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Pet Love: Bonnie Blue Treleaven

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to:


Day # 1:  Pet Love


Alison @ The Polo House is hosting a Favorites on the First Blog Hop. This month is all about our favorite pets.

My favorite pet *ever* is Bonnie.  She is such a love bug!  Bonnie loves to sit in my lap; she forgets sometimes that she is a naughty terrier and not a lapdog!  We adopted her when she was a wee pup because she had a heart condition, and she was going to be put down.  We agreed to give her any heart surgeries she might need, and there was a 25% chance that she would outgrow her condition.  She outgrew it, and she is as healthy as can be!

Here are some facts about Bonnie:

Breed:  West Highland White Terrier

Breed Origin:  Scotland

Age:  8

Loves:  Walks in the park and boating

Hates:  Garbage bags and people walking down our basement stairs

Naughtiest habit:  She is an attention seeker.  She always wants me to hold her while I am on the phone!

Favorite food:  Bacon, peanut butter, and frozen yogurt

Dreams of:  Chasing squirrels


Bonnie loves boating and jet skiing

Bonnie does not watch a lot of TV, but she adores Elvis Presley movies. She will not move while one is playing.  She seems mesmerized!  It is so funny to watch.  This is for you, Bonnie!

"Fools Rush In" from Blue Hawaii

I would like to know all about your favorite pet!  Join Alison @ The Polo House for Favorites on the First!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I love seeing Bonnie! She is so beautiful and I would love to have a Westie. Love her in the life vest. Great post Ricki. One of these days! I know I'll break and get another pet. I really do miss my pets.

  2. Hi, Ricki

    Bonnie is so sweet.


  3. Oh so sweet. That is how I feel about my Lola. She is my baby. Poor thing had to move over when Quinn was born.

  4. Bonnie is just sooo adorable! I have Miss Belle my Himalayan and she is laying right next to me as I blog!

    Art by Karena

  5. Bonnie is a real beauty - I love reading about her ... and hope you do more posts on her.


  6. Bonnie is so adorable! I've been watching "Hamish Macbeth" videos lately which are shot in Scotland. Hamish has a West Highland White also. She is precious!

    Stopping by via The Polohouse link party,
    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams

  7. well bonnie is a beauty for sure, what a wonderful thing you did by taking her, I'm so glad she outgrew her heart condition,
    we had a little fellow like bonnie, he loved boating as well, his name was buck, a big dog name for a little dog,

  8. What a sweetheart Bonnie is! Love her life jacket! My mom had a West Highland that lived to be 19!!


  9. I love Bonnie in her life jacket!!
    That is the coolest thing ever!!

  10. Bonnie Blue is so sweet! It cracks me up that she watches Elvis movies, I rather thought she'd like Gone with the Wind. lol

  11. Bonnie is so beautiful! Your pictures just made me smile!
    Too cute!

  12. I laughed outloud and had to tell my husband about your dog loving Elvis Presley movies. Too funny! I also got a charge out of your dog liking frozen yogurt as Juno does too.

  13. This is so funny! An Elvis-loving Westie!!

    I love how you tied sweet Bonnie's post into Day One of Fourteen Days of Love.... you are so doggone clever, friend.
    She is adorable and I am so thrilled she beat the odds, and was given you and your angelic family as caregivers to get her through her health conditions!

    Thanks so much for sharing Bonnie with us today.
    Does she really ride the JetSki??? OMG!!!


  14. Bonnie looks adorable in her blue life vest. What a cutie!

  15. Ricki Jill - OMG, WE had a collie named Bonnie. Already named when we got her. Your Bonnie is just adorable, and especially in that life jacket! What a great life you gave her when her beginning seemed so bleak. A true animal lover! Bless you!


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