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Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Hello, My Lovelies!  It's almost Halloween, and I've been busy decorating our dining room with all things candy corn, because...

I'm also joining Rita and other creative ladies for a blog hop!

Aren't the ballerina skeleton plates cute!

Come on in and have a look!

The main colors for the tablescape are white, orange, and yellow of course!

I baked candy corn cupcakes.

Candy Corn table square

I used a hint of brown on the table with the wood and placemats because there's a little bit of brown in the table square.

I selected a few MacKenzie-Childs salad plates that have orange on them.

I'm sending the rice crispy treats to my oldest daughter next week because it's her birthday.

I chose white, orange, and yellow roses with baby's breath for the flowers.

The best thing about my table?  I didn't purchase anything new except for the candy and flowers.  


White tablecloth, square white server:  Williams-Sonoma Hotel linens
Flatware:  Horchow Hotel collection
Candy corn ceramics, fabric, and Jack 'o Lantern basket: Longaberger
Wooden server:  At Home
White candlestick, white vases, and salad plates:  MacKenzie-Childs
Iced tea glasses: Neiman Marcus
Plaid napkins, clear vases, and napkin rings:  Pier 1
White napkins: Vintage (family heirlooms)
Orange vases: Leaf 'n Petal
Crystal vase: Waterford Lismore
White chargers: Johnson Brother Iroquois 

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What's your favorite Halloween candy?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh my GOSH! Ricki Jill, this is 100% endearing to me as a Halloween themed table. It's cheerful, bright, and fun! The colors remind me of a picture-perfect sunny, fall day. Those rice krispie treats are simply adorable. Your MC choices go so well. Your Longaberger special editions items are awesome collectibles. They really made some great, quality items, and I've kept most of my workhorse pieces of theirs. I do love candy corn (especially when mixed with peanuts, tastes like a Payday candy bar). I guess it's no surprise then that Reese's peanut butter cups are my favorite. So happy you joined us today with this welcoming table!

  2. This is just adorable Ricki Jill! Your MKC Taylor Ceramics with the ruffled pastel plate rims pair perfectly with all your pretty candy corn details. Love the sweet ruffled skirt for your riser and adorable JOL basket! Happy hopping with you!

  3. Ricki Jill, so nice to meet you. I have never seen so much candy corn in my life. Your really carried the theme throughout your tablescape. I have those same fall plaid napkins. They are great with so many colors. Have a great sweet Halloween.

  4. Ricki Jill, I am so glad to meet another candy corn lover. You carried out your theme to perfection, The ruffled MKC plates are the piece de resistance to your sweet table. If only I could have one of your cupcakes to go with my coffee! I am so happy you have joined in the blog hop!

  5. Welcome Ricki Jill and I adore corn candy and have a bowl sitting on my table as we speak. (along with jelly pumpkins, marshmallow pumpkins and....well, you get the picture). Each. time I walk by, I pick up one or two...or three or four. LOL

    When I saw your tablescape, I thought of the cutest candy corn bottlebrush trees that I recently saw on-line and fully expectted to see them somewhere on your table. But you know what? You don't need them as everything co-ordinates beautifully!

    Enjoy your day!
    Kari @ Me and my Captain

  6. Uh oh...someone is going to have a banner day eating all that candy corn!!! I would gladly join you in that! I know it's not everyone's favorite to eat, but I LOVE it! With some salted peanuts and a root, mm good! But I digress. I'm Alycia, and I'm visiting via the Blog Hop! Nice to "meet you" today! I like your theme because I like candy corn so much and you have an abundance of it here!!! I absolutely LOVE your plaid napkins and have been looking for some similar to that. I guess I need to get out to a few different stores this year to widen my search. It's great that you didn't have to do a lot of shopping around for much of anything!!!!! That makes it SO MUCH more palatable! I remember sending my sister to every Tuesday Morning store in Minneapolis to help me get 20 of those woven placemats since there were only about 9 of them here in the Kansas City, MO area. They are timeless and work with so many different table settings as you have demonstrated here!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter, and best wishes to you for a great week and a fun Halloween!

  7. Too cute Ricki Jill! It looks like a Candy Corn Shoppe! You have so many adorable candy corn things, and the MKC plates look lovely with the pretty way you styled the napkins. Total fun, and not spooky, just the way I like it! The cupcakes look so good!

