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Tablescape Blog Hop: Wildflowers for Spring

Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Happy First Full Day of Spring, My Lovelies!  Today is the perfect day to celebrate spring's renewal with a Spring Tablescape Blog Hop.

As usual, Sweet Rita @ Panoply is our host.  Thank-you so much for organizing and hosting these blog hops, Rita.  We appreciate you!

It took me several days to decide upon a theme for the spring blog hop because I love spring:  It's my favorite season!  I love Easter and Mother's Day, plus my birthday is in May usually during blackberry winter.  It's also time to pull up the pansies and plant spring container gardens.  So many choices!  But I decided on a wildflower theme when I saw the following from Terrain:

Terrain has so many beautiful things for the table.

Recently, Mr. Bookish wanted to go to an estate sale for the art on offer.  Once we got there, we were informed that certain pieces would be sold online at auction, so it was pretty much a burnt run for us until I saw a 12 piece set of 1970s Japanese speckleware.  I loved it so much because I grew up in the seventies, and I knew someone who had this exact set.  It features wildflowers, and they bloom during spring.  The patterns are:  Sweet Clover, Wild Pink, Buttercup, Field Daisy, Dandelion, and Violet.  We purchased the set for $9, and all the pieces are in excellent condition, some of them mint condition.

This is the Dandelion pattern, and it might be my favorite pattern.

This wildflower is called a Wild Pink.  
I believe this is a breakfast set because there are twelve small coffee mugs and twelve small plates.  I set our breakfast room table for breakfast.

I started with a Simply Shabby Chic tablecloth and matching napkins.

I added Pier1 plates as chargers and the vintage speckleware plates.  They match the roses on the table linens.  The speckleware is in the Sweet Clover pattern.

I added the napkins with vintage duck napkin rings.
This plate is the Field Daisy pattern.

Violet pattern

Buttercup pattern

I needed breakfast serving pieces: I added a jam pot, honeypot, berry basket, marmalade pot, and butter bell.

Close-up of berry basket 

Marmalade pot
This little bird and the ducks remind me of spring.


With all the wildflowers, I needed a bee on the table.

Butter bell

I have a tray with the rest of the plates and mugs.  They're ready to take outside as soon as it's warmer.  I had planned to set our table on our deck, but it's been too cold and windy (unseasonably cold and windy) here in Central Alabama.  Yesterday morning (March 20th) it was colder here than in New York City by a couple of degrees! 

Table linens:  Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic
Speckleware and napkin rings:  Vintage
Salt and pepper set, jampot, honeypot, and vase set:  MacKenzie-Childs
Butter bell, marmalade pot, and berry basket:  Anthropologie
Glass candlestick, wooden tray, and dinner plates used as chargers: Pier1
Match striker:  Farmhouse Pottery
Flatware:  Horchow
Green and yellow tea light votives:  Leaf 'n Petal

Thank-you so much for your visit and indulging me in my nostalgic take on a spring tablescape.  Please be sure to visit the other twenty blogs participating in the hop.  If you're reading the posts in order, Patti @ Pandora's Box is next.  Patti is my Friend!

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. What a super find. As a Thrifter and Estate Sale visitor I really appreciate seeing someone find a set of dishes they love for a great price. These dishes really set the theme of your table. The tablecloth makes a nice background. What cute little ducks holding your napkins. Wild flowers are some of the first messengers of Spring...a great way to start the season.

  2. Hi Ricki Jill! I love the wildflower theme for your Spring table and such a great way to show off your estate sale find of Japanese speckleware, it’s so pretty! I can’t believe you got the whole set for $9!! It mixes and matches so well with all your MKC pretties! I love your tablecloth, it’s the perfect choice for your pretty tablecape. Thos duck napkin rings are Adorable!!! I love all your cute things you brought to the party, the butter bell, honey pot, marmalade pot and berry basket, so fun! Such a happy and fun Spring table 🌼

  3. Ricky Jill, I love your shabby chic tablecloth and your pretty floral dishes. (We've had an unseasonably late cold spell this week after several weeks of spring temps here in Texas, too.) Your styled basket is the perfect solution!

