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Favorites on the First: Resolutions and Organizing

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Alison hosts Favorites on the First @ The Polohouse, and it's one of my favorite link parties.  This month is all about resolutions and organizing, but I really don't call them resolutions because it's bad juju: Instead I call them goals!  You can read my January goals here.  Most goals this year will focus on purging and organizing, so this month's Favorites on the First is *perfect* for me!

I'm already purging, and I started with old and new Christmas magazines (okay…so I admit that I'm starting small).  I decided to start organizing for Christmas 2014 by making plans in a SMASH Journal.  I use SMASH Journals all the time for organizing art projects, our home DIY projects, recipes, etc.  I truly do love them!  I love Pinterest, too, but sometimes you want to keep hard copies of things.  If you're new to smashing, please watch the following video:

I started with the SMASH holiday (Christmas) Pack:

This pack came with a pretty Christmas journal, a stamp, stickers, a quote folio, and other wonderful accessories.  All SMASH journals come with a handy fine point pen and glue stick.

What I did is sort through magazines and recipes.  I made pages for projects, recipes, and other ideas in the journal.  I have a few pages to remind me of Pinterest projects I want to try next year.  There are also pages for gift giving and card sending, too.  My plan is to start in the summer with projects and shopping.  I want everything done (but cooking, of course) before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the advent season appropriately.  

 photo 8bdbf48e-82ff-4c94-a2d6-8b8c2498ae45.jpg

Let's look at a few of my pages:

 photo e75944ee-7b3e-4db4-9858-41c6e7be0f02.jpg
Cute craft!  I love glitter.

 photo 84371e55-f709-4e7f-8792-924e92958645.jpg
I want to hang ribbons and ornaments from our dining room chandelier.

 photo 9c68d19b-90d7-4f29-95b8-1e419c682ae5.jpg
I could do this if I started early enough!  LOVE the wrapped books.

 photo e5e90745-ed37-4688-9bc6-d37727d706d8.jpg
Purple might seem like an unusual color choice for Christmas, but Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid.  Radiant colors have lots of white in them, by the way.

 photo cae0448d-de94-4fbc-981c-a83fca4b8dcb.jpg
This page is too cute to cover up, so I used a few of the SMASH envelopes to hold small things.

 photo 87c3582f-0198-474b-9b46-93589731b7e1.jpg
These candles are cute!

 photo 19cf0afd-c365-46f0-baea-df41696028c2.jpg

 photo 46f9df19-6e9f-4c92-bf27-e147a079c2d2.jpg
I like this idea for an advent calendar on the sideboard!

 photo cebbf60b-3ee8-40ed-9134-67ac8d5603c3.jpg
There are pages and plastic sleeves for recipes.  :D

 photo 86e93434-2fe9-4e2d-bf5f-aee538a698a0.jpg
Great gift idea for teachers and neighbors!

 photo 614afeac-c984-4532-873c-5e838260b612.jpg
 photo b8d12e77-b401-4dd8-98ff-1779c50c8921.jpg
This page is for my favorite Christmas websites.

 photo 1becba2f-8f8b-494e-ae60-f5a736c23953.jpg
There's even a section for New Year's Eve/Day!

I know, I know….you're sick of Christmas, and have spent most of the day putting your Christmas decor away.  Thanks for humoring me and looking at a few of my SMASH book pages.  You're the best!

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. I love this idea, and “Smash” is new to me. I love what you’ve done, looks like fun. Thanks for the introduction RJ. We are all ready for the game here. Roll Tide!

    The French Hutch

  2. I'm not sick of Christmas at all and it's always fun to look at cards and photos after the holiday. This is a Christmas smash journal? I have to look for one! How neat is that! Sweet hugs!

  3. Happy new year, sweet friend. I don't make resolutions either, just goals. xo Laura

  4. I love fun things like this that I can create with my hands and it has a useful purpose. Where do you find these kits. I'm not necessarily looking for Christmas...are there other categories?

    Keep up the good work, it's SO cute!


  5. You are so good at getting these books and keeping up. I am so bad at that. I can barely keep Quinn's school work up.

  6. I started a SMASH book last Christmas when we were in Kauai as a remembrance. I have no idea where it is now. I need to look for it and add some reminders of this Christmas.

    Love your photos and ideas.

  7. I commend you, for your planning! I'm not brave or strong enough, to follow you. ,-) But I say Hoooooray! for you!

    Oh and never apologize for blog content. Please. It's our blog. We get to post what we want. IMHO, anyway. :-)))


  8. I can;t believe that even your magazine clippings and ideas get the royal smash treatment and become works of art on their own! You are so inspiring!

  9. I love the idea of starting to plan Christmas now so that you're good and prepared ahead of time. I really should do the same since the last quarter of the year gets so busy for me at work.

  10. Now your talking! This is the year of oganization for me! Happy New Year Ricki.

  11. This must be a year of planning and on the top of my list is to declutter!
    Hope you have a great week...


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