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My Happy List: Big and Little Blessings

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Happy List


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Good morning, My Lovelies!  It's Tuesday, and time for My Happy List!

I have so much to be happy about and thankful for today, but first, did you notice the photo at the top of my sidebar?  Click on it and enter my 1,000th post giveaway!  :D

My Happy List

1.   My beautiful friend Lisa came home from the hospital on Friday!  She went into the emergency room on August 17, so she was there for two months and one day.  Lisa fought breast cancer (and won) over 11 years ago.  She's fighting it again now, and I'm putting my money on Lisa, not cancer.  I cooked for her and her family yesterday (chicken and dumplings, salad, and chocolate chip cookies). I'm so happy that Lisa's home!

I met Lisa in college.  She was one of my pledge sister's roommates Freshman year, and she dated one of mr. Art @ Home's fraternity brothers.  We reconnected as PTA volunteers at our children's elementary school.

2.   I have been a busy bee preparing something special in the dining room for Halloween.  Here are a couple of hints:

Any ideas????    ;P

Fun Halloween projects make me very happy!

3.   I've also been painting like a maniac.  Here is a sneak-peek at an {almost} finished painting:

 photo 1cea8888-ccd2-4999-95c3-adecc186ba6c.jpg

4.   Chocolate chip cookies make everyone happy!  These are going to Lisa's teenage sons.  I hear that teenage boys eat a lot!

 photo 1332ed88-a960-41c5-9b8d-6411ea07eeba.jpg

5.   Have you ever seen Fobots?  I think they're too dang cute.  I want one! Check out their Facebook page here.

Cute eCard!

6.   Finally, Happy 21st Birthday to Shanley Belle!  

 photo fb6eea86-02db-4b11-8a6e-bd26c2e9cad2.jpg

Shanley Belle and Charles
I usually get Shanley Belle a Fobot calendar for Christmas every year.  She loves them, too!

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Those Fobots are adorable... love them! Have a happy week :)

  2. I am so happy for your friend and you RJ. Certainly a good choice for the top of your happy list!

  3. I have tears (actual tears) in my eyes for Lisa! I am sooo HAPPY with your first and should be first on your Happy List. I am sure her family was Happy you took care of dinner for them as well as their son. Your daughter is such a beauty.I am excited to see what you are doing for Halloween. It looks great. **SQUEAL WITH ABSOLUTE DELIGHT** I am excited about the painting! I think it looks great!! Someone is going to be very happy. ;)

  4. Wishing your friend Lisa all the best!!
    Those cookies look delicious, Ricki Jill! I'm sure Lisa's boys are going to LOVE them! :)
    And I'm very excited to see what you do with your Halloween decorating ideas! I'm living vicariously through you this year... because my house is turned upside down for painting, I don't think there's any point in digging out my decorations this year. So disappointing!

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited to see your Halloween decor when you get it done!

    That makes me sad for your friend, but I have faith that she'll beat it again! She looks beautiful and strong!

    Oh my goodness, look how grown up Shanley is! She is BEAUTIFUL, seriously stunning. You make pretty daughters Ricki, just like their momma!

  6. Shanley is adorable . . . I have never seen a Fobot . . . no more baking for me - trying to lose the oatmeal cookies and bread that have attached themselves to my body . . . Lisa sounds like my next door neighbor Judy who has fought ( and won) cancer 4 times - ATTITUDE is everything.

  7. What a nice list! I'm happy your friend is home.

    And Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

    I love the painting too.

  8. Good for Lisa! And I am so happy that you and she reconnected and have had each other for this time. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Love your painting and I can't wait to see what you have brewing in your dinning room.


  9. I am happy for Lisa. I am adding her to my prayer list. I hate cancer with a passion. Your painting is wonderful and I want you to know that I think you are a GOOD soul! xo Diana

  10. Great happy list, RJ! I'm so glad to hear your friend, Lisa, is doing well.

  11. So happy for your friend. That's wonderful that's she's home!
    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! Hope she had a fantastic birthday!

  12. I have never seen nor heard of Fobots...what fun! Happy for your happiness!

  13. I like your happy list, the first one would make anyone happy

  14. I wish your friend the best of luck in beating the cancer. I also wish your daughter a very happy birthday.

  15. So happy for your friend, Ricki Jill and a special happy birthday to Shanley Belle. Gorgeous just like her mom. xo Laura

  16. Hopefully will join your fun linky party one day! I found you through Gina from Random Thoughts from an Incoherent Mind!

    I am so happy your beautiful friend is back home, hope she kicks cancer's buttocks - glad she's a fighter. The dinner you made them sounds wonderful - true comfort foods!

  17. Happy birthday (belated) to Shanley Belle. Love the photo of her.


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