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My Happy List: Little Surprises

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Happy List this week is all about little surprises.

My Happy List

1.   I've already completed one of my goals for January.  We cleaned-out the attic, built shelving in the attic and library closet, and organized all seasonal decor.  YAY!  While cleaning, I found a clay bowl Shanley Belle made in art class while in elementary school.  I'm so happy I found this little bowl!

Of course I have this work of art proudly on permanent display in the art studio.  :D

2.   Recently I discovered Anthology Magazine through a friend.  The magazine is published quarterly, and each one has a theme.  Imagine my grin when I saw the theme of Issue #7:  Wit and Whimsy!  :D  I've been using that title for mid-week photos I find witty and/or whimsical because I believe that our homes should make us smile.  Discovering this magazine makes me so happy, and I recently bought Issue #8 "It's a Living."

Here is a preview of Issue #7:

3.   I'm trying to take better care of my skin this winter and moisturize. Although I wear sunscreen everyday, at night I'm trying to use lotion after showering.  I recently started using Jergen's original scent lotion, and I love the cherry almond fragrance.  Smooth skin makes me happy!  :D

What little surprises have you discovered this week?
Aubrey is hosting My Happy List!  (Thanks, Aubrey)

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. That is amazing that you've made it all the way through all of your goals! Seriously awesome, we're only 8 days into the month! Good job girl!

  2. That little bowl is too cute. Sounds like you worked all weekend, but sometimes it just feels good. Have a great week.

  3. you go girl getting the attic all cleaned and organized and cute bowl

  4. RJ,
    That is the sweetest little bowl. I would have it proudly displayed too.
    Oh, I also love the fragrance of Cherry Almond. It's one of my favorite scents at the moment that I've been using.

  5. I'll check out the magazine! I've never heard of it. Good for you for starting the new year off right!

  6. I have two little heart shaped clay dishes my kids made when they were in elementary school. They had the same teacher 4 years apart. It's funny but Ashleigh's is a whole lot smaller than Danny's. I love them and I am glad you found your sweet little piece to enjoy!

  7. Must have been quite a little gem to find the art project. Jergens lotions are the best. So smooth and the scents aren't overwhelming.

    Thanks for joining in the Happy List party! Have a fabulous day!

  8. I always enjoy your happy list. Need to remember to join in on this. :)

    That Jergens lotion has always smelled so good.

  9. what wonderful things you posted, I love that lotion, its very old school but its the best, smells like cherrys and almonds ! YUM!I love the little dish, what a treasure!

  10. This is such a cute piece of pottery, I know you will treasure it forever. Hurray for getting your attic organized! :)


  11. Yay for unexpected surprises! And for moisturizing (so very important!).
    You are definitely having a productive week. :)

  12. So glad that after all your hard work organizing, you found Shanley's sweet!

  13. That little bowl is adorable. What a wonderful keepsake. I am trying to work through my short term goals right now. Have crossed off a few, but still have a lot more :)

  14. 1. The bowl is adorable and I would definitely have it on display as well.
    2. Woo Hoo for your organization skills. Good for you!


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