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Spring Cleaning and Fluffing

Thursday, April 14, 2022


Happy Maundy Thursday, My Lovelies!   It has been a very busy week for me.  I feel like I'm finally getting stuff done!  I've been doing a little bit of spring cleaning and fluffing.  Let's take a look!

First of all, I ordered lots of fake MacKenzie-Childs flowers from their website.  All the flowers I purchased were on sale, and I was pleasantly surprised!  They are actually much prettier in person.  I used the flowers to make Easter displays in the dining room and art studio.

I used twinkle lights and ribbon, too.

Looking from our foyer into the studio and dining room

On the dining room table I used cosmos, peonies, and roses in brighter hues.

I've been editing and cleaning a little, and I decorated for Easter in every room of the house!

Easter baskets are ready to be filled.

I've been arranging real flowers (not just fake ones), too.
These are from our local farmer's market.

Because our home has little wall space, our largest bookshelves are in Shanley Belle's room.

Since COVID, our local library hasn't been accepting books for their biannual book sales because they haven't been having them.  However, last weekend they returned!  I had so many books I needed to donate: I receive books weekly as a book blogger, and not all of them are advanced reader's copies (they have to be recycled).  Our bookshelves and book cart (see photo below) were packed with books.  It took me several days to sort and load up books for the sale.  I also put aside a few for our church's Little Free Library.

Let's take a look at our library:

This cart was full of books to donate to our local library.  Now it holds my TBR books.  These are the ones I've either received (recently) from publishers, bought, or were gifted to me.  I thought there would be more, but I've read a LOT since Christmas!

This little bookcase was packed also.  Now there's lots of room for pretty vignettes.  I do think bookshelves should be used for practical book storage, but it's also nice to include a little bit of pretty.

Y'all, I do like to share books, so if there is ever a book that you're interested in, just ask!  The only ones I won't share with you are the ones written by my favorite writers (there are about five or six of them) because I will re-read those ones.

Yesterday I planted twelve container gardens for our back patio, deck, and garden.  I still have two to update, and our two tomato plants need to be planted.  Today is National Gardening Day!  So I got most of the work accomplished just in time.

I might have overdone it a little yesterday because I'm paying the price today, LOL!

I wish you could see these petunias in person because the blooms are very large!

I planted more geraniums this year than usual.  I really wanted light pink ones, and one of our local nurseries said they are expecting some tomorrow.  I might need to add to my collection, LOL!  I will post more of our containers once they fill in a little.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. You have been seriously busy, my friend! No wonder you were whipped! But it's all beautiful. I love all the touches and wonderful flowers, inside and out. And I can relate on the books. I resell many of them at our local bookstore (you can bring in 25 at a time but they have to be in very good condition) and do book trades with a couple of friends. The good thing about that is I get new books to read. The bad thing about that is I get new books to read! That stack NEVER goes down! I cannot throw a book away -- it goes to the bookstore, traded or else to charity. I'll never get through my pile!

    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

  2. How lovely everything looks. Your fluffing looks fabulous. Flowers are so lovely and they bring smiles. Twinkle lights are such a nice touch. Wishing you a blessed Easter. Xoxo

  3. You have been busy! Your home looks so festive and pretty. I have some of the faux MKC flowers and love them! I wish it wasn't going to rain this weekend, my son was going to work in the yard and plant lots of flowers {I am NOT a gardener, can't stand to get hot, dirty and sweaty 😂 Happy gardening day and I hope you have a very wonderful Easter weekend!

  4. What a happy post! I didn't even realize the 14th was National Gardening Day, yet I bought and planted 3 butterfly bushes and 4 lavender plants (I definitely paid the price, lol!). I'm so happy your energy is returning. Your studio and DR decor with the faux florals and lights is magical! Happy Easter Ricki Jill and family!


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