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Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Sunday, January 31, 2021


Page from my art journal

Hello, Lovelies!  I hope y'all are having a peaceful and blessed Sunday.  Guess what today is?

There are many ways to celebrate art today, even during the pandemic.  Although I'm a visual artist and I will be focusing on visual art, you can also celebrate by listening to beautiful music, watching a movie or play, or reading poetry!  You can also pick something creative to do this afternoon to celebrate, whatever appeals to you.

Here are five suggestions I have to help you inspire your heart with art:

1.   Color with either crayons or colored pencils.  There are many fun adult coloring books on the market, so why not try it?

2.   Take a virtual tour of a museum.  Many of the world's best museums have virtual tours available online!  One of my favorites is the Uffizi Gallery.

3.   Take out and display handmade items in your home, whether it's your children's artwork, a painting by a local artist, or pottery.

One reason that MacKenzie-Childs majolica appeals to me is that it's handmade and painted in Aurora, New York.

4.   Listen to a lecture about art.  I enjoy listening to Kahn Academy art history lectures, especially the ones taught by Steven Zucker & Beth Harris.  Here is a LINK to one of my favorites, Albrecht Dürer's Self Portrait (1500).  

5.   Check out and read a book about art history or art in general from your local library.


When viewing art, maybe ask yourself these questions:

1.   How does this painting make me feel?

2.   What is it trying to tell me?

3.   What emotions is it evoking? 

Nighthawks (1942)
Edward Hopper
Oil on canvas
Art Institute of Chicago

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Love your tips on looking at art. I always look at art to see what kind of emotion it invokes within me. Happy Sunday. We are getting blasted with snow. Looks pretty but 12 inches is a bit much lol!

  2. Good tips for appreciating and finding art. I am not an artist but I appreciate my artist friends and only wish I'd been blessed with that gift. Hope you enjoy a wonderful week.........

  3. Loads of fun ideas here, RJ -- not just for art day but for every day!

  4. WHat a great post to spark conversation and interest, Ricki Jill! I love how you share your art passion. The MacKenzie Childs hand-painted pieces are so lovely. IS that a covered trinket dish? so pretty! Happy February!

  5. Wonderful suggestions on art appreciation! I toured a cool museum on a blog the other day, here's the link Art is definitely keeping me sane these days!


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