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The Wisdom of Bunches

Monday, July 29, 2019

"No Worries, Honey"
6" X 6" X 1 3/8"
Oil on Linen

This painting reminds me of a story...a story about a very wise grandmother named "Bunches" by her granddaughter.  She got her name because she used to say to her granddaughter: "I love you bunches!"

Bunches was the mother of one of my friends.  We'll call her "A."  A lived in our neighborhood, and her daughter was a friend of my oldest daughter, Shanley.  There were other little girls living in our neighborhood, and many of them were not very delightful.  They were unkind to Shanley, and did terribly mean things to her, like planning parties and deliberately leaving her out.  But it didn't stop there.  They would ask their limousine chauffeurs to drive into our cul de sac; then they would call Shanley on her cell phone and tell her to look outside.

One of these mean girls was the ring leader, the queen bee, the top hen in the pecking order. 

One day while at lunch my friend A was telling Bunches about the neighborhood drama and how horribly the mean girls treated Shanley.  Coincidentally, the Queen Bee herself entered the restaurant.  A says to Bunches: "Speak of the Devil...there she is!"  Bunches looks over in the general direction, and looks totally bewildered.  "Which girl are you talking about?  That one?"  When A confirmed that yes, indeed, that was the Queen Bee, Bunches responded, shocked: "Oh, Honey!  She isn't pretty enough to be that mean!"

Needless to say, when A shared this incident with Shanley, she felt so much better.

After all...Bunches was spot on correct!  Little Miss Queen Bee wasn't pretty enough to be that mean.

No one is.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Hi Ricki Jill,
    Isn't it horrible how kids and bully like that. Mean girls are the worse. I am glad Shanley had you for a mom and she would share this with you. Look at what a beautiful human being she has grown up to be. I wonder what Queen Bee is doing now?! I always feel what goes around comes around and people like Queen Bee will get to feel how they have made someone else feel. Good life lesson. I love Bunche's response to Queen Bee too funny and right on!!! Have a great week.

  2. I agree with junkchiccottage - what goes around comes around. Beautiful Shanley has moved on and is spreading her wings. She has a wonderful family and a bright future. I hope Queen Bee has changed her ways.

  3. Oh such a sad story! Why this happens is beyond me and how girls can be so cruel makes no sense. I think as hard as something like this was for Shanley I'm sure it hurt you more. I know you and Shanley are enjoying your time together this summer with some special shopping........

  4. RJ, first of all, I love your painting. The story of mean girls takes me back to when my girls were young. As if teenagers don't feel enough angst just becoming themselves! I always felt like it was those most needing their own affirmation who would find it in themselves to be the mean ones. I have one niece (my daughter's age) whose father had to actually threaten parents with legal action due to their mean daughter's behavior (social media bullying).

  5. I love your painting! I love seeing your work on Daily Painters, have you sold anything yet? My father's sister was known as Aunt Bunch, and she was awesome just like your Bunches! Karma will be back to get those mean girls, I have no doubt!


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