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My {NOT SO} Happy List :/

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grace from Sense and Simplicity sent me these virtual flowers.  Thanks, Grace!  :D

I try to keep my blog positive.  Truly, I do.  So if you aren't in the mood for a rant, please stop.  Reading.  Now.

As you know, Mr. Art @ Home lost both of his parents last year.  He had to go back to New Orleans last weekend to take care of some estate issues. While he was gone, I became ill.  At first I thought I'd brought home something from Mexico, but then I started to get a fever and the pain started to increase.

By Saturday evening, I couldn't get comfortable to sleep.  By Sunday morning my fever was over 101. My doctor was concerned that it was appendicitis, so he sent me to the emergency room, so I went to the hospital Sunday afternoon.

I had blood work and a CAT scan.  I didn't have appendicitis, but I do have diverticulosis.  I'm on two antibiotics and a pain med.....I'm McLovin' the pain med.....

But there's more.  I've been having issues with anaphylaxis shock the past several years along with other severe allergic reactions, and they've increased in frequency lately.  I was told that I was getting "worked-up" about things, and that if I wouldn't "stress-out" so much these episodes would "go away."

Why is it that when men are ill they are taken seriously, but when women are having real, physical, and in most cases visual symptoms it's due to nerves (?)   Can anyone please answer this question for me?

The ER doctor seems to think that my severe allergic reactions could be caused from a real physical problem, not psychosomatic.  So there.  It's not all in my might be in my GI system.  Once I have a definitive diagnosis I'll share, but that won't happen until after I've finished this round of antibiotics.

This morning I thought I might get a few little chores done around here...just a few things that I neglected over the weekend.  But then Mr. Art @ Home drops a bomb on me:

"Oh, by the way...the movers will be here from New Orleans with a few of mom's things between 8 and 10.  Since it's 9:30, I guess they'll be here a little closer to 10:00."


"A few things....can you be more specific?"

"Oh, just a few of mom's better antique pieces."

{Trip's mom was an antiques dealer in New Orleans for years.}

"She had a house-full of antiques.  Which.  Pieces?"

"That chest from the foyer and a side table or two.  Oh, and I'll be leaving now because I have a case."


When the movers arrived, they had a large two piece secretary, a HUGE marble-topped coffee table, two occasional tables, a tallboy (chest of drawers), a chest of drawers with a mirror, a marble-topped bar, and another chest of drawers.


Please don't misunderstand me.  I know how blessed I am, and that Mr. Art @ Home loved his mother and is having a difficult time letting go.  I get that.  I should also be thankful to have been gifted pretty things.  


I also get that: 

We live in a 2400 square foot house that cannot hold more furniture unless we remove what we have.  Even the geniuses from The Big Bang Theory couldn't solve this problem because two things cannot occupy the same space (I think this is the Pauli Principle).....but I digress....

.....and it only gets better.....

My sister-in-law hired the moving company.  And I must say that they wrapped the antiques like those eggs in physics class.  Remember?  You know when you had to wrap your eggs, and drop them from a certain height and if they remained unbroken you made an "A?"  Well....let's just say that if the men had dropped this furniture off the back of the truck, each piece would have bounced into our neighbor's yard.  They were wrapped in so much paper, plastic, and bubble wrap that I can hear Al Gore weeping all the way up in Tennessee.

....the wrapping job was a problem......

There are a couple of pieces I wanted in the house and not in the garage.  But the mummified furniture wasn't labeled.


:/  X  10!

And now my Hallmark snowman cookie jar that plays "Let It Snow" when you open the lid keeps playing....and no one is lifting its lid....   :O

But things could be worse.  At least Mr. Art @ Home can set-up his own apartment in the garage!  ;P

I hope you're having a Happy Day.  Seriously.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Argh! Sounds like you had the same sort of year in 2012 that we did. Three close family deaths in less than 3 months.

    Let's hope that 2013 is very much better.

    The doctor's...don't get me started. I have Chrohn's/colitis. It took me over a year to get the diagnosis and A LOT of tests. I was even told at one point it was likely cancer. All of this and I told each doctor that Chrohn's etc ran rampantly through my family. Chin-up, you know yourself better than they do.

  2. Sending you a healing prayer lady ><>

  3. Sometimes you need to vent and you can come here and do that and we will love on you. You have had a terrible year and yes when you feel badly you get worked up. They go hand in hand. If you felt good you wouldn't stress about it. Easier said than done to calm ourselves down. Hang in there. Maybe have the hubby rent a storage unit until you can deal with these things. The girls may want them someday.

  4. What? I'm a nurse and I have never heard of anaphylaxsis shock and allergies having anything to do with "nerves". Oh my goodness...what a week you are having. As long as the furniture is in an inside place, maybe go take another pain pill and have a nap for now.

