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Tales of the Traveling Totes "Taste Of" Swap

Monday, April 9, 2018

Happy Monday, My Lovelies!  Today I want to share with you the delicious and fun goodies I received from Jackie via the Tales of the Traveling Totes "Taste Of" swap.  Jackie writes the incredibly gorgeous blog Purple Chocolat Home.  If y'all don't follow Jackie, you should.  She creates the most amazing celebrations for her family, and I'm happy that she shares all the beautiful things on her blog.  She's truly inspiring!  Click on this LINK to visit Jackie.

The purpose of the swap is to send a few goodies from your state, to give the recipient a "taste" of where you're from.  Jackie is from Utah, and she sent me some lovely surprises.  Let's take a look:

As y'all know, I collect kitchen and tea towels.  These are so cute, and I love the black and yellow.  
We also enjoy trying different salts.  This Utah salt is exceptional.  I've enjoyed cooking with it!
The best part:  The Utah truffles.  Y'all, both flavors were so delicious.  I loved them both and did NOT share!  ;P

Jackie was also very thoughtful by writing the nicest note about Utah and her history there inside the pretty heart card.  I enjoyed reading about her state and her story!

Jackie also sent me a pretty wind chime that's already hanging, but it will be shared in an upcoming gardening post.  Stay tuned!

Thank-you, Jackie, for the thoughtful gifts from your home state.  This has been a fun swap, and I'd also like to thank Patti from Pandora's Box for organizing it.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. How thoughtful of Jackie to include history of herself and her state. I like that very much. Of course, the treats are all special too. I don't blame you for not sharing the truffles! The towels are adorable, perfect for warm weather months, and a wind chime too?!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this exchange, and it was just as much fun reading about the others' items. Thanks for sharing, RJ.

  2. I sure have enjoyed seeing these swaps with you girls! :)

  3. Jackie sent you a lovely package from her home state RJ. I do know how you like pretty tea towels and those are so sweet and will be fun to use for summer. I had to LOL when you said you didn’t share the truffles! This was a fun swap and Patti did a great job organizing. Have a great week.

  4. Haha! I should have sent more truffles! I don't share them either. Glad you love tea towels. You made it all look so pretty with your gorgeous roses!

    I loved the swap too. I would do it again in a heart beat! It was so fun receiving your delicious treats in the mail!

  5. Ricky Jill, your new tea towels are adoable with their cute buzzing bees and sayings. Your swap package was filled with sweet treats! LIke you, I found this swap to be lots of fun. This is the best group of friends!

  6. Such nice things, I do like the tea towels

  7. What a fun swap. I love your tea towels.

  8. Good morning Ricky Jill, I just posted my swap! What a fantastic swap package from Jackie in UT, and your new tea towels are adorable. Keep me away from truffles! They are my favorite. I know that we only do these swaps once in a while, but it's a great way to get to know one another and have fun too. We are fortunate to have this group of friends :-)

  9. I think this is such a fun exchange, making it be about the state. I'd say you certainly did well from jackie! I love different salts, too, so that would be great fun!

  10. This has been so much fun!! I've so enjoyed seeing what everyone got, and learning about different local favorites and foods! I wouldn't have shared the truffles either :) Your photos are gorgeeous!! Love the way you styled everything!

  11. Receiving surprises in the mail is so exciting! What a fun exchange and wonderful gifts that you received!

  12. what a fun swap! glad you enjoyed it..
    the towels are adorable:)

  13. What a delightful stash of goodies you received from Jacqueline! Her family history is so interesting -- I always enjoy reading her stories on her blog. I did not know that you collect tea towels! I do too, but linen travel towels. I have a collection which I treasure. And I must get some of that salt. Of course, it should be obvious that sea salt would come from Utah with the Great Salt Lake, but I admit I was surprised at first. This swap was so much fun. Linda


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