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Making Party Plans

Monday, July 19, 2021


Happy Monday, My Lovelies!

Don't leave just yet!  I promise you're in the right place.  Yes, I did change the name of my blog.  Again.  The truth is, I've never been thrilled with either of the previous names of my blog, and I had a friend tell me she thought I should change it because she doesn't like the connotation of the word "sketchy."

So I changed it in a self-deprecating kind of way.

But that's the beauty of owning your own URL with your name in it:  You can change the name of your blog at will.

Enough of that, let's talk about the important stuff:

Beautiful Vanessa @ A Fanciful Twist is hosting yet another Mad Tea Party on Saturday!  I am so pumped.  Her parties are fun, and I can't wait to meet new blog friends.

Use THIS LINK if you want to participate!

I've been looking around for some inspiration.  I just might have found some at our local farmers' market.

The peppers won't be on the menu.

Zinnias are looking extra vibrant this summer.

So I need to decide if I want to go with a vibrant theme,


or something simple.

But the most important thing will be the menu!  What will I serve?



And what kind of tea?

I've definitely decided on an afternoon tea rather than high tea, but it will be served in the dining room.

Stop by Saturday for my tea party because it won't be a party without YOU!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. So pretty! I love all your MC pieces mixed in for the tea party.

    RJ, can I tell you something? Your font is so itty bitty, it's hard to read. :)

    1. Has it always looked small to you? What device are you using to read my blog? Have you noticed a change recently?

      Is anyone else having this problem?

    2. I have noticed the tiny font for awhile. I read blogs on my laptop.

    3. Just double checked to make sure my computer isn't showing your blog in a smaller print. It doesn't appear to be my computer.

  2. You threw me off there for a minute! I like the name change. Your blog name should make you happy! Looking forward to the tea party. ♥

  3. I remember participating in those parties! I liked "Sketchy" Reader because it implied your art, too -- but this is a terrific name. And yes, your font is very itty bitty. Looks like maybe 8 point? Hard to tell but I have trouble reading it too!

  4. Bookish Dilettante, Sketchy Reader....I like them both, and I didn't know you before those. I will say, though, I never considered the title sketchy in a negative sense!

  5. I love the new name Ricki Jill! Your font is pretty small... Can't wait to see all the tea parties!

  6. I liked Sketchy Reader, but your new blog name is perfect, too. I’m looking forward to your tea party!

  7. Love the new name and I can't wait for your tea party!!

  8. Can't wait to join your party, Ricki Jill. See you Saturday!


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