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Favorites on the First: Favorite Art

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy June, everyone!  It's rare that I'm actually happy a month is history, but I can honestly say that I'm happy to have May in the past.

If it's the first, then it's time for Favorites on the First with Alison @ The Polo House.

This month it's all about art.  :D  We do have quite an art collection because we love it and have artists in the family.  It was difficult choosing my favorites, so I limited this post to paintings only.

 photo bc597d3d-4a31-4c15-a20a-7d978ce3d32f.jpg

Pecan Picking
Clementine Hunter
You can read about Clementine Hunter here.

Clementine Hunter was an American folk artist from Louisiana.  Provenance is very important when collecting her art as there are some fakes on the market.  My mother in law bought art directly from the artist in the 1960s. She visited Melrose plantation and bought them there, and not from a gallery. You can see our other Clementine Hunter painting on my Kitchen Reveal post.

 photo 0ce895d1-5b2a-4957-99a9-3681d0aca4ee.jpg

Lake Como
Janet Tillery
You can read about Janet Tillery here.

Janet Tillery likes working her oils with a palette knife.  She is a local artist, and I admire the loose quality in her work.

 photo 2a44af50-8b54-4d0d-bc69-0d4abe5d8f2d.jpg

Low Tide
Ann Smith

This is the first piece of art my husband and I bought at The Harpeth Gallery in Nashville when we were first married.

 photo 37a0917a-1153-4d69-a41c-062489fbcdd9.jpg

Swan Valley Barn
Rehle Higham
You can read more about Rehle Higham here.

I love this landscape with the Tetons in the background.  We've actually driven through Swan Valley, and we've seen this particular barn with the bison grazing beside it.  This is a plein air painting.

 photo 4bf08b2b-f10d-4ff8-af0e-5b8264883e65.jpg

Three in a Row
Susan Westwood
You can read more about Susan Westwood here.

Susan Westwood is a Colorado artist.  She likes painting scenes around the Beaver Creek area as well as the English countryside.  She paints on artist board after painting the entire board red, which pops through in areas of her paintings.  I love that technique.

 photo a6ce07fa-c74b-469c-b850-19d5743f3966.jpg

Dori DeCamillis
You can read more about Dori DeCamillis here.

Dori is my art teacher.  Everything I know about painting in oils I learned from her.  The above piece mixes Japanese and French Baroque designs, and I think they work well together!  The center panel's tulip is painted on copper, and the ceramic tiles surrounding it were made and painted by Dori.

 photo 32ddc7ba-6aa3-41b7-8323-6f2fc040de82.jpg

Glass and Metal Study
Ricki Jill Treleaven
{that's me!}

Artist often keep paintings (even unfinished ones) as a visual journal of sorts. Not my best painting, Glass and Metal Study taught me so much about painting glass and metal, and the importance of reflections on metal.  I'm keeping it as a reminder of how much one small painting can teach an artist.

 photo 6d8518e6-ef5a-4d8e-9fc0-effe8d5bae67.jpg

Ball Jar Bounty
Ricki Jill Treleaven

This is one of my more recent paintings.  I like the pastels and turquoise blues in it.

You can see more of my art by linking to my art page above.

I did notice one thing when writing this post: We collect landscapes, yet I rarely paint them.  Interesting.

Thank-you, Alison, for hosting Favorites on the First!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh sweet Ricky Jill..I too love ALL your paintings too! I wanted to choose one, but really, they're all my style, I would have brought them home too! I specially love your J. Tillery and S. Westwood ones, just lovely! I just added Alejandro's grandfather's oil portrait, because he is quite famous as his uncle artist is. I don't know if you saw the girls painting which was painted by a boy with his mouth? Thanks for coming, I'm gonna check yours again!

  2. Ricki Jill, it's fun to see some of your art collection. Ours is very eclectic, but I notice that we started buying mostly still life, then moved to figural work. In between, we bought a few landscapes. My husband has added a few pieces of abstract art. I can appreciate it, but it doesn't speak to me like other art does. You've collected some nice work. I find it a privilege to live with original art. I admire your talents as an artist! ~ Sarah

  3. I love them, but I really like your floral. For one, I love blues.

    I mostly have hand-painted art too. Some of our best friends are artists. I use to paint and under-painted red. My daughter paints now. I also believe in supporting artists.

    Small paintings are often reasonable, or I'll find something from someone lesser known. I don't know if people realize that. Buying a print, framed at full-price can be more than a real painting.

  4. GREAT art work- I must say that my favorite is the very last one- you did a remarkable job- I forget how talented you are- xo Diana

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my blog. I am not an artist and this is really my first attempt to do a painting. LOL. Thanks to Fabby, she recommended that I link to Alison at the Polo House. Glad I did.. You certainly do have some great art pieces here. I am familiar with Clementine Hunter and I do enjoy this type of art. Guess I would have to say that the first painting is a big hit with me.
    Thanks again, for stopping by and thank you for your sweet compliment..

  6. Ricki Jill,
    You not only have amazing talent yourself, but you have such an eye for wonderful art from others. Such a nice collection.

  7. You have so many beautiful paintings. The ball jar used to be my favorite painting you did until you posted this. I love the glass and metal piece.

  8. Hi Ricki Jill!

    As I was scrolling down and reading each tidbit of info, I could not help but think, "oh I hope she will share some of her paintings too!"
    And then you DID! Yay!
    What wonderful pieces you have, and I too collect landscapes, and then have four or five portraits too. I am drawn to landscapes though -- more than anything else. They make me want to climb into a painting and go to that place!

    YOUR silver candlestick is AWESOME! Your glass is wonderful too, but you nailed the reflections in the silver. I cannot even imagine ever trying to do that! Excellent job. I think you know my mom paints all day, three days a week at 80 years old. I hope I one day find the time to take up painting too. Something I have always wanted to do but never seem to find the time.

    I know how difficult it is though, have taken classes through the years but got discouraged! So I reallllly appreciate paintings. So much control and patience and practice involved. Painting what you truly see -- not what you know.

    You are such an amazing artist and I am so thrilled you came by to show everyone your fantastic piece!


  9. LOVE your newest one too --- the Ball Jar Bounty.
    It is stunning.

  10. Oh my, your glass and metal study is EXQUISITE JILL! I do believe we have "met" before in Blogland and I just wanted to thank you for coming by to visit my post! Your westie is precious as can be! And your celebration of art is splendid. Have a wonderful JUNE! Anita

  11. Love the glass and metal study....that is hard to paint! Love the one also of the pretty roses and the blue canning jar. I love your new header too!

  12. You are such a talented artist...I love the pink roses! And Low Tide is beautiful! I could sit and look at it for hours!

  13. Those last two paintings are absolutely gorgeous! You're so talented.

  14. Love these, they are really soo lovely!

  15. What a great tour. I love the landscapes you bought, especially the Ann Smith one and I love your metal and glass piece. I am so impressed with how you made the metal shine like that. Both materials are so difficult to paint and you totally mastered them.

  16. Your art collection is a very lovely one.
    But I adore your own works of art. They are so soft and you capture the light and images perfectly.
    We started just this year collecting...I love simple sketches.

  17. You're an AMAZING artist! :) I love them!!


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