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Summer Decor and Container Gardens

Monday, June 19, 2023


Happy Monday, My Lovelies!   Did you have a nice weekend?  We enjoyed celebrating Father's Day with Mr. Bookish.  I think he enjoyed himself, too.

Today I'm sharing a little summer decor in our family room.  I decorated the Pressed Flower Work Table with tiny boxwood wreaths (the boxwood kind that doesn't smell bad) and maidenhair ferns.  I kill too many maidenhair ferns, but I love them so much!  I have actually been reading a book about how to care for them.  They're my favorite of all houseplants, and I like them in our home especially during summer.

This little planter holds a ribbon fern and a brake fern.

I also divided an arrowhead plant that was in one pot; now it's divided in three pots!  I've placed them on our hearth for now.  I might keep them there.

In our garden I had three small heirloom roses in a large container.  In years past they were doing well, but our trees have grown larger, and they weren't getting enough sun.  I moved them to their own individual pots, and I'm attempting to nurse them back to health.  I'll share an update later in the summer.

I needed to purchase replacement plants for the large pot that gets more shade than sun.  I asked for advice from our local nursery, and here's what we planted.  (We chose a few begonias that don't mind shade, and caladiums that doesn't mind a wee bit of sun.)

Large Container Recipe (Mostly Shade)

Begonia "Doublet White" (smaller flowers)
Begonia "Big White Green Leaf" (X2)
Heuchera "Berry Timeless" Coral Bells (attract hummingbirds and butterflies) (X2)
Wishbone Flower "Catalina Grape-O-Licious" (X2)
Variegated Large Leaf Periwinkle Vinca (X2)
Caladium "Aaron" sun or shade (white)
Caladium "Frog in a Blender" part sun

Aaron caldium

Frog in a Blender caladium

If you'd like to see the container garden recipe for our giant pot in the sun, please click THIS LINK.

I've been reading about Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life:

This little gem of a book features not only her gardens, but her illustrations and her garden journal.  

The same week I received this book, I got an email from Substack, and in the email I discovered my (now) favorite Substack blog called Noted.  The writer (Jillian Hess) features famous people's journals, diaries, and notebooks.  It's a fascinating read, and the featured notebook in the email was Beatrix Potter's!  I thought it was a sign, so I started following Noted.  Another favorite Substack blog is Sean of the South.  Do you follow anyone on Substack?  Please let me know in Comments if you do.

Here's to hoping our heirloom roses make it!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh you've been busy! All the plants look so pretty! I love that planter basket, so cute!

  2. Yes, everything looks amazing!! Hope you are feeling well. :)

  3. Your plants and flowers are so pretty. We went from a very mild Spring (for AZ) and jumped right into Summer heat, and the only survivalists are Vincas and Lantana!

  4. I love both your containers, but right now all I have is sun (that may change when my next door neighbor's landscape is overhauled - soon). I follow Sean of the South on Facebook! I must check into this Substack, have never heard of it! Your book of Beatrice Potter's gardens - I bet - is so interesting! I keep garden journal notes on a paper calendar, and kept all my prior ones from the previous address (it's a super thick notebook!).

  5. Oh, and I love your little boxwoods and maidenhair ferns. (chuckle on "the kind that doesn't smell bad" So true!) love the pattern of square/circle rotation.

  6. I have that book!!! :-)

    I enjoyed seeing your plants and flowers.
    I LOVE the look of the plants on the hearth.

  7. Wow - you have a green thumb!! I have never heard of substack! I have three of the boxwood wreaths, and they have no odor, happily!

  8. I've heard of substack, but never ventured over there. Might have to...also you plants are lovely and I love those mini boxwoods. So pretty!! Ps- love the tv! 😉

  9. Your container gardens are beautiful. So many of my plants are treated with benign neglect (although there may be nothing benign about it!). I admire yours.

  10. I love your house plants, especially the maidenhair ferns! I love reading Sean of the South, I often get teary eyed. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  11. Lovely photos, and lovely plants! My mom and sister have green thumbs, but unfortunately I do not, lol. The painting above your fireplace is gorgeous!

  12. I'm stopping by to say Hello! I know it's hot everywhere right now and I hope you are having a good summer. Take care my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane


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