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Three Unique Instagram Accounts I Follow

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Happy Wednesday, My Lovelies!  Today will be a great day for me because I'm going to my art class and my sorority's lunch bunch meeting.  Good times!

Are you on Instagram?  I spend much more time over there than I do Facebook.  I thought it would be fun to share with you three of my favorite Instagram accounts.


I read an article about Evon's journal in Art Journaling Magazine, and I have to give her credit for inspiring me to start my own art journal.  


Prudence and the Crow is a monthly vintage book subscription box from London.  I'm a sometimes subscriber to their service, and I enjoy seeing their vintage book prettiness on Instagram.  Every Sunday they post a Socks Sunday post that always makes me smile because it features a vintage book and socks!  So cozy!

How much joy can there be in one #socksunday ?! SO MUCH! So happy to post Cream Buns and Crime at last - Crow and I are huge fans of @redbreastedbird for not only her own wonderful Hazel and Daisy, and magnificent evocation of 1930's boarding schools, social atmosphere and bunbreaks coupled with traditional and complex murder mysteries, but also for her constant appreciation of the Queens of Crime and the slew of marvellous mysteries they wrote. So much of what we do at PatC is wrapped up in introducing, redistributing and helping with the discovery of these gorgeous crime books and it makes me so, so happy to think that new generations of young readers will get to know Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Margery Allingham, Dorothy L. Sayers and more. . I loved Richmal Crompton's Just William so much when I was young, but one of my favourites was 'What's Wrong With Civilizashun' (sic) in which William himself addressed the reader on a variety of topics, and shared diary entries and wry observations. Cream Buns and Crime is in just this sort of vein - a 'behind the scenes' of the Detective Society, with tips, tricks and recommendations from Hazel and Daisy, a couple of shorter mysteries from both the Junior Pinkertons and the Detective Society, and, oh yes, recipes! Not to mention some great insight into the history of the detective novel from Stevens herself. Joyous, all. . Crow is very pleased to know that Hazel is a fan of the bourbon biscuit, incidentally, for she is too. Honestly, I don't really like biscuits which is why I've this Polish sweet cheese and cherry pastry for breakfast - I wonder what the Society would think of that?! . Finally, here's to my shiny new Ravenclaw socks! I'm delighted by them :D Pretty sure Hazel would be a Ravenclaw. Daisy, surely a Gryffindor... . Wishing you wonderful reads, excellent bunbreaks and cosy socks! Detective Society Forever! ~P . #creambunsandcrime #detectivesocietyforever #booksandcake #purplebooks #newbooks #crimenovel #robinstevens #bookstagram #booklover #bookish #booksandsocks #pastry #crochet #booksandblankets #happybook #goodreads #1930s #bookrec #ravenclaw #bookcover #harrypottersocks
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Uncommonly coordinated #socksunday photo! One of my very cosiest and best reads, this one of the Jill books is, as all the Jill books are, up there with the greatest possible horse reads. My mum had them all as a child (they were published throughout the 1950s) who really adored horses and rarely got to spend any time with them and then brought me up... just the same XD I did actually get to work in a local stables for a while as a kid in exchange for lessons, which was magical (to this day, I will muck out anyone's stable for half an hour on (or even near!) a horse!) and all the while I imagined I was Jill, with two unlikely ponies. . Reading these again now, this 1968 edition is bringing me such joy. Jill is marvellously practical but not without flaws, and she is the kind of practical, with-it teenager I loved to imagine I'd be, so, by the time I got there, I think there's a chance she actually made me a better person. She's also an only child (like me, yay) with a single mother (unlike me, but a change from most older books) whose life experiences are so well-shared that they end up tapping into your own, and that is a great thing. Still very much books I would happily place into the hands of 8+ year old readers, even if they don't think they like horses. Rainy Sundays don't get better nostalgic reads. . If you'd like to give Jill, or other childhood classics a go, you can always join us for a vintage children's paperback subscription box - see and let us know your preferences! If you'd like to mix genres (the odd children's and mostly classics, say, or sci-fi with a dash of gothic romance) pick Random, and tell us more in the questionnaire! June box deadline is coming up so don't delay! . Love to my amazing Spirited Away socks, courtesy of the Crow 😍 ~P . #bookish #bookstagram #cushions #socksandbooks #booksandsocks #amreading #horseybooks #rubyferguson #vintagebook #subscriptionbox #vintagechildrensbooks #sundayreads #booklover #bookbox #spiritedaway #cutesocks #miyazaki
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#socksunday with the excellent, eye-opening tour-de-force that is this collection of Martha Gellhorn's travel writing. A fine insight into the life, experience and opinions of one of the most remarkable war journalists of the twentieth century, and a timely, heavy dose of perspective both on the scale and history of even comparatively recent times. Recommended. Also, this kind of read is one of the few where I find myself wanting to take notes - places, dates, people that I want to look up later, to give me still more insight and context. I've always enjoyed the "further reading" aspect of just about everything. . A long day of work ahead, thoroughly welcome, and, as long as the printer doesn't keep fighting the Crow quite has hard as it has been thus far this morning, hopefully fun! There'll at least be the joy of football to accompany our work this afternoon - as every year, I'm excited for the new season (because being bookish and enjoying sports is not mutually exclusive, kids!) and as every recent year, I resolve I will be better at paying attention XD Perhaps I'll dig out some football socks for next week's #booksandsocks! Wishing you all your very best kind of Sunday! ~P . #booksandcoffee #blackcoffee #travelwriting #bookish #booklover #stationeryaddict #staedtler #pinksocks #booklayout #amreading #journalism #marthagellhorn #womenofhistory #strongfemale #travelbooks #sundaymorning #bookstagram #patclibrary
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Ogi the Champ is the busiest Westie on Instagram.  He is AH-dorable, and I enjoy keeping-up with his activities and adventures.

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Do you have any favorite Instagram accounts?  Please share in the Comments section below or via email.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I love Instagram and follow lots of designers, foodies, booklovers, travelers and more. I am off now to check out your suggestions! That little dog is adorable.

    Thanks for coming to comment, Pinterest is so very frustrating I am happy to see that I was not the only one frustrated by it.

  2. Thanks for introducing us to these three. Love Ogi the Champ and will follow. Too cute! Lolla Lane's journals are inspiring as are yours. At one time I aspired to daily journaling like this, but just didn't have the time to devote. ;-)
    One of my favorite IG to follow is figandtwigs for serious flower power. She is the dearest person as well and being extremely talented.


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