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My Happy List: Christmas Preparations

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Happy List

Good Morning, My Lovelies!  Welcome to My Happy List!!!  Please grab my button coding for your post, link-up, and read everyone's Happy List posts!

I have a short little list this week as I've been busy preparing for Christmas!

My Happy List

1.   Do you know what week it is?  It's #ChristmasCookies Week!!!

Fresh baked cookies ready for Christmas make me so happy!  Most of the cookies I'm sharing this week are freezer-friendly recipes.  I enjoyed spending time with my college baby baking cookies for us to enjoy during Christmas.  Spending time with my girls make me so happy!

 photo a541e579-801a-433b-9fa6-936d49cc0692.jpg

Our Christmas aprons got a workout last week!

I hope you'll read my posts this week and visit the other ladies participating in Christmas Cookie Week!

2.   I made my first ever advent wreath.  Instead of having Sunday School, we made wreaths!

 photo 23fa7770-5db4-4a33-9a80-c7c9273aa4a1.jpg

The advent wreath has three blue candles and one pink candle.  Some folks replace the blue ones with purple ones.

3.   I really have a good handle on my Christmas shopping.  I have a few things I ordered on Cyber Monday that are still out, but otherwise my shopping is done!  YAY!!!

4.   Mom hosted Thanksgiving, and I wanted to share her Thanksgiving and Christmas decor with you. My mom's style is very formal, but she still likes fun, silly things, too, like The Chipmunks!

 photo 4808f760-2325-4f98-a3ad-f6edba80bce6.jpg

My mom's Thanksgiving table.  The turkey cookies at each place setting served as place cards.

 photo ee525272-5417-4cb8-95b7-ecd101c7c40c.jpg

 photo e222deba-7ad0-4780-b4da-af76270f8613.jpg

I love her ceramic pumpkin collection.

 photo c7c52ebc-5f37-4c7b-b5bb-f41a88e71150.jpg

Simon dressed up warmly for the holidays

 photo 92d58464-78cd-4851-a411-9a656aaf7b9c.jpg

5.  I'm very happy with our simple Christmas decor this year.  Nothing really new…and we went with pale poinsettias this year.

 photo ea694979-8acc-4d59-b6a9-f34cc070434f.jpg

Christmas bowls clutter the kitchen countertops.

 photo 04dfbd87-f896-4229-9a05-74dc7cea776f.jpg

Shiny for the mantel

 photo 708650a7-b045-41b2-b041-e11f01d4e588.jpg

Pale poinsettia

 photo b97552f0-ad7b-424d-92b2-9900d332f5df.jpg

Vintage ornaments in a serving bowl

 photo 3776fb0a-3940-4ae3-9770-0c1b01e97306.jpg

More Shiny Brites in a muffin pan

What's making you happy this week?  Please share!

Until next time…

Ricki Jill     


  1. Love love those vintage ornaments!! Beauties. I think the best part of baking is when you get to bake with your family. REally special.

  2. Always love shiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))))))

  3. The ornaments are so pretty.

    I have an obsession with unique bowls. Very nice!!!

    Your mom's table was cute with the whimsical decor, and welcoming to young people.

  4. So much happiness going on at your house!

    I will be happy at the end of today when the house is decorated. And, I will be happy the entire time I am decorating and listening to my favorite Christmas tunes.

  5. Yay for decorating for the holidays. I'm hoping to get mine done this weekend.

  6. Your mom's Thanksgiving table is very pretty. Now I know where you got your talent from. Beautiful Christmas decorations!...Christine

  7. Yay! Christmas Cookie week is well-timed, as I need a cutout cookie recipe for a few parties I'm attending, and I don't want just plain old sugar cookies.

    I love your vintage ornaments-on-table concepts! Lovely. :D

  8. I love your Mom's table too! How nice you could spend Thanksgiving with her and to bake cookies with your girlies. LOVE shiny brites, RJ and they look lovely in your bowl/muffin pan. Pale poinsettias are a good choice! Great happy list!

  9. I love your pretty towels and that cute Simon....oh and your shiny brites! Enjoy your evening my friend!

  10. I pretty much love everything Christmas, it gives me a good feeling to look around and see all the decorations, I would bake too if only I had someone to bake for............

  11. I am so visiting the cookie week. I love it. Your Mom's table is very nice. I love her turkey pumpkin. It is so adorable. Your decorations are great. I am so happy you had a great time with the girls.

  12. looks simple and lovely.
    Have a happy holiday with your girls.
    Lucky you, all done with your shopping ;)

  13. Your Moms table looks wonderful and I love those red aprons. Now I have to say that Simon has to come to my house, he looks sooo cute.

  14. I need to do a happy list! Love these!

  15. I'm obviously late arriving, but a visit to Art @ Home always makes me happy!


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