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My Happy List: The Trifecta of Happy

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Mr. Art @ Home and I love mid-March.  From the Ides of March through the end of the month, we are super-busy with activities and fun (including spring break).

But what is the trifecta, you may ask?  

The trifecta is March 17, March 18, and March 19!

My Happy List

1.   March 17

We love celebrating St. Patrick's Day, and Shanley Belle and her boyfriend Charles came home to celebrate.  So happy to spend time with them!

2.   March 18

My grandmother's birthday is March 18.  This year she turned 93.  Happy Birthday, Big Mama!!!  My Big Mama always makes me happy. Unfortunately we had to cancel her party yesterday due to the severe storms here in Alabama, but we will celebrate within the week.  :D

3.   March 19

Happy Anniversary to me and Mr. Art @ Home!  This year we're celebrating our silver wedding. I can't believe it's been 25 years!  I love you, babe!

I hope that we can enjoy our anniversary.  We will be meeting at Shelley's school today to literally beg for services she needs in order to be successful at school.  We will also request {again} that they implement all the services in her IEP.  As some of you know, Shelley has mild CP, and she struggles in school.  This year she has also had to endure bullying.  Please think about us today at 2PM CDT as we meet (for the third time this school year) with *many* teachers and administrators at her school.  There are a couple of folks who will be present who are good educators, and I hope and pray that they will try to do the right thing.   I could also use your prayers.  If you would pray for us to communicate clearly to the school so we're competent advocates for Shelley.  But more importantly pray for Shelley.  She is a sweet young lady, and the school is destroying her spirit.


Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I see you do have a busy end of March schedule RJ. It’s always nice when our children are able to visit from college. Happy Birthday to your grandmother. Yesterday’s storms were terrible here, certainly best to reschedule your party for a nice day. I certainly will have you and Tripp in my thoughts and prayers as you meet with the school teachers and administrators on behalf of Shelley. And most certainly I will have your sweet Shelley in my prayers!
    And, wishing you and Tripp a wonderful silver wedding anniversary.......

    The French Hutch

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! I'm wishing you many more years of happy marriage. And I'm praying for your meeting today. I know how much it means to you...and how much your girls mean to you! Sweet hugs!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! We have a similar trifecta at our house with my daughter and mother in law's birthday.

    I will pray like crazy for you guys today. It breaks my heart to see kiddos struggling in school. I know we have a long road with my son and so far all of our teachers and admin have been wonderful. Good Luck!

  4. That is a trifecta. :) Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby.

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a great 3 days you had and have every year.

    I tried to make St. Patty's day special this year, green pancakes and some scrumbptious cupcakes.

    I will be thinking about you today and praying for you. How about wendsday or Friday for coffee? Let me know...I want to know how this all turns out and if I need to go put a smack down on some people ;)

    Gigantic comforting confidence filling Hugs

  6. I will be most definitely sending positive and good thoughts your way, I'm not sure I know what the abbreviations stand for but I will look them up.
    Happy 25th anniversary!

  7. Happy 3 years lovely lady!! Wishing to see much more of your talent and beautiful blog. Have a good day, I will be thinking of you with positive thoughts. Thanks for hosting. Big hugs,

  8. Wow you have a lot of celebration to do in those three days, that's wonderful! Happy birthday grandma, and happy anniversary!

  9. Thinking of you Today and hoping all goes Shelley's way!
    School is hard enough as a teenager then throw in the bullying and having CP and you have your hands full.
    My heart goes out to her.
    I hope that there is a 4th reason for celebrating tonight :)
    You have all us IEP moms behind you, go conquer them for us!

  10. Sending special "positive" thoughts your way for your meeting today and for your daughter in all things for her future.


  11. Yeah for the 17th with your daughter and time with her boyfriend as well. Happy Birthday to you Grandmother! Happy Anniversary for you and Mr. Art. Good Luck with your meeting and I will be praying for you all.

  12. I like your green trifecta and I will pray that your meeting goes well with the school. Happy anniversary!

  13. Happy anniversary! You guys are amazing (and rare- 25 years! wow!).
    I don't just hope, I KNOW things are going to get better for Shelley. With, or without the school's participation. I feel awful that you guys are 'trapped' in such a bad system, but you're being proactive as parents, and her good teachers are, too, it sounds like. If the school can't control the bullying, maybe there's an organization (like Girl Scouts?) that can help empower her against it? of luck! *hugs all around*

  14. Happy Anniversary and a big Happy Birthday to Big Mama!! I am hoping and praying that everything will turn out good for Shelley! It is sad that you have to go in there and beg for her education and her spirit. I feel so bad for all of you, but it breaks my heart that Shelley is having to go through this.

  15. Ricki Jill,
    Congratulations to you and your husband...25th is a great milestone in a marriage.
    No person, child or adult, should have to endure bullying. I am sending positive thoughts that you will get some help from the school for your sweet daughter.

  16. Hoping (with all my might) everything went well for Shelley. Happy anniversary!

  17. I am sorry that during all your happy times you have to deal with bullies and the problems that go with it. I truly hope things get worked out at school so your daughter can attend in peace. Best wishes to your entire family. Shannon

  18. Happy anniversary! That is so special-well done to you both!

    I hope your meeting went well. I feel sick to the core when I hear about bullying. I will be thinking of you all.

    Best wishes and many thanks for having me at your sweet link up!

    Natasha in Oz

  19. Happy, Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. I hope you had a good day. I am really sorry that you are having to go thru all these problems with Shelley at school. It is just heartbreaking. You are good parents though and standing up for our kids is what good parents do best! Blessings-xo Diana

  20. LOVE your happy lists. Have fun at your events C:

  21. PS your kiddo will come through, she knows you are there and that's what she'll remember in the end.

  22. Oh Ricki...Happy Anniversary...and I hoe things went well at school. I hope Shelley gets the environment she deserves to be the most successful at school (we all know she gets to be the best surrounded by such love at home!)

  23. Ricki Jill, Happy Anniversary! I hope your meeting was productive at school. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for Shelley.

  24. Happy belated anniversary.

    I had a moment to pop on your blog last week and read this post and have been thinking about your school meeting ever since. I hope you got what you wanted/needed for Shelley. It is so anxiety-provoking to see your child struggle and be bullied, especially when the school could be providing more supports to help her than they are.


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