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Beautiful Milk Glass

Thursday, August 20, 2020


My new milk glass collection

Happy Thursday, My Lovelies!

Look at all the pretty milk glass pieces!  Sweet Patti from Pandora's Box sent them to me.  I had mentioned in a post my admiration for it, but I didn't have any, and guess what?  Patti sent me these pretty pieces to get my collection started!

I wanted milk glass pieces for plants.  But when I unwrapped these pieces in my art studio and started playing with them, I found some very good uses for them.

Patti said that this is by Fenton.  I will use it to hold my washi tape for my planner.

This is a covered piece that's Indiana Harvest Grape.  I'm using it for my hand-stamped ribbon.

This one is also Indiana milk glass.  I'm using it for crinkled seam binding ribbon.

I wanted milk glass pieces to contrast with my charcoal planters.  I like how they look together, and at Christmas I will place mini Poinsettias in them.

I recently ordered my 2021 planner because I have hope.

I have hope that things will improve, and the places that are important to me will no longer be considered nonessential.  I'm hopeful that the activities and things that are important to me will return, and I will get to see the people who matter...and hug them.

These washi tapes were designed to match my new planner.  They now have a new home in this pretty milk glass compote.  I have lots of tape, and it will be nice to keep these separate from the others.

Thank-you, Patti, for the milk glass!!!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I am happy your have found great uses for them. I also hope that 2021 brings us good health and the ability to get out and be with people....and travel!! Happy planning!

  2. Those are beautiful pieces! And what lovely and good use you are putting them too. I like the cover of your planner, too. Have a great day.

  3. Let's hope you will be filling in your 2021 planner with more things to do and the virus is under control. Love the milk glass. So pretty and a great way to hold your crafty things. Hugs, Kris

  4. The milk glass is so elegant and lovely with your decor. What a sweet friend! And I love your new planner. I keep my journal in a day planner but I love a pretty journal too! Enjoy your day.

  5. I have some milk glass pieces too. I like your idea of placing poinsettia in them during the holiday.
    I like the cover of your planner.
    Here is to 2021! ;-)

  6. What a nice gift! You've made the collection even more beautiful with your contents. I like the Fenton, and that pattern with the ruffled edge is called Silvercrest. I have a cake pedestal and tidbit tray in that pattern. If you ever need an enabler for your collection, let me know, lol. One estate sale I went to this week had an inordinate amount of milk glass (I'm going back to it Sat at 25% off, hehe).
    As for planning 2021, I am really struggling with what it may look like like. I struggle now with what's being allowed ("peaceful" protests with crowds), yet no weddings or other gatherings where people may have common sense enough to do the right thing.

  7. Wow! What a fabulous and very kind gift. Yay, Patti! Using them in your studio is a wonderful idea -- how very pretty!

    I don't know what 2021 will be -- but I hope it's safe, whatever is done.

  8. I know nothing about milk glass, but the pieces Patti sent you are so lovely! And the fact that you are using them to hold your special creative tools is proof that you love them! How amazing of sweet Patti to send them!!


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