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Bedtime Story #1

Thursday, April 28, 2022


Hello, My Lovelies.  How are you?  

I sincerely hope your week has gone better than mine.  I thought I'd share with you what life has been like at Chez Treleaven the past week or so.

I don't think I've ever written a post quite like this, so here goes...

Welcome to Story Time with Ricki Jill.

If you're reading this at night, make decaf or Sleepy Time Tea.

Are you settled?  Good.  I shall continue.  Here's my story.

Last weekend, my caring husband wanted to purchase me the iPad of my dreams.  My old iPad, a hand-me-down from Shanley Belle's graduate school days, didn't have enough memory, and most of my apps wouldn't load because there was no room in the inn.  I prefer my iPad to look at blogs, enjoy apps, and sometimes read.  I like it much better than my laptop.  Mr. Bookish went to the apple store and had all my data, apps, etc. transferred to my new iPad.  Everything was going very well...

...until he used his Apple Card to pay for it rather than mine.


Once home, I wanted to play on it!  I was so happy and grateful.  Until all of Trip's accounts were showing up (his email account, for one).  Also, I subscribe to three magazines on my iPad.  It didn't recognize my subscriptions because of Mr. Bookish's iCloud and account.  This affected many of my apps.  

So what's a girl to do???

I visited YouTube to see if I could watch a tutorial to fix the problem, and I found one that helped.  It took a minute, but everything has been put to rights.  

Mondays are busy days for me.  I like to regroup on Tuesdays and assess what needs to be done for the rest of the week.  I didn't get to do that on Tuesday because I had to supervise Mr. Bookish running the drip watering system to our container gardens.  Mr. Bookish can do everything: He has many mad skills.  :D  I am very proud of him.  The reason he needed close supervision with the containers is because he didn't know how much (or little) water each container needs.  That was all I accomplished on Tuesday, but it was a biggie.  I was feeling pretty good!  Until we came inside and realized that the upstairs air conditioner wasn't working.


Mr. Bookish called and ordered a new AC.  He asked his friend, let's call him Wreck-It Ralph (not his real name....the name has been changed to protect the guilty innocent).  Ralph is also a man of many skills.  He's a contractor, and he's also a licensed AC installer.  He said he could come over the next morning and install it with one of his workers.  The A-coil of the unit is in our attic, which is above our upstairs (our house is four stories).  The attic access is a pull-down ladder in Shanley Belle's room.

Ralph's helper didn't show, so Mr. Bookish said he would help him install the units.  Wednesday morning, I had a doctor's appointment (annual check-up), and when it was over, I called Mr. Bookish to ask him how everything was going.  He suggested that I not come home.


I asked why???  I am VERY LIMITED where I can go.  I can go to places with very few people, like our tiny library and a few (very small) businesses.  I asked Mr. Bookish if they'd broken anything, and he was noncommittal in his answer.  The Westies were outside, and I knew they were upset because they are literally around me (almost) 24/7.  

So I went to a small store for some skincare that I needed, and I went to another shop for greeting cards.  I met Shelley out for lunch (it was a beautiful, cool day, so we ate outside).  Then I called Mr. Bookish again, and I asked him how things were going, and he suggested that I stay away for my mental health because Ralph was banging and making tons of noise.  So I went for a drive, stopped for some coffee at a very small coffee shop, and went by the library.  By this time it was almost 4:00 and I was very tired, so I informed Mr. Bookish that I'd had enough and that mayhap he should light a fire under Ralph's butt and finish the job!

It worked.  They were just finishing up when I got home.

Mr. Bookish added a ton to the air conditioner.  Y'all, it is so cold upstairs, and whenever I walk by the staircase leading upstairs, it feels like the cold northern winds blowing over a glacier.  I had to change to Smart Wool Socks and put on a sweatshirt!

I don't remember what or if I ate dinner last night.  I was exhausted, and I reclined on our sofa and watched the Cubbies defeat the Braves.  It was glorious.  

