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Hi! It's *me* {Finlay} Guest Post #4

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm very busy.  I'm so busy that it's hard for me to take the time to write a blog post.  I have lots to do around here. Here is a typical morning at home....Take a look:

I jump on the outdoor furniture to protect my family from the dastardly squirrels.  I must protect my home and family!

I must jump on all Mama RJ's clean laundry to make sure it passes the Downy freshness sniff test.  These ones pass....

I must inspect all sacks of groceries.  It's a good job to have!  Now where are my treats....

I cleared the patio from all vermin....yes I'm talking to you, you evil chipmunks!

It's been a busy morning.  It's time for me to take a nap!

Next time on Hi!  It's *me*  {Finlay}:    Lake Martin Edition!

Until next time...

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  1. Findlay, you are a great help to your family. They are blessed to have you. Keep up the good job. Sure way to get extra treats.
    Enjoyed reading your post, Can't wait till next week.
    Have a safe week.

  2. Your outside living space is gorgeous!!!

  3. LOL, Findlay has a hard job but somebody has to do it. He sure is a handsome little guy! RJ, I love your outdoor room, oh I love the kitchen, fireplace and sitting room, love it! You did a great job designing it and I know your family has enjoyed it. Enjoy your day.............

  4. Looks like he takes his 'work' very seriously. Well, he is a seriously cute dog!

  5. Finlay, I vote for a pay raise for you! And your favorite treats every day, and maybe for a beautiful female companion. What say you?

  6. You are doing such a good job Finlay...........protecting your family

  7. Hey, Finlay, keep up the good work! Your family needs you!

  8. Ha, so cute. Finlay, you are doing a great job protecting your family.

  9. Ah...mama RJ...what an adorable fur baby! Love all your flower pots and your beautiful yard! We are all mud and dirt but having landscaper come tomorrow to get estimate.

  10. He's so dang cute! I just love him!


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