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The Albertina Museum, Vienna

Wednesday, June 5, 2024


Archduchess Maria Christina 
Martin van Meytens 

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!  I wanted to share with you my favorite museum from our trip: The Albertina in Vienna.  The Albertina was the former palace of Archduchess Maria Christina and her husband Prince Albert of Saxony.  Maria Christina's mother was the Empress Maria Theresa of the Holy Roman Empire.  Maria Theresa was an advocate for the education of women, and she encouraged her gifted daughter in her education, especially in the arts and languages (a Jesuit priest tutored her in languages and history).  Born on her mother's twenty-fifth birthday, Maria Christina was her mother's favorite child, and she was the only child allowed to marry for love.  Albert was eventually given a dukedom, and the empress renovated the offices in the palace near the Hofburg Imperial Palace; the empress wanted her favorite child close by.  Maria Christina was a gifted painter, and she painted portraits of the royal family.  Her proud mother displayed her work in the imperial palaces, and some of them are displayed in their summer residence, the Schönbrunn Palace.  

1765 Maria Christina of Austria self portrait

When we visited the Albertina, we first visited the State Rooms.  The rooms have been painstakingly restored, and what fascinated me most was the collection of drawings hanging on the walls in the "Small Spanish Apartment."  Below are some of my favorite drawings.

Albrecht Dürer
A Ninety-Three Year Old Man

Albrecht Dürer
Praying Hands 

Peter Paul Rubens
Susanna Fourment

Peter Paul Rubens
Ruben's Daughter Clara Serena

Thte two photos, above, are of the Hall of Muses.  They were getting ready for an event, so it was hard to get good photos.

The art exhibit we saw was the Monet to Picasso: The Batliner Collection.

Here is a video that showcases some of the art:

Below are my favorite paintings from the exhibit:

Claude Monet
View of Vétheuil

Pierre Bonnard
Grey Nude in Profile

Claude Monet
The Water Lily Pond

Paul Signac
Venice, the Pink Cloud

Paul Signac
The Golden Horn, Mist

Marc Chagall
La Dormeuse aux Fleurs
(The Flower Sleeper)
I'm unsure about the date.

Marc Chagall
The Great Circus

Pablo Picasso
Sleeping Drinker

Théo Van Rysselberghe
Seated Nude

I hope you enjoyed these highlights of the Albertina.  There were other exhibits as well, including a Roy Lichtenstein Centennial Celebration, but we spend too much time at the Monet to Picasso Exhibit, and ran out of time to see any of the others.

Please check back on Friday for a book review, and on Tuesday I'll be participating in a tablescape blog hop.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Seeing the former palace, now the The Albertina Museum would be top of my must see list if I were going to Vienna. I see why it was your favorite museum. I love the Chagall with the bright amazing colors. Monet, always a favorite of mine. I enjoyed the tour and enjoyed it again showing it to Jim. Thanks RJ for the tour.......

  2. I can see why you loved this beautiful museum. I think my favorite painting that you shared is The Flower Sleeper.


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