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Pretty Paper Goods

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy Wednesday, My Lovelies!  It's that time of the year....Independence Day is over, and the Back to School commercials and ads are in full swing.  It feels like summer is over, and it makes me a wee bit sad.  But summer isn't over, especially here in the South.  After all, it's the All Star Break in Major League Baseball which means the season is only half over.

But on the other hand, I love back to school supplies.  I love paper goods, planners, sticky notes, stickers, and anything else that is pretty and useful.  Recently, I bought several very nice paper-y type stuff to use in my tiny office nook in our kitchen.  I know I've featured my desk before on the blog, but it's time for another visit just to see my new paper goodies.

My desk with the charging station for my devices.

I keep books that I haven't blogged about yet on my desk as well as books I need to return to the library or to friends. 

This year's planner 

Here is a sample spread from my planner.  I prefer those I can see a whole month at a glance.

Notice the print on the cover.  It's from August 2016 - December 2017.

This drives me wicked crazy!!!!!

WHY do the planner people do this???  Are you supposed to have TWO planners going simultaneously from August to December?  Would someone care to explain this to me?  I hate planners like this!  The first half is blank because I started using it on January 1, 2017!

So you may ask why in the world I bought this one to start with....well it's because it was the only one I could find that is thin and opens flat.

I love to plan a weekly menu, and this pad is wonderful because it also has a space for the grocery list that is perforated.

I will use the above sticky notes and stickers in my 2018 planner.  I love how they match each other and.... new planner!  And guess what!?!?!?  It ONLY covers the 2018 calendar year!!!
Praise the Lord someone at Paper Source realizes that there's a market for normal twelve month planners!!!

I thought this was totally cool.  I can share recipes with Shanley in Baton Rouge...

The recipes come with these cute little envelopes for mailing.

All the paper goods were bought on sale, even the 2018 planner was offered on sale for a limited time last month at Paper Source.  In addition to Paper Source, I bought these items at Michael's and Anthropologie.

I love getting in touch with my inner nerd with back to school supplies and paper goods.  How about you?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I love everything you shared! Old school calendars and notepads will always be on my radar. Add in a pretty colored pen and I'm in heaven. :)

    Your calendar is a school year calendar. Right?

  2. I love paper goods too, but admit I no longer use a planner now that I'm retired. Glad you found a pretty one for 2018.

  3. I love paper goods too. I also enjoy planners. I have found a company called Bloom, that makes many fun ones to pick from. They add quotes and helpful encouragement to reach your goals.

  4. I used to make my planner pretty, now I have so little to plan that it's all in my head!

    Your planner looks beautiful.

  5. Hi RJ, I love papers too and miss "back to school" shopping. I still enjoy picking up a few things for Connor even if he can't use in the classroom he can use at his desk at home. I love your system, I have my full month calendar I can see at a glance. It is what works best for me. Love your organized desk, I need a charger like yours so my station doesn't have phones and tablets everywhere. Great stickers. Did I mention how I love your MC pieces!
    After the 4th I feel like it's downhill for summer, except for the heat! Enjoy the remainder of the summer. Let's think about getting everyone for lunch in the fall, I've missed you..............

  6. From one "nerd" to another, I love paper products, too....and not just scrapbook supplies! Your newbies are so pretty. I got hooked on the Happy Planner two years ago and love it. I'm not crazy about the 18-month thing they do, but I always buy on sale, so I'm okay with not using the extra parts of the planner. Sometimes I even use parts of the monthly sheets for things in my creative journals or even for scrapbooks.

    I've been thinking about your friend, Ainslie, and she is in my prayers daily. How is she doing?

    I know you are a fan of Outlander, so have you heard when the new season is going to start? I'm kind of needing a Jamie (and Clare) fix!

    Keep on enjoying your summer! Ours cannot end soon!


  7. I love your new planner from Paper Source! Everything looks so cheerful and fun! Hugs!

  8. I JUST bought a new planner begins in August and goes thru Dec 2018...LOL...I also thought it was weird, but I loved the cover and style of it!! Love the menu and shopping list paper - you are certainly organized!

  9. I love all your paper pretties! I am an organizing freak, but I used to have so many calendars and planners all over the place it never did me much good! Now I use ical on my Mac which syncs automatically with my phone and it works great, but I do miss all the fun paper products. You've inspired me RJ!


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