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Musical Monday: Skyfall

Monday, October 8, 2012

Everyone knows what a huge James Bond fan I am....I have read all the books written by Ian Fleming and John Gardner, plus I have seen all of the movies.  So when news leaked about Adele's singing the theme to the newest Bond movie, the emails and links started pouring into my inbox.

Adele "Skyfall"

Wow, I think Adele is channeling Shirley Bassey.  It is reminiscent of her Goldfinger, don't you think?

What have you been listening to this weekend?  Share with us @ Miss Angie's Musical Monday!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I'm with you Ricki Jill! I love James Bond! I'm not sure who my favorite bond is, but I always go back to the old ones with Sean Connery, there's just something about him. :) I agree with you on the song too! Have a great Monday!

  2. I heard the song the other day and although I love Adele, I'm not sure about the song...maybe it will grow on me!


  3. I'm a big Bond fan too. Have read all the books and seen all the movies. Love the music and cannot wait to see the new movie. I find it fascinating that after 50 years of movies, they still start them out with the same theme (basically). Somebody had a really good idea!

  4. Glad you liked my post. I am a bad blogger...too busy trying to find good college art programs for my son and visiting schools. Love the Adele music. I have her music in my car. I showed my son your still life on your blog. It is amazing!

  5. I think that Cloo is having a James Bond marathon this weekend if you get cable.

  6. Actually I didn't know you were a James Bond fan...but I think it's fabulous. :o) Who doesn't love Adele too? They make the perfect pair!

  7. OMG love this song it's new to me but it's brilliant

  8. I heard that song last week & I was mesmerized I tell you! I love it! Would you believe me if I told you I've never seen a James Bond movie? I need to rectify that situation immediately!

  9. Oh yeah and by the way....the painting in your header is GORGEOUS!

  10. I didn't know you are a big James Bond fan. They are such fun movies that I can see why. Did you know there is a Toronto connection. Ian Fleming was living in Toronto and working at an Army base in north Toronto when he started writing the first James Bond books. Across the street from the army base is a church, that was originally two churches - St. James United Church and Bond Street United. The churches merged and became St. James Bond United Church. My aunt and uncle were married there. The church has since been torn down to make room for condominiums. Funny story, eh?

  11. I love this song!! I love Bond, James Bond movies, the old and the new. Your header is gorgeous my friend. Hope all is well with you pretty girl. Have a great week.

  12. It IS reminiscent of goldfinger, and it's great! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for linking up!


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