but had never seen a coddled cup. It's quite beautiful. I love learning something new so I read up about them and now I know more about them.

    I love your answers and the creative way that you have visual aid to expand on your answers.

    Have a great rest of the week.

  17. I don't think I have ever had a coddled egg either Ricki:) Beautiful mug and egg cup too! Nice finding out more about you!

  18. I have never had coddled eggs I will have to give them a try. I love the carrots!

  19. I always enjoy learning more about blogging friends, enjoyed this! Also, love your blue plate rack, so pretty!
    Hope you are having a GREAT week!

  20. What's a coddled egg? Is this something like pooched eggs? Either way, I haven't had eggs prepared in this fashion. I love hot tea, especially when I first get up. Usually after that, I drink coffee. I'm more of coffee drinker than tea, but I enjoy both daily. I love the mixtures of light, dark, painted woods in your home. I know one day when I do an entire make over, then I want to incorporate whatever strikes my fancy. When we first started decorating then we kept thing closely the same - boring! Thanks for connecting with me yesterday on Patrice's farmhouse porch! Now following...~Cathy

  21. Beautiful bouquet for Wendell! And now I have to go research coddled eggs, never heard of that one!

  22. I love tea, too! Fedora and I just had an impulse-buy shopping spree at a tea store here called Teavana, and we've been having 4-5 cups per day. (we may even be having a tea-centric swap this year!)

    I love your plate rack! I've never seen something like absolutely brilliant. That's definitely going on my future-home-decor list. Thanks! :D

  23. I need to try those coddled eggs some time. And I have noticed that lots of people have quite a mixture of furniture in their homes. It's really quite popular to do so. Hope you are having a great week!

  24. That carrot bouquet has to be the cutest thing I've seen lately. I'm pinning it.


  25. Just saw my picture here of the carrot bouquet I created for one of my fantastic and very creative customers. How wonderful and thank you for showing it. Isn't it fun!


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