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Random Staycation Post

Monday, March 28, 2022

Happy Monday, My Lovelies!  Have you missed me?  I've missed y'all!!!  Shelley is back at work, and our staycation is over.  The house seems so quiet! 

I wanted to share a few highlights with you.  Honestly we didn't do much, we just watched movies, read books (especially library books), cooked, played on Pinterest and Instagram, and finished a few art/creative projects.  We also took the pups on walks and visited a few parks.  

Our goal everyday was to find a little joy.  For example, the Lenten roses, above and below.  

I love the mixture of greens, pinks, and purples.

I'm on the Mediterranean Diet, but we did cook a few fun recipes, especially on weekends.  One I'd like to share is a Blueberry Oat Mug Muffin.  I found it on the Farmhouse Pottery website.  I subscribe to them because Shanley Belle and Christopher registered for Farmhouse Pottery when they married, and I love their products.  Use the link above to see the recipe.

I've tried many "muffin in a mug" recipes over the years, but this is the first one we've loved!
I'll be making one for my afternoon snacky-snack today.
I cooked mine in a really large mug so it would cool faster, but if you want a nice rounded top on it, use a smaller mug.

There's one art project I want to share.  This was a project started several years ago when Shelley was in high school, and for some reason we never finished it.  It's a little book from her Auburn University Art Exposure art class, and while I was cleaning out the art studio I found it.  We didn't need to do too much work on it, just bind it.  It's nice to complete unfinished projects!

I store projects like this in craft boxes to protect them.
Sometimes I'll take them out for display.

These paintings are a combination silverpoint and oil paint by Victor Koulbak.
There were so many lovely exhibits while Shelley studied there, including John James Audubon and Thomas Gainsborough.

We read.  A lot.  Especially in the afternoons...
We made several trips to our local library.  We love our librarians!  They are the best.  Our library is tiny, but we can place books on reserve from the countywide system and pick them up at our local library.  I've read so many books that there's no way I can possibly blog about all of them.  Below is the shortest book review ever on my blog:

These are my favorites!

I will review the first seven books in the Bakeshop Murder Mystery Series in a separate post soon (probably early next week).

I have received some nice and thoughtful presents via snail mail.  I am so blessed!

Did you know that MacKenzie-Childs is making pretty camouflage mugs?  Well they are.  At least they're camouflaged in my art studio!  Check it out:

Patti from Pandora's Box sent me this beautiful mug from Aurora, and as you can see she knows me very well!  It is my new favorite mug because I love the size, and it makes me smile to take it into the art studio.  Some days I only sit in there, drink tea, and look at art books.

Jeanie from The Marmalade Gypsy sent me this care package:

I love the purple she wrapped everything in, and I also LOVE the pink ribbon :D  Let's take a look at my loot:

I've enjoyed reading the tea book because it focuses on the history of tea and some of the traditions for serving tea.  

When I changed my winter tray filled with all things hot cocoa for a spring tea tray, I decided to display the book because I can grab it easily when I'm on the sofa and read it.  I also put out a nice assortment of teas for spring from Stash Teas.

The prayer books for cancer and breast cancer are both special, and Jeanie was a featured poet in each.  This one, above, made me cry.  Jeanie has many talents: she's and artist and a writer.  She even made the purple felted hearts.  I don't know anything about felting, but I see it a lot on IG and Pinterest.  It's a neat craft!

Tomorrow, please join me and other bloggers for an Easter/Spring Tablescape Blog Hop hosted by Sweet Rita at Panoply.  

I have also decorated other areas of our home (not just the dining room).  I'll post about it on Thursday.

On Friday, I'll return with a Literary Friday post about this library book recommended by my librarian.  Sometimes she'll read a book and text me to come pick it up because she knows what I like.  I was blown away about this one!

Shelley and I did a little online retail therapy I'll also share at a later date.

Thanks so much for reading my blog.  I can't wait to get caught up with a few of my favorite blogs this week.  

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I'm so glad you had time with Shelley. I love the book project -- that's a great idea and I like the ring binding you used. That mug is fabulous and yes, it DOES camo in your studio! Those flowers look so bright and cheery! I loved "The Thursday Murder Club." Such a clever plot and fun friendships between the characters. I'd like to think that would be my story when I'm their age (which isn't that far away!) A wonderful catch-up but the best part, your time with Shelley. Makes me smile big.

  2. I'm so glad she got to visit and spend time with you. It's nice to have these things to enjoy and share. And your gifts are so special. Jeanie is a special friend and so thoughtful. KUDOS to all those that have been there for you in special ways. I'll put some of these books on my reading list. I need to break away from my mysteries now and then. Although I DO love Jacqueline Winspear and recommend her Maise Dobbs series! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. I want to dive into this post and be there with you! So many good things, beauty for the eyes to rest on, positive vibes, and good company. Wonderful way to start my week, thank you!

  4. You and Shelley have made memories sharing this staycation doing favorite fun things.I know you enjoyed every minute. Lovely flowers and vignettes. I've never had a mug muffin, I want to try that, sounds so easy and yummy. It's always fun to finish projects that were not finished, I have several I need to finish. I always enjoy seeing what you are reading and I look forward to your review of the Bakeshop mysteries. Hugs............

  5. Wonderful memories and time well spent.. together. I enjoyed reading your positive filled post this day.
    Love, Carla

  6. Thank you for this lovely post. It is very inspiring. God Bless.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  7. Looks like you had a very fun staycation with your daughter! I love your gifts, so thoughtful, and they all must make you smile!! xxoo


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