After the game, Mr. Bookish was looking for his cell phone.  I suggested that maybe he left it in his Vespa because he'd ridden it to the grocery store earlier.  When he went to the basement garage, he started yelling my name.  

Y'all....I really don't have many pet peeves.  But one of them is when a family member yells my name from across the house.  The acoustics in our home are LOUD because of some crazy feat of architecture.  I knew that because he yelled for me that something catastrophic had happened...

...and it had.

One of our hot water heaters had blown up, and there was water all over the garage.  Fortunately, there's a slight angle to our garage, and water runs out to the driveway.  Another fortunate fact is that one of Mr. Bookish's mad skills is installing hot water heaters.  He's installed many of them.

As I watched him sweeping water, I said, "I'm out.  Deuces!" because I was too tired to function.  The Westies were exhausted, too, after a full day of chasing squirrels and chipmunks.  We tried sleeping, but Mr. Bookish had to take out the broken hot water heater and reroute the hot water upstairs.  Thank the Good Lord Above we have a second one!  The reason we have two is with three girls, Mr. Bookish, who usually showers last, because tired of always taking a cold shower.  He has put up with a lot, living in a Barbie world and all...

The process was noisy.  Very noisy.  He finished after midnight.  None of us got much sleep last night! 

And you know what they say about threes...let's hope that the universe becomes distracted!

This morning I took my art class via ZOOM, and after that I was totally wiped out.  I can barely write this post.  

But I have a functioning iPad, and I have a plan.  I am going to rest and play on it all weekend, and I'm going to try to figure out how to download Bloglovin' because it has disappeared from my devices.  Anyone have a clue what's up with that?

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Story Time with Ricki Jill.

Have a good evening!

Disclaimer:  No one was hurt during the installation of the appliances.  To the writer's knowledge, nothing was broken that she can tell, so far...  Also, the writer is very thankful that she has a safe home and a husband with mad skills.  She is also happy about her new iPad.  This post is for entertainment purposes only.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh boy did you have a day! Glad everything worked out and you can now rest and hopefully have a good weekend. You know the saying when it rains it pours. Wow you handle all of this like a champ. I think I would have had a few meltdowns with all of that. Have a good Friday and wonderful weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. Oh yikes. What a day! There is absolutely nothing worse than when you are at the end of your exhaustion rope and out of the house to know that you can't go home. I think you did admirably filling the day. But it's a challenge when there are limitations on where to go and what to do! And then to have the additional complications with the air-con and water heater. At least the iPad issue is resolved! I hope this is the last of your "threes." And, that you can enjoy the rest of the week in a restful state! (You tell it well, I must say!)

  3. Oh my goodness. All I kept thinking was Mr Bookish really does have mad skills. You are so fortunate to have resolution to so many of those household things. I am sitting at my desk waiting for a plumber right now, and also looking for someone who can remove poison ivy vines growing on my NEIGHBOR's side of the fence on a Rose of Sharon she has given me permission (gee thanks) to pay to remove.

  4. Oh dear RJ, I think you are quite the girl handling your dilemma of filling your day. Mr. Bookish is really blessed in the skills department handling everything from the AC installation and the water heater. I'm happy everything is finished and hopefully your house will settle down needing attention for a while. Hope you enjoy a well needed relaxing weekend enjoying your new iPad! XOXO

  5. Nothing worse than a few household challenges 😂 I feel like life is much too complicated these days!! Some days I wake up and pray that it will be a nice quiet and normal day... Bless your heart, just what you didn't need! At least Trip was home and could help put Humpty Dumpty back together again! If you need a good AC guy, my son in law owns Birmingham Air, super reliable HVAC service...

  6. Oh my! We can't any of us survive too many days like that. I actually read this before I went to bed last night....not probably what you intended as a bedtime story! Hope today is MUCH better! Get some rest my friend! Hugs to you...and hubby too!

  7. What a day, you did better then I could do


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