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My Happy List #39

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have had a great week.  How about you?  Sometimes it's the little things that make us happy, so my theme this week:

"It's the little things  :D  "

My Happy List

1.     I love it when I go to the library and I am able to check out everything on my Wish List; that makes me so happy!  That happened this week, and I cannot wait to dive into these wonderful books!


Doesn't this look like a fun book!  We are wall challenged in this house, so I need all the help and inspiration I can get!

2.     Speaking of books, Shanley Belle gave me one that I am looking forward to reading.  It is about an artist, so she thought I would like it.  :D    I have read A Vintage Affair also by Isabel Wolff, and I highly recommend it, especially for beach reading!  My daughter's kindness has made me so happy this week!


3.     Shelley started her art class this week, and she painted the cutest abstract landscape on a tiny canvas.  I love it!  Shelley loves her class, which makes me very happy!


4.     Normally I do not get *that* excited about frames, but when I find a frame that looks this great with a painting, it makes me incredibly happy!


5.     Look at what I found on Ebay!  I always wanted one of these versatile MacKenzie-Childs candlesticks because they are also bud vases.  This item has been discontinued, plus it is in a more rare, discontinued pattern called Summer Frock.  I dod not have many pieces in this pattern!  Finding MacKenzie-Childs at very low prices makes me very happy!


What has made you happy this week?  Join Mamarazzi, and share your happy!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Le piccole cose sono quelle che fanno la felicità!Baci,Rosetta

  2. now thats a happy happy list for sure,

  3. Hi, Ricki

    I love Shelley painting too. The pictures you display are just lovely.


  4. HA! I can comment on your blog today. Now, that makes me happy! I am so glad you got to check out all of the books that you wanted to check out, and I hope you enjoy reading them in this gloomy soon to be very cold weather.

  5. That book on Creative Walls would certainly make me happy too! Be safe, it does not make me happy to think about tornadoes...I hope you are not in that lineup.

  6. I know you are going to have a "reading good time" with all the books you have. I love reading on cold, rainy days, with a bottomless cup of tea or coffee. We have no rain around....had a terrible dust storm yesterday. They DON'T make me happy.:)

  7. That frame is so perfect for that painting! I also love the gallery wall look, I have a whole lot of pins on pinterest about it! Haha!

    Happy tuesday!

  8. Awesome happy list!! Can't wait to see your "creative wall"!

  9. I definitely understand the library thing. I am always happy when I get to check out lots of books I want.

  10. I think someone has had wonderful week thus far!! Your painting in the frame is positively stunning. Shelley's painting is very good. Love your new MacKenzie's Child find!! Hope your week continues to be great!

  11. That first book looks amazing to me. I want to read it too, and you know Ill be looking for it!

    Ciao Bella

    Creative Carmelina

  12. that creative walls book looks EXACTLY like the book i need to read before i do any decorating in the first house!!

    thanks for linking up so i could have a good excuse to stop packing and bask in your HAPPY!!

  13. Honestly, I'd put that frame up even without a painting. :D
    Those are excellent happy creative fun things!

  14. Well don't you have a lot to be thankful for! :) I always love seeing your new pieces. what is the story on that sweet lamp in the background?

    I got my lavender rose bush planted.... Just waiting for the blooms! That's what makes me happy!


  15. I sure hope you are fine and not in the area of the tornados.


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