  4. I so love seeing all the earliest flowers of spring, right down to the random dandelions that can seemingly grow anywhere! This breakfast set is so, so darling and yes, nostalgic of the 70s (even though I've not seen this pattern set before). All the clover, dandelions, and violas are all over everyone's fields around my neighborhood, and field daisies soon to follow. The M-C pieces are always so well tucked into your tablescapes. I love the little s&p eggs. The berry basket is adorable too. Such a wonderful harbinger of spring your table is! As we've had similar weather to yours. Even this morning, as I was commenting, it was only 25°, but I think that's our last cold night/morning in the foreseeable forecast, and it's a beautifully sunny 61° as I write this. I'm so happy you're enjoying being a part of this group with your blossoming tablescaping ideas (and inventory, hehe). Happy Spring!

  5. Ricki Jill, dishes are nostalgic! I had a set of the speckleware mugs early marriage and after 51 years I have one left. They were well used and loved. I have the violet cup left and have fond memories of using them. Thank you for sharing the name. I did not know. My mug may be a similar pattern. There is no writing on the bottom.
    Your Mackensie- Childs pieces are always a treat to view and you style delightful tables.
    Have a blessed Easter!

  6. Kari @ Me and My CaptainMarch 21, 2023 at 3:39 PM

    Ricki know the old saying..."one man's trash is another man's treasure" and in this case (of course it is not trash at all, but you would be surprised at the number of "older" ladies I have met here in Florida, who speak with disdain at some of the older dish-ware that they either grew up with or had themselves) Of course I swoon over pieces that they are practically giving away. LOL

    I personally have lots of depression glass and I have had one lady in particular say "Oh, that old stuff!? I toss that away when I find a piece in the back of my cabinet. Don't you know they used to give that stuff away in boxes of soap powder." (When I find a piece of depression glass, I am delighted! LOL)

    Your table is lovely and I especially love your mix of MKC pieces and the little duck napkin rings. Adorable.

    Oh, and your comment about your birthday in May during blackberry winter?????? I don't know what that is or means, so please enlighten me. Our twin boys were born on May 1st, so I call them my little May Baskets..remember May Day and putting lilacs and spirea in handmade May baskets and hanging them on the door knobs of neighbors, ringing the door bell and running away? Oh dear, I am really dating myself aren't I?? LOL Please explain blackberry winter and an erly Happy Birthday to you. It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you. Happy Spring and Easter! 🐣

  7. Ricki Jill, I love your theme of wildflowers. We are always scouring our woods for wildflowers and it is fun to discover new ones. Terrain provides wonderful table inspiration. The speckleware plates and mugs are a fabulous find, and all for $9!! They mix so well with your lovely MKC pieces and the shabby chic tablecloth. The duck napkin rings are super cute. Happy early birthday! I always enjoy seeing your creative tables! Happy Spring!!

  8. Nine dollars for the set?? Deal of the century and they are just so pretty on your table. You certainly know how to display things in their best light. It's definitely that artist's touch!! Happy Spring!!

  9. Ricki Jill, I love your table! The tablecloth is darling and so perfect with those speckleware plates - what a fabulous find! I love the way you incorporate you M-C pieces too for a delightfully eclectic look. Love your wildflower theme and your vintage pieces too (the berry basket is adorable). I've never hear of Terrain before and that's probably not a bad thing lol. I'm sure anyone would be thrilled to join you at your breakfast table. Happy spring to you!

  10. After such an unusual winter, we're all longing for spring -- and flowers. I love that you chose to use wildflowers for your table! They're often unappreciated but they're the first to greet spring! I love the idea of a special table for breakfast complete with special serving pieces to go along with charming vintage dishware. I enjoyed hopping with you today!

  11. What a fortunate find, RJ! It's perfect for celebrating spring or summer. I love seeing all the special details you added to the table. I so wanted one of the jam pots. It's a piece I continue to search for. Someday! And yes, your wildflower table needed a bee! Happy Spring!

