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My Happy List: Heirloom Roses

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Happy Tuesday, My Lovelies!  I have so many lovely things I want to share with y'all on My Happy List (and on my blog in general), but I've been spring cleaning.  Not only my house, but my blog.  I now have a secure certificate on my blog, and the change has been a great big time suck.  I've had so many settings to change, and I've been busy redirecting broken links.

Also, I've revived my older blog (deleted a lot of posts and spruced it up a bit).  You can either use the link at the top of the page or follow THIS ONE.

Meditation of My Art focuses on art journaling

Not fun...just trying to "keep it real" around here!

Spring has left Alabama.  It was so cold and rainy Saturday, and we're supposed to have a frost tomorrow morning.  I'm so over the cold because I want to plant containers and completely clean-up our patio area!  On Friday before it turned really cold, Mr. Sketchy Reader and I visited Petals from the Past, and I fell in love with a few of their heirloom roses.  In order to be considered heirloom, a rose must have been cultivated before 1867.  We bought two carpet roses, and we'll be planting them in our giant containers soon, I hope!

Here are a few photos of the roses I liked best.  Enjoy their beauty!

Even the faded ones are lovely!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill

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  1. So many gorgeous roses. I planted a couple of the knock out roses this weekend - they are so pretty and I love that I don't have do much to keep them that way

  2. The roses are amazing! I am enjoying the Tiny Letter newsletter, Thank You!

  3. I need to find the energy to Spring Clean. Actually I plan on taking down Christmas this weekend. April is my New Year this year. ;)

  4. gorgeous photos..hope you get some spring soon!

  5. Ricki Jill, SO pretty! Those palest of the pale sing to me! They're like ballet pinks, and conjure up all sorts of feelings.
    I know time sucks all too well. It can be any number of things, but when the task(s) is (are) done, I find that writing down the amount of time spent as a calendar note somehow makes me feel accomplished for what seemed a waste at the time. Taxes and purging basement inventory come to mind.....
    Have a great day.

  6. I'm so sorry about the weather. But hopefully it will be shortlived so your new roses will get the best start. I'll check out your other blog, too. I do really enjoy your newsletter and some of the links it has led me to!

  7. Yes, this spring has been challenging!! I wish I was a gardener,all those roses are so stunning! Surely it will warm up soon and we will be complaining about the heat! Your floral vignette is so pretty!


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