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Easy Fall Centerpiece Tutorial

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Happy Wednesday, My Lovelies!  Since tomorrow is the first day of fall, I thought I'd share an easy fall centerpiece tutorial.  I wanted something pretty and easy for our kitchen table.

I was inspired by a recent visit to my happy place, Leaf 'n Petal, in Cahaba Heights.  

This beautiful centerpiece is between three and four feet long.  Its base is a long bread server.

Here's a close-up.

The sweet lady who always helps me was busy with a customer, so I just took these photos so I could show her when I returned.  Yesterday, when I returned, she helped me get the materials together that I needed for the project.  I didn't want to take the container I was using to the shop because I didn't want to risk breaking it, but I did have the dimensions with me in order to purchase the right amount of pumpkins and gourds.

Here's what you'll need for the centerpiece:

pumpkins and gourds
fake berries


First, arrange your pumpkins in the container.
Next, place moss in between the pumpkins.

Note:  Place newspaper or craft paper on table before making your centerpiece.  I didn't do that, and the moss made one hot mess!

Next, arrange vine around pumpkins.

This vine has bright green stuff on it.  I took a close-up so you can see it better.

Finally, insert the berries.  I cut them off the stem and inserted them in the moss.

After I spent fifteen minutes cleaning up the mess I made, I placed a table runner (with blues, grays, reds, and oranges) to match the container and pumpkins on the table and centered the centerpiece.  

If you're a local reader, the Leaf 'n Petal has everything to make one, and they have beautiful containers, too.

Come back tomorrow for a book review about a cozy romance set during fall!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill



  1. It's just lovely and a great way to welcome fall. I think I'd like that shop!!

  2. Beautiful Ricki Jill! And because it's on a tray, you can move it around~ yes moss is messy stuff, but I do love the texture it adds and it's perfect for filling in the gaps. I need to visit Leaf n Petal, a treasure trove!

  3. This is lovely, Ricki Jill. I love the flexibility of a tray and this is a lovely one. You were smart taking the dimensions to the shop. The moss kicks it off beautifully as an anchor.

    I used to get mail notifications from you but I don't seem to now, so I'm sorry I'm missing so many posts. I'll try to catch up better!

  4. I love this RJ. I am finally getting your emails saying you are posting. For awhile I was not getting them. Glad that is fixed. Happy Sunday Have a good week. xoxo Kris

  5. How did I miss this??! Thank goodness for your tiny letter update! That's a gorgeous little centerpiece. Great minds think alike, as I did something similar. It's the little touches that make me smile with the changes of the seasons.

  6. I love this RJ. How did I miss it! Looking forward to your Halloween tablescape blog hop post on the 11th. I marked my calendar :-)


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