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Happy Birthday to *me*

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Open Letter to Mr. Art @ Home:

Pssst!  Hello!!!, like, forgot my birthday.  I know that it's been a suckish week for us both, very difficult and emotional.

But this letter is to let you know that I have you covered 'cause I'm taking myself shopping today.

I'm sure I'll have LOTS to confess Friday!  ;P

Your loving wife,
Ricki Jill

PS:  I'm "here to help."   ;P

To my Blog Friends:

Methinks I shall have either this one:

Or this one!

They are Om paper vases from Anthropologie.  What do you think?  Pink or blue????

Today is also National Prayer Day.  I know someone who needs your prayers today.  Please refer to the first letter!  ;P

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ricki Jill! Yep, your hubby totally needs some prayers today ;)

    I think you should go for the pink one as it would look amazing in your new kitchen. May the rest of your birthday week be wonderful.

  2. O dear! He forgot your birthday ... hope he is going to make up for it :)

    I love the blue one, pick the blue one :)

    And Happy Birthday!

  3. Have them both since it's your birthday ;) My favorite color is blue so my perception will be biased. Though I think the pink will work out because it seems to project a more neutral color to complement the colorful flowers.

    Happy Birthday to one of the persons I admire in the blogosphere. You have always been one of my inspirations for a happy life Ricki! May God continue to bless you and your family. I hope you inspire other bloggers too.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I like the pink bag.

    Please Pray that it will be sunny and NOT snowing next Wednesday. That is Kindergarten Field Day and I need it to be nice. Thanks.

  5. Ha!!! Oh this is too good!! I am showing this one to my husband when he gets home.... :)
    Happy Birthday RJ!! I hope you have a wonderful time shopping and treat yourself to a lovely lunch. Bonne fĂȘte!

  6. Happy Birthday! Hugs... A shopping trip will be fun.

  7. Happy birthday!! Oh no didn't the girls remind him? And how can those be vases?

  8. Happy Birthday Ricki Jill! It would have been my mother's 89th birthday today. Enjoy your day. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  9. Happy Birthday Ricki Jill!! I hope you spoil yourself rotten shopping today :) As for which one to pick - both are so neat, but I really love the blue! ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful day... and that your husband remembers. lol!

  10. Ricki Jill,
    Happy Birthday! I find that shopping for myself works really well, I'm never disappointed in the present! :-)
    Enjoy your day.

  11. Oh, decisions! It's your birthday ~ why not get both! '-)
    Happy Birthday, dear friend. Hope it's a lovely day filled with much joy. ~ Sarah

  12. OH NO! I love your sense of humor dealing with this Ricki Jill. We both know Tripp must have had had his mind on some pretty serious stuff to forget your special day. I think he will thank you for taking yourself shopping and I’m sure you could buy anything today and not get into any trouble!!! Anything from Anthro will clear his name, and make you happy. We have a lot in common going to that place! Sweet Ricki Jill, I’m sending you a big hug and wishes for a wonderful day and know your sweetheart will come through with anything you want.


  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :D
    I hope it's filled with color and laughter and love. And I'd go with the blue one, but that's just because I prefer tall vases, and not-subtle color contrasts.

  14. Happy Birthday sweet friend! I'm sure you are out and about as I write this! I thought of the movie, Family Man when he forgets the 'annibersary'! heehee! I hope you're having TONS of fun and eating cake for lunch! Sending you LOTS of birthday hugs sweet one!

  15. Happy Birthday!! At my age hubby is better off not reminding me!

    I like the pink vase...I didn't know what it was at first!


  16. Happy Birthday, Ricki Jill!!! Ummm...I think that you could DIY both of those vases and have a pink AND a blue then spend the $200 on something else. My husband forgot my birthday not too long ago and I ended up getting lots more out of his guilt than I would have if he had not forgotten.

  17. Happy Birthday to you sweet lady, and since I forgot/didn't know...get yourself a little something extra (put it on Mr. Art's tab) Those vases are soooo cool!

  18. Happy birthday! I vote pink vase. :)

  19. Happy Birthday lovely lady, pink would be my choice!

  20. Happy Birthday sweetie! I'm in shock!! Mr. Art must have really been ill, he never does this! I'm running late too, gosh, cannot believe it's May, much less May2!!Hope your day was fabulous and I think you should celebrate the rest of the week!!

  21. Happy Birthday, Ricki Jill! Hope it has been a wonderful day for you!

  22. Happy Birthday! And mine is next week! Mine falls way to close to Mother's Day, sometimes on it so I feel cheated. I took my husband shopping today. He carried the bags. That was for my birthday, new sofa pillows that actually work together because I enlisted the help of a young woman working there on displays. Now no hodgepodge of pillows!

    The box of caladium bulbs that came yesterday--instead of the generic bulbs my husband usually buys--were my Mother's Day present. Check.

    The stack of books I ordered online from a used book site that will dribble in for weeks? Those will be for Bastille Day! I can always find a holiday to celebrate.

    Okay, here's where I admit there must be something wrong with me? Too much of a generation gap? Or am I just a style dummy? Those paper vases? If that's what you want but I'll have to reserve final judgment until I see how you use them.

    But many happy returns--on your birthday, not the vases!

  23. Happy birthday! I hope you treated yourself to to a nice meal while you were out doing your husband's shopping. It's very considerate of you to take that chore off his shoulders!

  24. Happy Birthday a day late! I hope you found lots of treats for yourself and that the Mr. did beg a bit to be forgiven! Sorry you had a stressful week.

  25. Happy happy birthday pretty girl! Sorry I'm late, I love your face! Also I'm back so we can work on your blog design whenever you are ready. :)

    Love you!

  26. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you enjoyed it and had a good time shopping. :o)

  27. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you got exactly what you wanted. ;)

  28. Happy Birthday Ricki Jill! I like Sarah's suggestion and Mr. Art @ Home will be relieved that you've helped him in the shopping department I'm sure! Go ahead and fill them with flowers too :)


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