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Super Simple Fall Craft and Fall Decor

Saturday, October 1, 2022


Happy Saturday, My Lovelies, and Welcome October!  Is October your favorite month?  It's definitely one of mine because our oldest was born in October, and I love the crisp air and blue skies.

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I have great news!  My surgeon has {FINALLY} released me for radiation therapy.  After four weeks of radiation, I will be finished with my cancer treatment.  I was diagnosed in November, so it's almost been a year from start to finish.  I hope that I don't lose a lot of my energy during treatment because I'm finally getting back to my old routine, and it is so nice!  I'm attending DAR meetings, participating in sorority activities, taking art class, attending book club, and I'm getting involved (and attending) church.  I've missed my people, y'all! 

Mustang Sally is sharing September's book club selection.  I will post a review for it and my two other favorite summer reads in a few days.

Here are some other activities I've been doing recently:  

creating floral arrangements;

I love the autumn colors in this one!

decorating our house for fall;

organizing my Fall TBR basket;

Some of these are books I've had for several months, but I've been reading cozy mysteries for the most part this year.
I'll share more about the cozies in a later post.

and creating very simple centerpieces.

For this easy fall centerpiece tutorial, click HERE.

The second fall centerpiece is beyond simple.  I saw it in Christiane Bellstedt Myers's Seasonal Scandi Crafts.  I love her books, and her Christmas one is a favorite.  

The centerpiece is simply a bowl of tiny craft pumpkins with homespun wrapped twine.

I couldn't find the tiny craft pumpkins anywhere, but Christiane lives in England and maybe they're a thing over there.
I do have a bunch of tiny apples, so I used them.
I also didn't have any homespun fabric; I used some vintage floral fabric in fall colors instead.

She also used a very shallow bowl, but I don't have one, so I used a large, deeper bowl.

I also like the brown tones of her twine, and the homespun definitely has a fall vibe.
I think I might try to replicate her centerpiece "more exactly" next year!

I placed mine on our coffee table in our family room.

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Coming soon:

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Okay, at least I know why I didn't get individual post updates. But I am subscribed to the tiny newsletter, so here I am, all caught up! I love your little fall flourishes. That swinging bed though.....!! and utility cart table!! That looks super cozy. I'm assuming the radiation will be 5 days a week for the 4 weeks? Wishing you high tolerance through this and after, just as you've been blessed thus far (well, except that hematoma). xo

  2. I received your tiny newsletter, Ricki Jill! I’m loving your Fall decor. I have that same Autumn book of Susan Branch.
    God bless you as your undergo your radiation. My hubby had it and did fine; I’m sure you will. How wonderful to get back to normal routine! That’s the best. I’m praying for you, my friend.

  3. Yay, I received a notification since I am subscribed to the tiny newsletter. I love all of Susan Branch's books, and I thought I had Autumn but I guess not. I'll see if my library has it. How wonderful to get back to your normal routine and the things you enjoy doing, and hope the radiation goes well for you too.


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