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Valentine's Day Decor

Thursday, January 27, 2022


Hello, My Lovelies!  I've been decorating for Valentine's Day, and working on a few projects.  It's been sunny this week, and I've been finding joy in little blessings daily.

I'll keep this post short, and just share the photos I've taken around our home.  I've shared a few of these already, but not all.  I like to scatter little heart works of art around our home, like the ones in the graphic, above, and the art piece, below:

I've had a lot of fresh flowers lately, but the baby's breath are the only ones still fresh and on display.

Tacky, I know...
But it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without glitter!

I'm loving the sunshine this week!

We use this Emma Bridgewater teapot from New Year's until Easter.

These flowers are fake, but I still like them.  I'm unable to get to the store to buy fresh flowers, but I probably will try to buy a bouquet next week.

If you missed my Valentine's Day Tablescape, here is the LINK.

On Saturday, I will be sharing an art studio project.  I hope you'll stop by and see it!  

I also have a special Literary Friday post for tomorrow.

Do you enjoy decorating for Valentine's Day?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. The cute placemats are perfect and I love all of your flowers. I need to make a new arrangement with some silk flowers. I miss shopping at some of the stores...well, sometimes I do. Most of the time I don't! lol Love seeing all of your pretties! Take care and enjoy!

  2. Lots of little Valentine pretties! Yes, the sunshine has been most welcome, I hope you stay warm and cozy! 💝

  3. So many "Love" notes all around your home, and all are so sweet and pretty. Wouldn't it be nice if fresh flowers lasted as long as baby's breath. We did have a beautiful week of bright blue skies and sunshine this week, I've been absolutely giddy enjoying it! Happy weekend..........

    It all makes me smile.

  5. Ricki Jill, this is the sweetest post. Love seeing your valentine touches. I hope to do a few touches of valentines around here this weekend.
    Thanks for sharing your pretty ideas.

  6. Everything looks wonderful and pretty. Love the glitter hearts and the little love box and bell. So sweet. Happy Friday have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love all the little love tokens, especially those little white clay hearts (and the fake flowers, they're beautiful!). We've only had a smidgen of sunshine this week but when it's there it is glorious thing! I have my table still decorated and bought another set of tulip bulbs to force. They make me happy! I know you must feel happy feelings with all those pretties throughout your living spaces. You've inspired me to do more!

  8. I'm with you on fresh flowers and sunshine!!!
    Pretty post.
    Stay warm. Burr, it is cold!

  9. What a lovely display. That teapot with the hearts is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.


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