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Literary Friday: The Gathering Table (excerpt)

Friday, September 24, 2021


Hello, My Lovelies!  For three days I'm sharing three books for your Autumn Reading List.

Today's featured book is The Gathering Table by Kathryn Springer.  An excerpt for your reading enjoyment is at the bottom of this post, and y'all can read my full review of the book on October 8th.

Available in paperback at Walmart, or online from your favorite audio or ebook retailer.

Thanks to TLC Book Tours for including me on their tour!

According to Goodreads:

“A feast of small-town charm and characters who feel like dear friends.” —Liz Johnson, bestselling author of The Red Door Inn

From USA TODAY bestselling author Kathryn Springer comes a tale of starting over when life takes an unexpected turn.

Winsome Lake, Wisconsin, is postcard-pretty, but for chef Jessica Keaton it’s also a last resort. Fired from her dream job, Jess is starting over as a live-in cook and housekeeper. When she arrives, she finds her new employer is in rehab after having a stroke, and Jess expects she’ll be all alone in Elaine Haviland’s quaint house. A chef with no one to cook for.

But instead, she encounters a constant stream of colorful visitors who draw her back into the world. As Jess contends with local teenagers, a group of scrappy women and a charming football coach, Elaine faces some battles of her own that extend past her physical challenges. For both of them, all the ingredients for a fulfilling life are within reach, if they’re willing to take a leap. And maybe Jess will start to see that it’s not just what’s on the table that matters—it’s the people gathered round it.

A must-read novel from Love Inspired: Stories to Uplift and Inspire.

Book Excerpt:

Excerpt #2 

The smoke had dissipated and there seemed to be no wit­nesses to Jess’s less-than-perfect landing, so she took a quick inventory of her surroundings. The neighborhood looked old but well cared for, the houses uniform in size and shape. Painted in an array of watercolor pastels, they lined the street like a tidy row of French macarons.

Jess’s gaze locked on one the color of vanilla buttercream. The top tier was almost completely hidden behind a veil of English ivy. It flowed around the base of the stone chimney and fanned out over the roof, unraveling into a fringe of em­erald green that covered the top of the mullioned windows in a jaunty half wink. A tangle of sweet pea, larkspur and blue delphinium peacefully comingled in the drift of laven­der that hemmed the foundation.

The whole effect was sweet. Charming.

If you were Snow White.

Jess’s vision blurred.

An image of soaring glass walls and miles of black slate flashed through her mind. Clean lines. Sleek surfaces. Any­thing green, shorn and sculpted into works of modern art.

You can still change your mind.

Jess shut down the inner voice and the tears that banked behind her eyes.

Because she couldn’t change the fact that she had nowhere else to go. And a car Jess didn’t trust to make it to the near­est service station, let alone the county line.


Jess whirled around, unaware that while she’d been star­ing at the house, a small group of women had stopped on the sidewalk to stare at her, their expressions ranging from disbelief to blatant curiosity.

The shortest of the three took a step forward. She re­minded Jess of Cinderella’s fairy godmother. An iron-gray bob framed a face as round as a pumpkin, a smile carved in every line. The hem of the woman’s voluminous denim sun­dress ended where the tops of her cherry-red Keds began.

“Are you Jessie?” she ventured. “The young woman Elaine hired to help around the house?”

I’m a chef, Jess wanted to shout, if only to remind herself. She managed a jerky nod instead. “Yes. And it’s Jessica,” she corrected. “Jessica Keaton.”

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I've shared with you three very different books over the past three days.  Will you be adding any of them to your Autumn Reading List?  Which one appeals to you most?

Until next time...

Happy reading!
Ricki Jill


  1. Oh I definitely want to read this. Sounds like the perfect cozy fall read. :)

  2. This one sounds good and I love the cover! Is it ok to judge this book that way? Haha!! The decor lover in me is smitten.

  3. Love the cover! I think it's the perfect season for this book. I always pray for our country and always enjoy your art, photos and scripture........Have a wonderful week.

  4. This book sounds really appealing to me, Ricki Jill!

  5. Sounds like a lovely book Ricki. Happy October.


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