  8. Very fun table Ricki. The MKC ceramics are so pretty. I love the ruffled edges. The candy corn is so fun. Love seeing it in your glass canisters. Lovely bright colors for an October tablescape. The candy corn cupcakes look so tasty. I bet your eldest daughter is going to love the candy corn cookies. A pleasure hopping along with you Ricki.

  9. Well I think I could sit there all day munching on candy corn!! I am so surprised when people say they don't like it - I have already gone thru a bag! Heads up on the white thistle vases - I sat mine on my wooden side table and it left a 'circle of white' on the wood - I just keep it on the granite counter top. Your cupcakes also look delish. I have a strong sweet tooth so i would love to be a guest at this table!

  10. Oh my goodness, I love candy corn!!

  11. I love me a theme, and Ricki Jill yours is as sweet a treat as they come for Halloween! Candy corn, genius! Such a fun and charming tablescape. Love all the candy corn details you incorporated throughout. My husband is addicted to candy corn and would be in heaven with a seat at your table.

  12. I love candy corn too Ricki, and use to joke that the only way you knew it was autumn in Southern California was when the those little nuggets of goodness hit the store shelves!
    I love your theme and how cheery and bright it all is. I would be happy to sit at this pretty table.

  13. Ricki Jill, I'm a candy corn fan since childhood. I have to limit myself if it is in the house, and it always is in October. 😂😂😂 Your table delights with all your orange and yellow details. Cute place setting with the MC and sweet napkin details. Is the square plate MC? I don't think I've seen one like it.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter. And Happy Halloween to you! Enjoy candy corn season!

  14. Your chandy is so darned cute with those shades and beads. And I really love the candy corn cookies -- great fun!

  15. Halloween is all about the candy, isn't it? I'm a chocolate candy girl myself, preferably with caramel inside, but I've known plenty of candy corn lovers. Your cute table brings back memories of opening the trick-or-treat bag to find all the goodies inside. Happy Halloween!

  16. This is such a cheerful Halloween table!! No need to be frightened here, except for maybe a trip to the dentist!! I love the candy corn them and the fun yellow and orange colors. What a wonderful mix of MC and Longaberger. Thanks for joining our hop it was a pleasure to meet you!! I hope you have a wonderful Halloween 🎃

  17. This is adorable, Ricki Jill! I love it all. Your flowers, linens, dishes all styled beautifully with happy vibes.

  18. I love candy corn too. everything looks very festive.

  19. Love your table settings. Very lovely

  20. Rikki Jill your table is lovely.

  21. You really went all out with your candy corn theme. It's bring and cheerful, and perfect for the holiday. It's always a pleasure to meet a fellow tablestylist.
    Happy Halloween!

  22. I’d love to join you, Ricki Jill, as I’m a lover of candy corn (and especially mixed with peanuts!). Your table is yummy with your square, the darling riser, and your straw placemats. The MKC plates are perfect for Fall. I’d love a cupcake please, before I leave.

  23. I certainly get the feeling that your love candy corn. It is such a cute Halloween tablescape since there are so many people who love the candy. (Unfornately, I don't, but your table has created it into a beautiful work of art. I love your candy corn table topper and containers full of the delightful treats. They do make a beautiful centerpiece when displayed in containers, don't they? I love rice krispy treats especially in such a cute shape of candy corn. Yum Your lovely choice of flowers and plaid napkins give your table a sweet and charming theme. The jack o lantern basket and
    the basket full of the colorful candy also adds to the Fall country living. So darling.

  24. Yes, I love candy corn too!!! What a great idea to style a Halloween table around this iconic fall treat. I've never seen candy corn cupcakes before. They look so good! I love how you displayed the candy corn in glass cylinders. I'd just be afraid that I'd eat it all if I bought that much lol! The orange, white and yellow roses are lovely. I'm also admiring your white dining room chairs! It was nice to "meet" you, Ricki Jill, on this hop. Happy Halloween!

  25. I am definitely team candy corn, so your table brought a smile to my face!! You have executed the colour scheme perfectly! I especially love the gerbera daisy napkin rings, and how you have layered the napkins. So pretty! Oh, and the giant jars of candy corn too!!

  26. I love when you gals do a blog hop! Love this table, and those giant jars of candy corn.


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