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New In the Studio

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Happy Wednesday, My Lovelies!  

What's new in your world?  I'm trying to adjust to life with a college graduate.  {YAY!}  You see, I've been highly invested in our daughter Shelley's education since she was 18 months old.  Now that she's a college graduate, I have much, much more free time.  :D  Mostly, I've been working through the Apartment Therapy Spring Cleaning Cure (it's still spring, y'all!) and organizing my art studio.

Before I began, I perused a few Pinterest Boards and magazines, like In Her Studio and Where Women Create.  Would you like to come inside and see what I've been doing?

My studio is off our foyer.  The room is intended to be a "parlor."  We aren't formal, so we don't need one.  BUT I do want it to look fairly decent when people enter our home.  I keep it neat and tidy!

There are two things new in the studio.  The first thing I want to share is:
The tornado uprooted our trees.  Now we have this amazing light streaming into our dining room and studio.  A little blessing in the midst of the damage!

Looking from the dining room to the foyer
The armoire needs to be organized, but at least I got the bookshelves finished.

The tiered server holds washi tape.

These are reference books for drawing and projects I'm currently working on.

Mr. Sketchy Reader built me shelves in the dining room right around the corner from the studio.  These are the only daily paintings I have left.

This is the new addition to the studio.  I wanted a rug for the pups and to keep my feet warm.  This one was in our family room, but it was too small for the space.  I bought it a couple of years ago on sale at Anthropologie.  
We have a brand new, appropriately-sized rug in the family room, and I love it.  Plus it was cheap.  I will post about the family room soon and share the story of our new rug!

This blueberry crate holds projects.  Currently I'm working on gardening, or more specifically communicating with our landscape designer because the front of our property is sad...really sad.

Although I'm working on a smaller painting, today I finished a tulip silverpoint drawing I started in April.

I like having inspiration close by in the studio.  We love Forget Me Not Bookshop on Etsy.

I must confess that I nagged begged my husband to rip out all the Leyland cypress trees because they made the front of our house dark.  Be careful what you say, because, as we say in the South, "I called it up!"

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh Ricki what a great place for you to let your creative heart soar. Amazing and what a great gift from the aftermath of that devastating tornado to get that beautiful light. That armoire made my heart skip a beat. That piece is gorgeous. I love the whole room RJ. A gorgeous space. xoxo

  2. What a lovely, lovely space! I wish I had a place like this to create in. Your paintings are gorgeous and the armoire is stunning. I'm sorry about the damage, but enjoy that light!! xo

  3. I loved opening up each and every photo and devouring the details. Your studio is a bright and open space, full of good energy and beautiful items to inspire! It's perfectly positioned where you can face the front door and windows/light and that energy. It's hard to choose favorites, but I love the central table/rug/ottomans and pendant above. Your dailies on the shelves in the DR are a great segue to the studio!

  4. What a great space you have to work and play in! And that lovely vase...oooh!!!

  5. Oh Ricki Jill, I am in love with the Art Studio space! You've arranged everting perfectly. I love the Anthro rug, perfect centered and underneath the table. Every little nook is gorgeous with your furniture pieces and art supplies. Wow, yes, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it! The light comes with a terrible time for you but it certainly fills your art studio.......

  6. Your studio looks beautiful! It is so hard to keep art supplies neat and organized, I have a large desk that hides a multitude of paints, brushes, gessos etc. so from the outside it looks tidy but watch out when it's open 😱 You have inspired me to clean it out and straighten up! Love your daily paintings on the shelves, and thank goodness for the new found light, at least one upside to nature's wrath!

  7. I enjoyed the tour. :-) Your home is beautiful.
    I chuckled about "I called it up."
    Are you and your husband both born and raised in Alabama?

  8. I am WILDLY impressed! It's fabulous, RJ. I love the light and you have such "air" in there. When I see such a lovely space it inspires me to dig into mine again! Bravo.

  9. What a fabulous art room for you, Ricki Jill! How wonderful that the uprooted tree was actually a blessing in disguise for additional natural light. Your touch of fresh flowers is so lovely and oh my, that armoire....swoon!! It was so nice to see where you create. I have a sewing room that’s so pretty, that’s painted a gorgeous aqua color. It makes me happy!

  10. What a nice place, the paintings are amazing


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