  5. Wow!! That was quite a post!!
    Hope you start feeling better Ricki!!
    When you start feeling better you will love all that new

  6. oh Ricki, he health issues sound very scary, I hope they soon find the answer to the trouble, I just hate when people say calm down, don't stress, or better yet, its probably stress, , I think its a cop ou diagnosis for what they cannot find they the answer too! When I started reading about the furniture I thought oh my gosh, imagine complaining about that! lol, I only wish!!! But I understand, it must be just about all to much for you right now, try to find the joy in this ( I know , bad advice) but honestly you made me laugh so hard when you said the mister could move into the garage, please take care, you sound a bit rattled, you need another vacation!!

  7. Oh Ricki Jill, I feel your pain. We inherited a house full of furniture last year. We gave some away to charity right away, but we have more in our attic, a storage unit, and our antiques booth. We are drowning in stuff. It's hard to let go of beautiful pieces, but when you don't have room . . . We also brought home about 30 big boxes of books that we are still sorting through.

  8. Sorry but I'm laughing. My husband (and his whole fam) have an extreme connection to their things. When my MIL passed away, my husband and his sister wanted to keep every single thing. We had room for one piece of the furniture. She loved to cook so they wanted to keep every. single. thing. from the kitchen. It took years for me to convince my husband that his mother would have liked a new mixer---not the one that fell apart every time we used it. Hey, I have to confess that it feels disrespectful to even say all of this...I loved his mom. :)

  9. Back to your illness, I surely hope they figure out what the problem is. You would think after all the articles that have been written on women's health care, they would have given more attention to your symptoms. That must be really scary for you. Get well!!

  10. Oh Ricki...let it out, for that is a lot at once. How do I know that? Because I am sitting here in a house with no heat, with chilly fingers, and our new furnace will be installed tomorrow $$$$....and I still feel badly for YOU! :(

  11. So sorry love, that is no fun at all! *BIG HUGS* hope you get feeling better and get all that furniture sorted out!

  12. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry! Hang in there Ricki & I hope you feel better soon.

    By the way...gorgeous header! I see you've spent time in your studio recently.

  13. Wow RJ! Take a deep breath and just know that we are all thinking of you!

  14. What a day - poor you. I hadn't realized you've been having the anaphalyxic (sp?) reactions as well. How scary. You just let those mummified furniture pieces rest in the garage while you rest on the sofa.

  15. What a year you had and now your own personal health issues on top of it. I hope you get answers sooner than later. Your health is so important and feeling confident with your doctor is equally important. Get second opinions RJ....always.

  16. OMG- YOU trumped me today! You win-hands down. I was there with you every step of the way and laughing my butt off-at your expense, I know...sorry....God bless him- He's a man and just doesn't "get it". Well, what's the old saying...What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? I'm thinking you might want to apply for one of those strong women championships on the muscle building circuit.

  17. Awh, I am so sorry to hear you are going through some very unhappy moments. I hope things turn around for you quickly. Hugs and Prayers.

  18. Oh no! I just wrote you an email but now I see that YOU are the one that has been sick. I'm so sorry my friend! I hope you feel better soon...and someone else can work out some of the issues around the house. Take care of yourself. Sweet hugs!

  19. I can't wait to see the picture of Mr. Art @Home's new apartment!

    Hang in there.

  20. Ricki Jill I really hate that you are sick,and I'm praying for you...but wait I must tell you I had to laugh at some of this,why is it that doctor's always want to say to "women" it's either nerves or HORMONES??? if you need to send those furniture piece southeast(Ga) since they are so nicely wrapped I'll be happy to find a place for 'em,lol.

    hugs to ya
    ~JO @ LoblollyLane

  21. You and your family really had some hard times this past year Ricki Jill. Your health is the most important thing now, the furniture can sit for awhile until you're feeling better, hopefully soon! Maybe you and hubs will feel like unwrapping all the furniture this weekend and decide what goes where for now. Sending you a big hug your way and know your in my thoughts and prayers.

    The French Hutch

  22. It's okay to not always be positive! I am do sorry to hear about this.. :(. Women by nature are more emotional creatures so the male doctor uses that against us! We also have a high pain threshold so that's another reason they may not understand what is going on.

    Sending light your way and wishIng you a speedy recovery.


  23. Ricki Jill --
    Well, does it make you feel better that you have entertained all of your followers greatly??? While I send you a hug and understanding, I'm grinning away at your expense.
    Linda @ A Toile TAle

  24. Yikes! I'd have lost my cool five times over. *hugs* I hope you're feeling better! I agree about the doctor thing, although it isn't just doctors with women and judging things as a psychosomatic symptom (that's a nice Victorian inheritance of ours)- I've had friends, bosses, etc judge harshly for non-visual issues (i.e. you look fine to me, why should I believe that you have CFS?). I think we as a society view the body and health as a secondary item to our status (job titles, class, race, etc), so we denegrade those that seem subject to the whims of the body...when in fact, we are ALL hostage to our health.

    Do take it easy, as much as you can. And good luck!

  25. Oh, girl! No good....I hope you're feeling better and you work that furniture issue out.


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