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First Tablescape of Autumn

Wednesday, September 8, 2021


Happy Wednesday, My Lovelies!  I have been fluffing around the house lately, and I wanted to share with y'all our dining room.  Each year, I like to ease into autumn with neutral pumpkins.  It's still hot here, although our evenings are cooler.  We're trying to eat dinner outside as much as possible: We love eating alfresco!

It was bright yesterday when I took these photos.

The table is set in the style of light academia in honor of back to school.  I will enjoy reading autumn books in here for a couple of weeks while we enjoy dinner on the patio.

Although it's after Labor Day, I chose a linen Calvin Klein tablecloth with a white linen Shabby Chic table runner.

I love lisianthus.

I have a nice stack of autumn-themed books to inspire me as we segue from summer to autumn.

I placed a few pumpkin paintings on the Welsh cupboard.

I have been inspired by the Stamps & Stamps team.  Their interiors are some of the prettiest I've ever seen, and I highly recommend you check out their portfolio.  They published a book this year featuring a few of their design projects.  Each time I turn the page I literally *sigh*...  The Stamps design everything: gardens, homes, and interiors.  

Are you ready for autumn, Lovelies?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I absolutely LOVE that little wooden table! Is that what you are calling a Welsh cupboard! It's awesome! Love your pretty style!

  2. No, I see that the cupboard is the big piece of furniture! I would love to hear more about the little table though!

  3. Just gorgeous. Love your sweet dining room. xoxo

  4. Everything looks so lovely as you ease into Fall. I'm in love with the little footed wooden piece on your table. I have that same Susan Branch book. Jan Karon is a favorite of mine, but I haven't read that book.

  5. I like the matchsticks.. what a fun addition to the setting.

  6. I think your first setting for autumn is spot on. I really love the soft color palette, so pleasing to the eye with our sunny hot days of early fall. The wood riser gives so much interest to your table along with the lovely flowers, pumpkins and candles. I think your books are wonderful and the Stamps and Stamps sounds delicious. Enjoy the week, and RTR!

  7. Ricki Jill, that's a beautiful room with gorgeous light! Your glass pumpkins and handpainted pottery china and candlesticks are stars. The neutral textiles work so well together layered - I thought it was all in one! Every time I see your tiny oils I sigh, they're so lovely tucked the way you style them. Yes, I am ready for fall, just like you.

  8. So pretty Ricki Jill, the neutral colors are soothing and serene and I love the way you added a few of your favorite things to the table. I adore your pumpkin paintings and they look fabulous on the shelves with your MKC pretties!

  9. This really is a pretty one, Ricki Jill. I love the pumpkins and how you used neutrals instead of the rusts and oranges.

  10. What a lovely table! I adore all that green, it's so fresh. Now I'm off to peek at Stamps & Stamps. Wow..that photo is so pretty. I need to check out their portfolio.

  11. Your table is so inviting! I'm going to check out Stamps and Stamps.


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