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My Happy List: Valentines' Day and Mardi Gras Decor

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Happy Tuesday, My Lovelies!  There's only one thing on My Happy List today.  After a wet and rainy Saturday afternoon and Sunday, today I'm happy because:

...there's sunshine in my home AND I'm decorating for Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras, which are only one day apart this year.  Sunny days at home make me happy!

Because I took so many photos, I'll only share the dining room and breakfast room tables with you today.  Later in the week I'll share other little Valentine's Day touches around Chez Treleaven.

I'll start with the dining room....

The table is set for Valentine's Day breakfast.  I have three events on Valentine's Day, plus it's Ash Wednesday.  

LOL Do you see the brass under glass?  Yes, this is a circa 1984 dining room table, but I love it because sometimes I need the space for projects and I haven't destroyed it yet!  

We're having Mr. Sketchy Reader's favorite vanilla bean scones, along with...

scrambled eggs served in the large heart, jam, and Devon cream in the small heart....

...and black English Breakfast Tea.

The beautiful flowers are from Bloom and Petal.
If you live in the Birmingham area, I highly recommend them!


flowers: Bloom and Petal (see link above)
Table runner:  Sur la Table
Napkins and chairs:  Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic
Plates:  Molly Hatch via Anthropologie
Tiered server:  Mosaicwares
Ceramic hearts:  White Flowers, Homewood, AL
Crystal pitcher:  Waterford, Lismore pattern
Heart Teapot:  Emma Bridgewater
Serving fork and cake server:  Christine's, Mountain Brook, AL
Teacups and saucers, heart plates, and jam pot:  MacKenzie-Childs

Now on to the breakfast room...

Ahhhh.....YES!  Check out the sunshine streaming through the backdoor! 
Above are king cake petit four candles. 

It's hard to decorate for Mardi Gras.  The colors are garish together, and it's tacky.
So I went with the tacky.  Please don't unfollow me!  

Glitter shot!

Our daughter has a lot of the purple and gold stuff since she's in Baton Rouge at LSU.  So I just went with the lemons since they're bright yellow, gold, and green.

The gold, green, and purple tea light holders are actually Moroccan tea glasses.


linen table runner:  Sur la Table
Moroccan tea glasses:  An Angel at My Table (now Angel and Boho) longe available, but you can find them all over the place online!
flowerpot, pitcher, vase, and casserole:  MacKenzie-Childs
glittery silliness: Pier 1
candles:  handmade by a friend

What is making you happy today?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. So pretty! Winter has returned to Texas and we are freezing. It made me smile to see these pretty touches in your home.

  2. The bright sunshine adds to the beauty! I'm happy to have my newsletter this morning! Love your lovely flowers and decor....I need to decorate some today too! Hugs, Diane

  3. I’m glad the sun made a showing but your festive table outshines!

  4. Ricki, your table are lovely. I am so glad you have some sunshine. It makes for a happy day. he flowers a re beautiful. Yummy scones and a cup of tea or coffee is wonderful. Loving your MC dishware.

  5. Very pretty. Love the tea pot with hearts. Just so cute.
    Happy Tuesday.

  6. It was so lovely to see your festive decor for the two back to back holidays. I am still sick, unfortunately, so I have not yet had the energy to pull out anything at all. I still have, what, about a week? �� Maybe I will in a few more days. Love your pick tray table in the background!

  7. I love all the color you are using throughout. The dining room is lovely with flowers and your runner. Love the cake tiers, gorgeous! You know I love all things Anthro and I adore the MH plate. Another favorite I see are your linens, I love RA's Shabby Chic patterns. They just make everything so much sweeter. Love the lemon runner and how you matched it with the Mardi Gras theme and added the MC's. Eveyting you do is gorgeous RJ.............

  8. Well, I'm pretty happy just looking at your blog! I love all the table decorations -- for both holidays! The mosaic on your one table is so beautiful and unique. And of course, I'm in love with your Paris/Eiffel plates! Yes, happy!

  9. Well, if garish is wrong, I don't want to be right! Tell that to MKC - that pitcher is gorgeous! I could eat those petit four candles, they look so real. And let's hear it for 1984 - let the haters hate, I like the glass top table. Those cake pedestals are great, and I'm betting you made those cake pedestals, and those serving tools are very cool.
    Have fun at your fetes on Valentine's Day!

  10. Well, this post is making me happy today! All your MKC pretties play so nicely with Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras! Your breakfast sounds lovely and the flowers are gorgeous! I didn't know about Bloom & Petal, I went to the website and pinned several arrangements to try and knock off, really creative flowers! I hate it when the holidays are so close, but you just have to do what you did, celebrate one in one room and one in another! You have so many beautiful and usual things!

  11. So pretty and festive! Love all the colors! I feel content. Glass tables are great for projects! I put my glass top on one of the patio tables outside. I use to have it on a pedestal and then on top of the dining room table, because they were the same size. Alas, the glass looks too modern in this house, so it is outside and prevents stuff falling through the patio table. I guess my point is versatility! xoxo Su


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