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My Happy List: It's Christmas Eve!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Happy List

Welcome to My Happy List!  It's Christmas Eve, and I'm as excited as a little kid.  Please link-up your happy Christmas posts and share the *happy*.  Use the button coding above on your post or a link back to this post's URL.

My Happy List

1.   I rewrote my list this morning because of this:

 photo a957516a-fa3e-4916-8d27-0dd0503201ba.jpg

The sun is shining!!!  YAY!!!

After days and days of dreary, cloudy, rainy, and stormy days, we have *sun* Thank-you, Jesus!!!

2.   I love trying new things, and I learned how to can!!!  I truly did, and I want LOTS of bragging in comments!  ;P  Jolene is the expert, and she's encouraged me.  I used Jane's recipe for Persimmon Apple Butter, and I was so happy that it is delicious, and the canning method worked so I shouldn't kill anyone from botchalism.  :/

 photo 8d342992-2115-4a25-9130-cba62c94fd9f.jpg

 photo 52babc06-1a6e-42e3-88d0-8a883255908f.jpg

Jane says that the butter is great with salami, pickles, cheddar cheese, and crusty bread!  
I've tried it on oatmeal toast, and it's great!  I used equal parts apples, persimmons, and pears in mine.

3.   Speaking of learning something new....I cooked a clafloutis last night. Pronounced clā-floo-TEA, it's a French cake with fruit baked on top.  I'll share the book on recipe on Friday!

 photo 159c137e-8432-4f52-8049-980c65ab7cf5.jpg

4.   The Children's Christmas Pageant is @ 4:00 today, and I can't wait.  The little kids' excitement will definitely rub-off on me.  *squee*

5.   We have a naughty elf who keeps moving the cheetah ball Andrea sent me.  It's a mystery I intend on solving!

 photo 92c8f23e-1d18-4676-84b4-6e13bd3f49cb.jpg

At press time, it's hanging over the cross by the bookcase currently....

I'll be back on Friday for Literary Friday and a recipe.

Until next time...

Merry Christmas!
Ricki Jill


  1. Ricki Jill, we have beautiful sunshine here too and temps in the 30s. Lovely Christmas Eve weather. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Lots of hugs sent your way ~ Sarah

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family. Enjoy all of the holiday fun and that glorious sunshine! Holiday hugs, your buddy, Diane

  3. Welcome to the joy of canning! I just started this year, too (inspired by Kayla at Green Mountaon Couple). We need a pressure canner so we can make full meals and whatnot, but for now, jam rocks. I look forward to seeing what goodies you create (Pinterest is an excellent recipe resource). :)

    Also, pear clafoutis rocks! I heard clafoutis is the national dessert of France. And easy to make, too! We love it.

    Enjoy that sunshine, and happiness, and Merry Christmas to your whole family (scritchies for Bonnie, too)!

  4. Great list, Ricki Jill! Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family! God bless!

  5. Ricki Jill,
    The French cake with fruit on top looks so good. I'm glad to hear that you learned to can. I have always wanted to do this because there's nothing like homemade jam. Apple butter was one of my Dad's favorite, and I smiled when I read that you canned that too.

    Merry Christmas, Ricki Jill. May your home be filled with love and peace on this very special day. You are truly a favorite of mine in blogland.


  6. Merry Christmas Ricki Jill!!!
    It always amazing me of your whipping up kitchen fun!
    I need that to rub off on me ;)
    Enjoy your sun, thats all we have had here for weeks :(

  7. Happy Christmas Eve! You have so much to be happy about, and I wish I had your motivation/creativity!

  8. Merry Christmas Ricki Jill! Congrats for trying new things!

  9. hee hee hee.....I so wanted to make apple butter this year, but never got to it!

  10. Hi Ricki! It's my 4th Xmas in the blogosphere and likewise, my 4th Xmas of reading your ever wonderful blog. Wishing you more happiness and years in the blogosphere. Congratulations on your new ventures!

  11. Hi Ricki! I don't know if my last comment was submitted. :)

    It's my 4th Xmas in the blogosphere and likewise, 4th Xmas reading your blog :) Merry Xmas and wishing you more Xmas here. Enjoy your holidays with your family. Congratulations on your new ventures.

  12. Oh my, the French cake looks yumo! YAY for you canning! I am so proud of you and what a beautiful gift. I know you probably enjoyed the Children's Christmas Pageant. I love the fact you have someone naughty in your house. It sounds like a lot of fun. Merry Christmas!

  13. Merry Christmas to you and yours! :)

  14. I made a pear clafouti a few years ago - but it didn't look as tasty as yours! I loved all of your photos in your last post!..Your little tree is adorable - I especially like your ribbon (did you buy it recently?) Hope you had a nice Christmas!

  15. loved this:)
    thank you for sharing it with us1!!
    hope you had an amazing day


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