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My Happy List: Looking Forward to Fun!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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We've been so busy with end of the school year activities and appointments. I think that next year I'll make our annual check-up and physical appointments when school's out in June.....because there are always so many activities at the end of the year.  Why does that happen?  There have been way too many activities crammed into these last three weeks of school.

My Happy List

1.   The next three weeks will be filled with horse shows and pool parties.  *squee*  Summer is almost here!  So happy!

2.   There is a new book release I want to share with you:  Lynn Kurland's latest was released today, and if you haven't read any of Lynn's books, you are a loser!  (LOL just kidding....) Seriously, Lynn is the very best romance writer out there.  Her stories are amazing, and I'm so happy about Lynn's new book!  Check it out next time you're at the book store or library.

3.   I finally found the perfect little espresso cups for my Nespresso machine. YAY!  I ordered them from An Angel At My Table.  I ordered them on a Thursday, and they arrived the following Monday: all the way from England! :D  I got a great deal on the set, and they fit my Nespresso Pixie perfectly. Happy!

I like the little blue stripes on the cups!

4.   Shanley Belle (my oldest daughter) will be taking her last final exam this afternoon. Although she'll be going to summer school, we'll still get to see more of her the next month or so. YAY!  SO HAPPY to spend time with the big sis!

5.   Look at the adorable tag Linda @ Random Creativity sent me!  I commented on how much Shelley would love it, and she sent it to me! Bloggy friends are the best, aren't they!  The tag made Shelley's day, and she put it on the French memo board in the library.

 photo c4918a12-3cc7-4950-9535-cc2d09606a30.jpg

What's making you happy today?  Please link-up some happiness here. This is a link party!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh no I am in trouble...I love everything at An Angle at my Table, thanks for introducing me to a new shop and those cups are perfect!

    Yahoo on Summer arriving, the girls and I went shopping this weekend to get them summer clothes, we had so much fun. And I am so glad you will have a compleat family for a month. Very exciting.

    Great Happy list!

  2. I really like the blue stripe crockery of England, I think of my grandma,
    sounds like a busy house you have, busy is good,

  3. The book sounds great! I'm reading a couple right now. LOOK AGAIN by Lisa Scottonline and LOVE in Plain Sight by Debbie Macomber. The first one you can stop reading!! Love that cute mug too, it caught my eye immediately! Have a great week dear friend.

  4. Beautiful reasons to be happy!! :) And thank you for the book suggestion, it's been a long time since I read a good romance, so I will check this author out!
    Have a great day, Ricki Jill :)

  5. You only have 3 more weeks of school left! wow! lucky you!

    I know what you mean about end of the year madness ... really it is getting ridiculous, we are just as busy.

    Hope Shanley Belle's exam goes well today!

    PS. cute cups!

  6. You do have so much to be happy about, I can feel the excitement in your words. I love the espresso cups, that is fast service from England! Abby is finishing up school as well but of course there are always summer classes. She has so much energy! I'm wishing Shanley all the best with her exams!


  7. That tag is adorable! Bloggy friends rock. :)
    And yay for spending more time with Shanley Belle this summer....I hope y'all get some breathing room in, despite the business of the end of the school year. It always seems (even not being in school anymore, and not having kids) like May is the ramping up of activities- there are always so many things going on, May to September, that I feel like I can't to everything I want to, even if I had the energy to. It must be a biproduct of the sun.
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. The tag is just adorable! How sweet of her. I still haven't read anything by this author but I want to. I requested a couple of her books at the library but when they came in they were the old timey paperbacks with tiny writing that I can't read! lol I need to look for one at the bookstore or get one on my Nook! Enjoy these busy weeks! Kids grow up so fast!

  9. REomance? What is this romance you speak of (hee hee hee). So now the secret is out on how you fit so much into one week...espresso! Blog friends are making me happy today!

  10. Yay for horse shows and pool parties! I want to have a pool party! I also love your little machine, yum for ways to have coffee.

  11. Three weeks left of school??? Lucky Ducky! The boys have to go until June 3rd. Your summer sounds fun!

    I will have to check your author out at the library since I am a loser. LOL :P

    How fun for the new cups and yes, they are cute. What a sweet bloggie friend you have. I am so glad Shelley received something special. Have fun with your girls.

  12. Those cups are adorable.

    I've been fighting with my Keurig. It keeps getting plugged somehow and not giving me my precious coffee.

  13. You have good reason to be happy! The rolled omelette recipe you shared made us very happy :-)

  14. I’m so ready for summer too Ricki jill. Your book looks like a good read for summer. I am sure you can’t wait to have more time with your girls as soon as they are out of school. How I love summer, just thinking about it makes me happy!

    The French Hutch


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