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My Happy List: Fun Weekend!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am hosting My Happy List in October as Mamarazzi takes a much-needed blog break.

We had a great weekend, at it was good having Shanley Belle home for fall break.

My Happy List

1.   We visited the Birmingham Museum of Art and the Norman Rockwell's America exhibit.  I love Rockwell's style, and I will definitely go back a second time, {probably by myself} and enjoy the art again.  My favorite painting entitled Harvest Moon was so touching I almost cried!  I wish I could have found a wonderful image of it, but I couldn't.  *sadface*  Art museum visits make me so happy!

Dough Boy and His Admirers, 1919
 'Doughboy' was the nickname for an American soldier. This painting shows the adulation the young children had for the returning solider. It appeared on the cover for The Saturday Evening Post, Feb 22nd in 1919. Norman Rockwell worked for The Saturday Evening Post doing illustruations for the front cover for 47 years, the last illustration appeared in 1963. 

2.   Our oven has been on the fritz, and I am so happy that we found a replacement at a very low price.  Yay!


I still have my lacy towels up for my Arsenic and Old Lace post.  I need to find my Halloween ones!

3.   We decorated for Halloween over the weekend (look for a post later on this week).  I found these great napkins of The Great Pumpkin and Woodstock....don't they make you smile, too?  


Woodstock is wearing bat wings!  :D

 Watch Charlie Brown as he {always} "gets a rock" in is bag. 

4.   I had so much fun visiting everyone's "booth" at Le Mysterieux Carnival link party.  :D  If you missed my Zombie Ducks post, you can see it here.


5.   Friday morning I visited Antiques in the Garden at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with my sorority sisters Nancy, Hollis, and Fran.  We had a great time, and had lunch at Chez Lulu after the show.  Girls' Day Out makes me so happy!!!

Chez Lulu is known for its daily tarts.  None of us ordered one this time!

Let the party begin!  I hope you will link-up and share your happy!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Hi little RJ! Sounds like you've been one busy gal! We've just returned from a month long road trip. I'm still getting rested up! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I will get my link up right after this I had to change my address so the new blog for Janice's Footsteps is Rockin Jays Footsteps @ I do not want to lose my followers but some things just can't continue and I need positive not gossip so hopefully this helps in my private life :)) I'll get linked up be right back!!

    1. ok I am posted Thanks again for hosting have a super week :))

  3. I love Norman Rockwell, too. Have you ever seen any of his early work? It's quite different from the painting he did for the Saturday Evening Post. Someday I will do a post on the four plates I have that were part of a series. We also share the same birthday and that was the day I found the plates at an antique shop! I think Norman and I are connected somehow! :)


  4. Norman Rockwell is one of my favorites. I love the simple times. I'm so glad you had a great weekend, you so deserve it.

    I can not wait to see your Halloween decorations. We will be decorating in a couple of weeks. Our decorations are not so kid friendly. The kids are so proud that our yard is the spookiest.

  5. Oh man, I missed it again. What day is the Happy List link party again? I always love your lists. I think I would really enjoy that art gallery as well - Norman Rockwell paintings are so technically well executed and so full of charm that they are interesting to study.


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