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Merry Christmas from Our Home to Yours

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Please play video while reading post.

"Somewhere In My Memory"
John Williams
Home Alone soundtrack

 photo 8d280118-d0b5-407f-919d-7cfda2c0f9dd.jpg

 photo a6a640d4-5673-4d5c-a6b8-71d1656f30ec.jpg

 photo b4ce5630-6569-432a-98f9-df3e4f8247fc.jpg

 photo 4e4c3394-23d5-499d-bb0c-9b2862448b7d.jpg

 photo 865f1855-8468-4963-ac11-c83ed2a055cc.jpg

 photo e5f9ce96-708c-42d4-ab28-d932878d15d5.jpg

 photo 1596e284-d358-4d46-9551-cce871e0b286.jpg

 photo b13c45f3-b7c3-40a0-93d9-f69dedede718.jpg

 photo 5a6f2f10-c1b9-4ce7-a30f-7676d021393c.jpg

 photo eb1ecc6b-d20c-48b1-b261-543c94b075c2.jpg

 photo 1f8622ad-ec8d-4b59-a0c6-adda6c0a8056.jpg

 photo 007cf836-a6b7-44f9-ac46-17ce901b61b4.jpg

 photo 56d7031f-3a9f-4b47-8805-ab9fc8b0874d.jpg

 photo c6867291-f41f-43aa-8276-ad14cf8c1a27.jpg

 photo dedc1160-5a09-42a8-b1ab-51ef9e1c0263.jpg

 photo b97552f0-ad7b-424d-92b2-9900d332f5df.jpg

 photo abc5a322-0772-4f43-ad5f-33f6ecd6109a.jpg

 photo 523bd846-b1fd-4226-86c5-b3e90c34e93d.jpg

 photo 3776fb0a-3940-4ae3-9770-0c1b01e97306.jpg

 photo a1000c91-d4cf-49c5-b729-77e1e7a2c5a5.jpg

 photo f11becf4-90a4-4c04-83f6-db6dbca58f02.jpg

 photo 73700081-0a16-495a-9d82-a35cf8e0d028.jpg

 photo cc0f4cc6-1ad0-48eb-8a8d-0db56ab01258.jpg

 photo 2979564a-a41d-421c-8baf-653423d492d7.jpg

 photo ea694979-8acc-4d59-b6a9-f34cc070434f.jpg

 photo 80f30a47-70eb-4b27-af27-ecedfe26490f.jpg

 photo d49ad364-5468-4bdd-a1ef-10539c22fb5e.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tour!  Our home is small, so there's no room for a large Christmas tree.  We decorate with the space we have!  

Happy Fourth Sunday of Advent!

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Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh my, everything is so pretty, Ricki Jill! I have never seen blue-wrapped Kisses before, but they are perfect!

  2. I would love to drop by for a real visit to see your beautiful decor up close and personal.

    Thanks for the musical accompaniment on the virtual tour.

    Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.

  3. Just beautiful! Merry Christmas. :)

  4. Ricki Jill, each image makes me smile. Love the way you add touches of Christmas sparkle to your home. I'm off to pin some of your ideas for inspiration for next Christmas.
    Enjoy your day! ~ Sarah

  5. We all work with what space we have this time of the year, and your space is PERFECT! Love the stacked cookie photo! XOX Happy Holiday Season!

  6. The size of the home does not count, it is what is filled in the home and my dear sweet RJ, you have the spirit and love filled in your home as well as warmth and friendliness. What a beautiful Christmas Tour Post!

  7. Everything looks so beautiful!! Merry Christmas to ya'll!!

  8. Everything looks so happy as it always is chez toi! I love it.
    I want to wish you a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. Best wishes RJ. I am going to sign off for the next few days but I wanted to drop in and wish you the best my southern friend.

  9. It's all so pretty. I love all the floral patterns and how they mix so well! So beautiful. Merry Christmas, RJ, and your family too. Excellent photos!

  10. Oh my word I most certainly DID enjoy your beautiful Christmas tour post!!!! WOW!

    I just love your festive spirit - and your pictures are so bright and cheerful, I am still smiling!

    Thanks so much - what a fun "trip" I had visiting your lovely home!

    A very merry Christmas and blessed new year to you and yours. Enjoy!

  11. What wonderfully festive decor! You have decked the halls beautifully! Merry Christmas to you and your family, my friend. Blessings to you!

  12. You have simply beautiful Christmas decorations. and your home must be beautiful, beautiful... Perhaps some time in the new year, you could give us a photo tour of your lovely home....? Please... :-))))

    Happy Christmas,
    'Here there be musing' blog

  13. Beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all your Christmas decor.

    Merry Christmas Ricki!

  14. Charming, whimsical, and I know there are tasty things to eat! Who could want for more?
    Blessed Christmas to you, Ricki Jill.

  15. Ricki Jill,

    Such a fun and festive Christmas tour of your lovely home! All your special touches for the season are happy and made me smile! Thanks for that!

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


  16. Um, I did not see the Cheetah ball this time! ;) I love it all Ricki Jill, so beautiful! Have a wonderful holiday!

  17. Your home photos are always bright and airy- it doesn't seem small at all! I am a fan of not having a huge tree, and I like that yours is on a table, instead of the ground (easy access to pressies!).
    Merry Christmas! :D

  18. That was lovely, RJ! I truly enjoyed the tour!

  19. Your Christmas decorations are lovely. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday this week.

  20. Love the aprons. I decided that I'm getting a Christmas apron next year.

    Merry Christmas!


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