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Nature Table

Sunday, June 19, 2011


{Nature table from Country Living Magazine, UK edition}

Do you remember the nature table in your elementary school classroom?  I do, and when the UK edition of Country Living Magazine started a campaign a few years ago to bring back the nature table, it warmed my heart.

When my daughters were younger, they would bring natural treasures from the beach and woods inside to share and examine.  We enjoyed using guidebooks and the internet to learn more about their finds.

Nature tables are a great summertime activity for children.  During the cooler times of the day, they can explore and collect.  When it is too hot or rainy to play outside, they can identify and learn more about their treasures.

Nature tables need the following:

Pens or pencils
Place cards for identifying items
Small bowls and plates for display

My daughters are too old for nature tables, but we do keep Alabama bird guide books handy in the kitchen to help identify birds at our feeder and birdbath.

Do you have a nature table in your home?

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Hi Ricki, glad you joined in...todays theme is summer paint projects. I love nature themes too.

  2. Hi Ricki, this is great for the kids activities, it really is a cute one..thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds like a neat idea! You had one at school? I don't ever remember one at our school. Interesting.

  4. I dont remember having a nature table, but that doesn't mean we didn't have one lol. My memory is pitiful. That is a great activity for kids its a good thing I didn't think about this when my kids were younger, they already accuse me of turning everything into a lesson lol. I always respond, yes that why your so smart.

  5. I still love nature tables,, I'm a gatherer,, feathers, stones and twigs,, I guess I still do them,, (i love Country Living mag,)

  6. Love nature tables. Every home needs one!


  7. I love this idea! I have nature displays all over the house, shells from the local beaches that we've identified, acorns from the trees we pass on our morning walks as well as from vacations, but my favorite are probably the pinecones from all over. Oh I almost forgot the rocks, had my carryon suitcase inspected on the way home from vacation in Alaska, the problem? A large rock! Now to find a tabletop to continue this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Such a cute idea the nature table.

    For some reason it reminds me of a much older friend I had years ago. When they traveled in the US, they collected rocks - fairly large ones - and had a huge rock garden.

  9. Molto carina,questa tabella natura!Buon inizio settimana,baci,Rosetta

  10. I remember the Nature table at school well, it surely helped me grow up to have the love of Nature that I have now.

  11. I don't have one in my home, but I love to do things like this in my Preschool classroom. Kids are fascinated by nature!

  12. Hi Ricki Jill! I love this idea...thanks so much for sharing the lovely photo to give us inspiration!

  13. I love natural elements. This table has brought back memories.



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