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My Happy List: *flowers*, too!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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This is week two of flower *happy*

My Happy List

1.   Is it possible that two of my favorites can marry:  Toms and Shabby Chic? Oh, yes...dreams really do come true!  Check out the new Shabby Chic Toms!!!  I love the wedges, too.  

2.   Flower book *love*  I have been enjoying Leila Meacham's books lately. Please check these out!  I wrote about Roses last week in my Literary Friday post, and stay tuned for Tumbleweeds on Friday, March 15th.  If you like Friday Night Lights, you'll love Tumbleweeds. Great books make me happy!

3.   I recently participated in Miss Angie and Beth's Chaotic Goddess Sweethearts Swap.  

My swap partner Cherise nailed it.  I love the pretties she bought me, and she made me so happy!  See my post here.

4.   I recently received a gift with purchase at L'Occitane.  Happy!

This shower gel smells like Proven├žal Peonies! 
This one is probably my favorite of their shower gels. 

So have you had enough of flowers?  ;P

This is a linky, so share what's making you happy this week!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I love all your flowers! I have the Roses book sitting with my "to read" pile. I don't know where the time goes that I don't find time to read like I used to do. LOVE the shoes!!!! xo Diana

  2. Oh my gosh those shoes are adorable! I am definitely checking those out. The shower gel sounds so nice too. I usually don't use anything else but Dove but I might be tempted if it smells like peonies. :o)

  3. I was ready for you this week Ricki Jill. So many happys. I love all of your flowers: books, shoes, shower gel. Can't get enough of them.

  4. The shoes are adorable, like Ann says, I love, love them!! The flowers are lovely. I love to read and I often do that after blogging, which is my fav thing to do, cause this is where all of you dear friends ARE! Thank you for hosting sweetie and have a good day.

  5. I totally want those Toms now! Last year I desperately wanted a pear of floral wedges, and finally found them just in time for winter lol! So I get to wear them this year! :)

  6. I'm so tempted by those wedges too C:

  7. Oh, I want a pair of the Tom's new design. I'm going to see if my local source has these in the store. They are such fun! Haven't tried their wedges, but will after seeing these.
    How did I miss that you were doing a linky party for Happy List. I'll link up my post. '-)

  8. Ricki Jill,
    I love these shoes, I must find a pair for is coming soon, right?

  9. thanks for hosting! flowers make me happy, too! and i LOOOOVE those TOMS!

    happy day, friend! :)

  10. I love the wedges! I can not wait for the post about Tumbleweeds.

  11. I love Tom's shoes, too. These are so cute. The books look good, I think I just about eat books! lol!


  12. Well, if you can judge a book by its cover...these should be amazing. How beautiful! I'm going to look into them. I am ready for flowers. When I look out the window as I type this...all I see is snow and gray...and ugly. So, I choose to look around inside where spring bloomed on Sunday afternoon!

  13. I wear a pair of black TOMS and love them! Now I REALLY want some of these! HOW CUTE! They make me happy just looking at them!

  14. I am in love with those shoes! Stinkin' adorable!

  15. Love the look of those wedges........and those books look awesome as well...........

  16. Hi, pretty lady....I haven't been visiting much...moving, sickness and all of it together makes for less time oon the computer.
    Love those shoes!! :)

  17. Eek! Those TOMS are so pretty! Can never have too many flowers. They are slowly starting to bloom here and it really brightens my day!

  18. The Toms look cute. I haven't bought any yet so I'm always trying to figure out which ones I would get. My daughter has black ones and loves them.

  19. Lovely post! Your pictures make me happy, too. I would LOVE some of those flowered shoes :)

  20. I had no idea that Toms now have a floral print. I can't wear flats, but I'm definitely going to try on the wedges. So cute and feminine!!

  21. There's a second book?! OoOoOooOo....


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