  12. Good Morning Ricki Jill, What a wonderful find your speckleware is and a bargain one at that! I love mix of wildflowers in the pattern and I always admire your beautiful MKC pieces at your table or on your hutch. The marmalade pot is adorable!! We’ve had the same weather here in NC but it’s warming back up this week into the low 80s by Friday. As always, it’s a treat to join you at the table again and hop with you. Happy Spring! 🌸

  13. Oh Ricki Jill, what a fabulous find with those speckleware dishes!!! I would’ve been wild about them with all the different flowers. That was a great buy! Your table looks so perfect for Spring!

  14. Ricki Jill, I feel so much Spring in your lovely breakfast table including all of your lovely floral speckleware dishes and mugs. What a lovely purchase. I do agree, I found the dandelion mug as my favorite too. And I love all of your vintage jam and honey pots on your table too. So playful. Your shabby chic tablecloth brings it all together. It is definitely a welcoming Spring table to see considering here in Wisconsin we are expecting another 6 or more inches of snow on Saturday. Happy Easter in lovely Alabama.

  15. The wildflower theme is perfect with all of your special pieces. I especially love the jam and honey pots. The little duck napkin rings are adorable and the table linens are a lovely match. Like you I want to set a table outside but the weather can't decide if spring is here or maybe a few more days of March winds..........Happy weekend.

  16. What a fantastic find Ricki Jill! It would be hard to choose a favourite but I think I am partial to the clover! The yellow rose tablecloth and napkins are so pretty. They remind me of at tablecloth my Nana had and that brings back memories of the care she took in setting the dinner table! I adore that honey pot though! So cute!! Always a pleasure to join you in the blog hops! Happy Spring :)

  17. I love this table, Ricki Jill, and it would be such a treat to see that when one came to breakfast or brunch. Those dishes are a real find -- I love the art on them and I'm so delighted you found a set, especially since it held some memories for you. This is just charming.

  18. Ricki Jill, what a score with these speckled dishware!! I am with you- loving that dandelion mug- but loving all the wildflowers. Your table is charming with the shabby chic tablecloth and all of your MKC pieces! Very pretty!! I hope you have a wonderful spring🌷🌼🌱

  19. Ricki Jill, you found a treasure at the estate sale! The dishes are so pretty, and I love the wildflower theme for spring. I love anything with flowers! Your linens pair so beautifully with your new dishes. I have so enjoyed my visit today! Happy spring!

  20. I forgot to add my name to the comment. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

  21. Ricki Jill, I was so thrilled to hear about your $9 estate sale score! There's nothing like that feeling of finding something you love for a bargain! The 70's speckled china is fabulous. My favorite is the violet pattern. I love the way you've styled everything in your breakfast room. The Shabby Chic tablecloth goes so well with the china. It was fun hopping with you. Happy Spring :)
    Rebecca (Zucchini Sisters)

  22. I love the $9.00 treasure find. I want it. :-) I must drive down to visit you and twist your finger to sell the set to me. Hee Hee!
    Happy Spring!!
    Carla from The River

  23. What a great find! - and the patterns go so well with your M-C pieces, too....Wish I could sit at this table and chat with you! Happy Spring

  24. Oh Ricki Jill! I love your Japanese Speckleware! What a fun find!!! Those blooms are so precious and inspiring. I also really like your marmalade pot!!! So sweet!!!!

    It’s so fun to party with you!!!

    xoxo, Jennifer at Celebrating Everyday Life

  25. Wow, Ricki Jill, what a fantastic find that set was! You used it perfectly, setting a sweet springtime breakfast table! This is a delightful set that I am sure you will use over and over again. I have a May birthday also but I never heard of the "blackberry winter" expression. I had to look it up and even though Google said that it is southern and midwestern expression which I found even more curious since I have lived in the south (New Orleans and now Florida - which I don't really consider "the south") and all over the midwest, most recently Ohio. So, your lovely spring table not only made me smile over the styling, I was also educated about a colloquialism. Happy spring!


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