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A New Home Decor Project

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

These books need a home!

Happy Tuesday, My Lovelies!  What have y'all been up to?  I know some of y'all are up to your knees in snow!  No snow around here, although we might get snow flurries Thursday.  It has been cold here yesterday and today, so I stayed inside and started a project I wanted to do last year.

Remember when I wanted to redo Shanley Belle's bedroom?  I'm finally doing it!  First job:  Paint the room!

I chose Behr's Polar Bear White because it's a warm white.  I painted over pink which is a hard color to cover.  I had to paint two coats using their Marquee paint.

Shanley Belle is a bibliophile, and although most of her books are in Baton Rouge, she left many here in Birmingham.  There is a long wall in her room (one of the few long walls in our home) that connects to the dormer window, and this wall will be the location of new shelving.

While reading the February 2019 edition of Better Homes and Garden, I was inspired by the bookshelves below:

This is how I want Mr. Sketchy Reader to build the shelving.

Shanley's room is my least favorite in our home due to the sloping ceiling and lack of natural light.  I think that she will love the improvements next time she comes home for a visit.

Reminder:  Friday we will discuss our first book of 2019 based on The Heroine's Bookshelf!

January's selection is Pride and Prejudice.

I hope you will join me Friday while we discuss the book!  

I might not blog much the rest of the week because I have a museum outing on Wednesday, and I'll be working on Shanley's room.

Wherever you are...stay warm!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Just dropped by to say hi, I haven't been doing much reading lately

  2. Hi Ricki Jill. I think the color you are using in Shanley's room is going to be great. I love the shelf ideas too.
    Can't wait to see that all done. Have fun with all your plans for the week.

  3. I'm anxious for our book club discussion! Enjoy your week!

  4. I saw that article and I really enjoyed lots of the ideas in the issue, especially the shelving. I'll have to check out the Polar Bear Winter White. I'm getting ready to paint -- at least the hall, maybe more. The room will look terrific!

  5. January is the perfect month for a project and staying home! Can't wait to see the shelves! Enjoy the week,

  6. It sounds like a great project!
    My daughter's paper back books are in PB under-bed baskets (just too numerous), but the hard covers most have a place in the she shed and mixed in with our library for now.
    xo Su


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