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Meaningful Bouquets

Thursday, September 8, 2016

This beautiful arrangement symbolizes enchantment

Happy Thursday, My Lovelies!  I hope you're having a fantastic week so far.  Recently I bought a delightful book entitled Meaningful Bouquets by Leigh Okies & Lisa McGuinness.  Leigh and Lisa put together twenty-five beautiful floral arrangements based on the Victorian meaning of flowers. Annabelle Breakey's photography is eye candy: I've spent several hours enjoying the unique and beautiful arrangements and vignettes in this book.

Here are three examples of gorgeous arrangements you'll find in Meaningful Bouquets:

One of my favorite flowers, the tulip, symbolizes joy.  

This arrangement represents comfort.
I love the coffee can container.

This arrangement symbolizes remembrance.
The rosemary gives it away....we remember Ophelia's mad rant about flowers in Hamlet.

I was so inspired by the book that I decided to put together a tablescape with a meaningful bouquet.  I chose sunflowers for adoration and a new variety of dianthus from Japan called Green Trick.  It symbolizes gallantry.  So this is the perfect arrangement for a courtly knight to give his lady love....or the perfect end of summer bouquet.  

You might be wondering why the flatware is missing.  Most of it is in the dishwasher, but I do have the dessert forks out.  Just keeping it real here at Art @ Home!

I've always wanted a big giant vase, and I finally found one on sale.

Okay so my photography is nowhere near as wonderful as Annabelle's, and my arrangement is only so-so, BUT Meaningful Bouquets is my new favorite floral design book (and y'all know that I have many of them).  Go out and find a copy ASAP.  It is the perfect resource for planning a wedding, dinner party, or if you simply want the bouquets you give to your family and friends to be more meaningful and lovely.

Big giant vase and napkins:  Terrain
Placemats and chargers:  Pier 1
Floral plates:  West Elm
Dessert forks:  Horchow
Recycled wine glasses:  Olive and Cocoa
Salt and pepper shakers:  McKenzie-Childs
Dining table:  Vintage 1980s
Dining chairs:  Darcy chairs by Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. That book looks fabulous. I am a sucker for flowers in any form and I could see myself thumbing through that one for a long time...or just leaving it open to a pretty page as decor. Your bouquet is lovely. Those green trick blooms are very interesting. My eye went straight to them. Enjoy your new vase and your arrangement. It definitely is the perfect end of summer bouquet!!

  2. au contraire my dear! Your sunflower bouquet is just as beautiful as all of these! I LOVE your pretty table setting RJ! I had to go back to see how you have been spending your time, and wish I could have left a comment on each one, but it was sure lovely to catch up with you today.
    You asked where I got my pillow covers that I have up in the little shack. I got them at a Pottery Barn outlet store for $15 each. Can you believe it? I love the them!
    Have a beautiful Autumn sweetie!

  3. Beautiful book and your table is beautiful too. Love the sunflowers.

  4. These bouquets are lovely! Your sunflower bouquet is so pretty on your table. Sunflowers have always been a favorite of mine and they are a nice flower to end summer with because they transition so nicely into fall d├ęcor. enjoy your end of summer bouquet and Happy Fall!

  5. Yes, such a beautiful book RJ and great inspiration. Lovely tablescape, I adore sun flowers and what a beautiful way to enjoy summer's end. Love the big vase!

  6. Hi RJ I have seen the book but never looked inside. I think I'd really enjoy reading it because legacy and meanings of customs and objects interest me. Your table arrangement is lovely and perfectly tells a story of Autumn. We can all relate to things being in the dishwasher,lol.
    Pretty share, enjoy your weekend.


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