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National Hot Tea Day

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Happy National Hot Tea Day!

Happy Tuesday, My Lovelies!  It's National Hot Tea Day, and this post is a celebration of my favorite beverage.  I have shared hot tea and a plethora of hot tea parties over the years here on the blog.  It's fun to look back and see older posts, especially those involving the girls when they were younger.  It's also funny to see how I've improved a little in my mad blogging skills, LOL...

Do you have any favorite hot teas?  I have too many.  And I'm finding even more via my SipsBy monthly subscription box.  The company has a regular subscription, and they also have themed boxes throughout the year.  It's a fun and less expensive way to try new teas, and I share them with my daughters, too.

I really have enjoyed the Stash brand teas from my subscription, especially the Super Irish Breakfast.

One of the themed tea boxes I ordered was the Christmas Cookie Tea Box.  It included the above teas.

My current favorite flavored tea is The Republic of Teas' Cuppa Cake Tea: Caramel Vanilla.

If I had you over for tea, which one would you choose?

I've hosted several tea parties over the years, and you can find links to them on the Tales of The Traveling Tote Page.  A few of my favorites:

Other tea posts can be found by searching tea in my search engine in the sidebar.

Several of my past posts have recipes for delicious tea party treats, too.

One of my favorite recipes for hot tea is:

London Fog Earl Grey

The original post can be found HERE.  

This is all you'll need for the recipe.

London Fog Earl Grey Latte Recipe


2/3 c strongly brewed Earl Grey tea
1/3 c whole milk
1 1/2 T maple syrup
1T brown sugar
1 t vanilla bean paste
cinnamon sugar for garnish


Brew your tea, and while it steeps you can gather the rest of your ingredients.  Let tea steep at least five minutes.

In your milk frother begin frothing milk and set it to the highest milk temperature setting.  

(I have a Breville Milk Café Electric Frother, and I highly recommend it.  It heats milk to the perfect temperature, and it's perfect for hot chocolate, too.)  

As it's frothing the milk and heating it, slowly add the maple syrup, brown sugar, and vanilla bean paste.  These ingredients make the milk thicker and creamier.

Pour your tea in a large mug, and add the frothed milk by first adding the milk and then spoon the foam on top.  Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top to taste.

NOTE:  If you have a handheld milk frother, you might want to mix all the ingredients in the tea first and froth the milk by itself.  


Do you take your tea with lemon?
How do you like your tea?

Please leave me a comment sharing with us what kind of tea you like best and how you take it!

Join me at the end of the month for a winter-themed tea party!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh my goodness, your tea service is a beautiful collection! I think I would love to try your Irish tea or the white peach. I would delight in any of the service from your collection, and I will take mine simply. Thank you for such a beautiful display and invitation!

  2. Oh, you have the most wonderful collection of whimsical teapots, tea cups and accessories!! I would enjoy a cup of tea, any flavor, out of any of these cups! Beautiful painting at the end of your post, too!

  3. So many pretties in this post RJ! I must confess, I am trying to become a tea drinker, and try as I might, I just don't love it yet...But a pretty teapot from MKC might help 😂 The Caramel Vanilla Cuppa Cake tea sounds really good! Your painting of the tea cup and lemon is fabulous!!

  4. So many beautiful photos of lovely tea parties! I am a hot chocolate person but will have a cup of green tea in the evening. I will have to try your recipe.

    May I ask about the little painting at the end, you painted this and it is FABULOUS! Is is available for sale?

    Have a great day!

  5. Hi RJ. I have never been a coffee drinker. I know crazy!!! Love the smell of coffee brewing but never the taste. I love hot tea however and enjoy that so much especially during the winter months here in the midwest. Love seeing all your pretty tea displays. Have a great day today. xoxo

  6. I am not a tea drinker but still a cool post

  7. I also love tea and it is my drink of choice as well. :-) No wonder we are such good friends. Hee Hee!
    I remember your Nancy Drew post.. I loved it and shared it with my sister who loved Nancy Drew growing up.
    Love, Carla
    P.S. my favorite tea at this time is Lemon Ginger, it changes with the seasons, right now it is my favorite warm me up tea. :-)

  8. Lovely, lovely tea pots and cups! If I were a guest in your home, I would feel very special with the pretty tea settings. This post has been pinned so I can refer to it for the London Fog Earl Grey Latte Recipe. Love the painting of the tea cup!

  9. Lovely, lovely teapots and cups! If I were a guest in your home, I would feel very special sitting at your table enjoying a cup and tea and a sweet treat. Pinned the post so that I can refer to the recipe for the London Fog Earl Grey Latte. Love the are very talented!

  10. Oh this is such a fun and lovely post RJ. Love all your tea pretties and the tea! Yum, wish I could join you for a one of your tea parties, maybe soon! Happy January 💕

  11. Happy sipping! What darling pots and cups you have!

  12. It's so chilly here, today, and your pretty tea post is warming me up...and has me craving tea. xo

  13. Rats I missed it! The latte sounds delicious. My typical go to is Stash decaf vanilla chai


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