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We Want to Know Wednesday #16

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It is time for WWTKW!  Crazymama provided the questions this week, and they are all about household chores, just in time for spring cleaning!  Queso and Mamarazzi co-host this linky.

{1} Fantasy style, money is no object, if you could pick one type of help which would it be? Why?
A. maid 
B. nanny
C. personal chef
{2} What is your least favorite household chore?
{3} What is your least loathed (or favorite) household task/ daily chore?
{4} What is your favorite cleaning supply? Do you have any magic cleaning tips to share with your readers?
{5} What is your usual housework avoidance activity?

1.     I would have to say none of the above.  I would hire a chauffeur.  Definitely, I would do this because I hate driving in Hwy 280 traffic!

2.     My least favorite household chore is dusting blinds.  I truly hate it.

3.     I love to iron, and I iron everything.  Ironing burns tons of calories, and it engages your core while you are doing it, so it is good for you!



I love using linen spray while ironing!  This one is from the Sister Soap Company.

4.     My favorite cleaning supply is:


My favorite cleaning tip:

Use a dryer sheet (it can be a used one) on your blinds after you've cleaned them.  This helps to repel dust, and it truly works!


5.     I really cannot avoid housework since folks with asthma live here.  :(

Thanks, Crazymama, for a fun list of questions!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I can't stand ironing--well that's not exactly true. I don't hate it, it's just so time consuming and boring.

  2. That makes 2 of us VandyJ...I cannot remember the last time I ironed anything. In fact, I prolly need to go dust my!

    Good tip about the Bounce, I never thought of that but I always put a couple in my vacuum bag when I replace it. Makes the whole house smell great as I vacuum!

  3. oh I would have to have the personal chef.
    I have always said that if I had come into money and only allowed one thing that would be it. Oh life would be grand to have a personal chef.
    I am with the others, no ironing in this house unless an emergency arises, lol

  4. Oh, man, I never dust the blinds. Now I'm scared to take a close look at them. :/

    And thanks for the tip about ironing!

  5. BRILLIANT tip about the dryer sheet. i am totally going to try that one!!

    i love to iron too. i forgot to add that to my list...thos since wrinkle release from Downy came into my life i iron less and less.

    a chauffeur...too funny!

    thanks for linking up!

  6. My mom used to make us dust the blinds, slat by slat! I hated it. I will not have them in my house.
    I'll take the maid, and I will drive you. It can't be worse than here in N Y!

  7. I will definitely try the dryer sheets on the blinds.

  8. Great idea about the dryer sheet, never heard of that!
    I'll come be your chauffer if you'll clean my house :)


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