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Autumn Tablescape Inspired by Rosamunde Pilcher's September

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Happy Tuesday, My Lovelies!  I hope y'all had a fun and relaxing Labor Day Weekend.  I spent some time putting away the things of summer, and while I was at it, I decided to create a tablescape in our breakfast room inspired by one of my favorite books: September by Rosamunde Pilcher.  This is a loose interpretation as I tried to include the colors and textures depicted in the book.

Isn't this one of the most beautiful covers ever!
September is set in Rosamunde Pilcher's native Scotland.  In Scotland, September is a busy month socially because folks are trying to visit friends and loved ones and celebrate the end of summer  before the harsh Scottish winter sets-in with hunt balls, dinner parties, and dances.  This book begins on May 3rd and is basically about the preparations surrounding Katy Steynton's twenty-first birthday party scheduled for mid-September.  There's plenty of family drama and Scottish beauty in this classic novel first published in 1990.

All quotes below photos are from September.

"'Why not make it really countrified and seasonal?  Sheaves of ripe barley and branches of rowan.  Lovely red berries and those pretty leaves.  And the beeches will be turning as well.  We can soak the stems in glycerin and simply cover the tent-poles, make them look like autumn trees...'"

"Harvested fields were carpets of gold in the sunlight.  The Mercedes swept around the curve of the road and the village of Strathcroy came into view.  Lucilla saw the cluster of grey stone houses, smoke rising straight from chimney-pots, the tower of the church, the pleasing groups of ancient and shady beeches and oaks."

"On the west, overhanging the stream, grew gnarled elder, willows, and double-white cherries."

"'I shall drape myself in tartan and wear a hat with a feather.'  He laughed, but wryly.  'Unfortunately, it's not September all the year round.  All our friends live miles apart and the winters are long and dark.  Everybody hibernates.  I am so afraid that you would find it very dull.'"

"He stopped and turned, and saw a girl to whom he had not been formally introduced, but whom he knew to be Katy Steynton...She wore a dress of [pale blue] slipper satin in exactly the same shade as her eyes..."


Everything on the table is from Pier 1 except:

Tiny stone-colored stoneware votives:  Longaberger
Crystal wine hocks:  Lismore pattern by Waterford
Fluted luncheon plates:  Vintage MacKenzie-Childs

Are you fluffing your home for autumn yet?  If so, how?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I loved your Tablescape. Such perfect colours. I had never heard of tablescapes before, until I was introduced to it many years ago by my lovely American bloggy friends. So, now I do decorate the table for pumpkin time, Halloween and Christmas, and I have great fun doing that. I love all the Rosamund Pilcher books, and was lucky enough to meet her when she gave a talk in my home town of Plymouth, here in England, when she signed a copy of my book for me.

  2. Oh my. I need to read that book! Your tablescape is beautiful, but the quotes make it come alive.
    :) gwingal

  3. So beautiful! I love that you took your inspiration from the magical words in the book. :)

  4. Lovely interpretation! I have only done one or two little things: I changed our our everyday place settings to purple. I have set of dishes with grape clusters, and I call them my September dishes because that is the month the grapes are harvested. So there are deep purple round mats, chicken wire chargers, purple handled flatware, and purple and white gingham napkins made by me. The grape cluster pewter napkin rings are perfect. Yesterday I found some cool marble coasters at HL on clearance. I pulled out the old HL deep purple wine goblets, too. So that is about the extent of my nod to Fall so far. Still working on the garage/studio!

  5. Not yet, but moving in that direction. Autumn is a favorite season for me, but it's still a tad warm here in TX. '-) I'm a fan of Rosamunde Pilcher's books. Your table setting is beautiful and love the quotes. Great job, RJ!

  6. I love your literary inspiration and the quotes from the book woven through your photos! Your colors are lovely, and perfect for hot fall in the South! Your MKC plates are so delicious!

  7. I just love Rosamunde Pilcher's books and I read September years ago. This post is wonderful how you styled your photos to the quotes with your lovely items and Fall colors. I want to read September again now! I am still in summer mode here. I won't decorate for Fall until October.

  8. Beautiful fall tablescape and so smart how you translated the book quotes to your table! I'll have to add the book to my reading list.

  9. A beautiful tablescape and love the touches of aqua. Nice that you used the books wood for inspiration. Its so pretty.

  10. I have never read anything by Rosamunde Pilcher - more books for my list.

  11. Awesome interpretation RJ! Your MC table with the autumn touches is stunning, one of the pretties I've seen. I love the acorns and the napkins and the chargers are perfect here. I'm not familiar with this book so I'll read reviews. Have a lovely day........

  12. I haven't read Rosamund Pilcher in years. It's time I rediscovered her. Certainly I hope someone special is discovering your table (in person, not just here!) -- it's too gorgeous for just a blog!

    Right now I'm de-summering it! But I did put a colorful serape on the table and switch out pillows. Within a week or so, I'll probably be autumned up -- part of me is just dreading the end of summer so much I almost hate to do it!

  13. I can't see your comment here, but I saw somewhere that you asked me if Rosamund was nice. She was really delightful, and I agree, The Shellseekers was wonderful !


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