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Favorite Etsy Shops

Wednesday, December 9, 2020


I hope you're on Santa's Nice List this year!

One thing I love about Etsy is how the sellers take such care in wrapping their orders before shipping.
This parcel contains Christmas seam binding ribbon from Bluebird Lane.

Happy Wednesday, My Lovelies!  One of my blog friends (Diane is the guilty party) suggested that I share a few of my favorite Etsy shops in a post, and I thought it was an excellent idea.  I love to support small shop owners and artists!  

I usually purchase craft materials and creative art via Etsy.  We also bought many beautiful things from all over the world for Shanley Belle and Christopher's wedding from Etsy, and I think that the one of a kind items helped make their wedding unique and personal.  I could write a lengthy post on that, but today I'll focus on the stores where I've been a repeat customer.

Here are the six Etsy shops I LOVE!!!

Emma shows vintage books love by recovering them in vintage fabric.  She also makes new journals, also covered in beautiful fabric, and she sells notecards, too.  I have bought several of her editions, and I've given more as gifts than I've bought for myself.  Everyone I've given them to really loved their book!

Emma does such a nice job wrapping her books!  I never need to wrap them when I'm giving them as presents!

Emma, Black Beauty, and Madame Bovary (smaller edition)
The last edition I gave Shanley Belle was a 1940s edition of Jane Eyre with 1940s barkcloth.  It was so pretty!

An example of a notecard
via Emma

When I'm looking for vintage fabric, ephemera, and hand-frayed ribbon, I know I can find what I'm looking for at A Tattered Dream.  I love how unique her ephemera is, especially the vintage items.  Currently she has vintage vocabulary cards in several languages.  I really should buy a few!

This is a fall bundle I purchased a few months ago.  There are several 1970s fabric scraps in the bundle, and I've enjoyed using it for different things.

I know I've featured Vickie's artwork on my blog before, but it's worth featuring again.  What to do with obsolete library cards....Vickie turns them into works of art by either painting or printing her original artwork on them!  Our girls are fascinated because they've never seen card catalogs....the internet became fairly standard in 1993, and library inventories went online as well.  I think her artwork is fun (I love her style) and I also LOVE the nostalgia of having her work on library cards.

The Illustrated Library Card Catalog

I enjoy displaying the cards in our library

I have a seam binding ribbon problem.  I need help.  But in my defense I use it for everything.  I love to wrap small gifts with it, tie envelope bundles, make tags, you name it....seam binding ribbon is the workhorse of my art studio along with pencils!  Bluebird Lane is my favorite source for seam binding ribbon.  This shop also sells the most beautiful tags and bookmarks.  It's a sweet shop if you want to embellish a gift, make a tag journal, or embellish a junk journal.

The adorable little gift cards were lagniappe....that's Cajun for a little something extra.  I love how thoughtful many Etsy sellers are by sending freebies with orders.

Perri Ann's Arts n Things

Perri Ann sells a plethora of craft supplies, and most of what she sells I wouldn't use.  But if you are a crafter, you really should check-out her shop.  So why do I shop there when I wouldn't use most of her inventory?  Because she make the pretties distressed and hand-stamped ribbon on the internet, and it sells out fast!  Check it out:

I love tea-stained ribbon.  I like wrapping wedding gifts with it, and I also like using them in book vignettes around the house.

Some of y'all probably follow Vanessa's blog, but did you know that she also sells her whimsical artwork on Etsy?  I love her style, and I enjoy purchasing her prints from original ink art because that's a medium I don't work with.

House from the movie Practical Magic

What do you think?  Do any of these stores interest you?

There are a few other stores I stalk, but I haven't bought anything from them yet;  I don't want to endorse shops I haven't purchased anything from.  

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops you'd like to share?  Please leave a comment below!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Loved this post and I'm off to check out the shops. I have purchased quite a few Christmas gifts this year from Etsy. You are so right - the shop sellers make it such a fun experience with the wrapping and notes. I bought the cutest vintage children's snow shovel from a shop called Junkette Love. She sells random vintage things. :)

  2. I'm afraid I am rushing through this post to go visit some of these shops! lol I love Vanessa's pretties and have ordered her cards a few times. And I have a post ready for tomorrow with a couple of my 'recent' favorite shops. It sure is fun to shop on Etsy and it's supporting small businesses...even better! Enjoy your day! Now I'm off to 'window shop'! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Diane, Santa's helper

  3. great suggestions - i rarely go to Etsy, but now you have my attention!!

  4. These are super cute places to shop on Etsy. I am a big believer in giving my business and getting my gifts at small business's too. Happy Wednesday.

  5. Thanks, Ricki Jill. It is always fun to see the shops that others purchase from. I put this post in my 'read again' file so I remember these shops. xo Diana

  6. Some of my favorite Etsy shops that I've purchased from are: Georgianna Lane (photographer of France & dahlias, roses, England, etc)
    Etch & Ember for a sign about "Christmas began with a little family."
    Leboxboutique various bags & stickers & washi tape
    CrimsonManeCreations for pretty cute cookie cutters.
    TheDogLover for buying paintings of the dogs I was raised with.
    Thank you for sharing the shops you did, I'm definitely going to shop a couple of them. Merry Christmas! mimi

  7. I love shopping Etsy. Thanks for suggestions, I'll enjoy looking.

  8. Etsy is really a treasure trove, thanks for sharing your favorite shops!!

  9. This is great. I have noticed your attention to seam binding and how you use it in vignettes and it always draws me in. I do shop Etsy, and I keep a running list of Favorites, both shops and items. My most recent purchases were tea cozies - one for my sister (along with teas from an Etsy seller), and one for me. You're so right about how Esty sellers most always include something extra, which makes the experience extra special.

  10. I enjoy Etsy, I have a list of favorites. My husband was just looking for some unique vintage glasses.. and we found them on Etsy.
    Thank you for sharing your favorites.

  11. What a lovely selection! Thank you, RJ!


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